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Hundreds of Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes delivered to community colleges, food banks, high schools, churches and more - PHOTOS

3/17/2015 - Our effort to donate 250 Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Boxes to schools, community centers and churches around the country has achieved extraordinary success! The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System is a non-electric, easy-to-use food production system that grows lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, medicinal...

Funding for 250 Food Rising Grow Box donations achieved! Revolutionary food grow systems ship to schools across America in about one week

2/25/2015 - The Food Rising grow system project is delivering revolutionary food abundance to school children across America! As of yesterday, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( secured sufficient funding to donate 250 grow systems to schools, churches and community centers across...

71 Food Rising grow system donation requests approved: 179 more donations still available to schools, churches and community centers

2/13/2015 - I'm thrilled to report we have received and approved donation requests of the Food Rising grow systems for 71 schools, home schools, churches and community organizations! ( Because our goal is to raise enough funds to donate 250 of these systems, an opportunity still exists right...

Funds secured to donate over 140 Food Rising grow systems to U.S. schools; shipments begin March 2nd

2/9/2015 - I'm happy to announce that we've already raised enough funds to donate over 140 Food Rising grow systems ( to U.S. schools. Funds have been pledged from the following sources: Sponsoring 100 grow systems is Living Fuel (, a top superfood and plant-based protein...

U.S. schools functioning as prisons: Leg shackles and handcuffs for students

2/7/2015 - Many Americans would no doubt be stunned (as I was) to learn the extent of the prison-style treatment of their children in the nation's public schools. It's an under-reported issue, and one that is much more serious and widespread than most people would dare to imagine. In a scathing article recently...

Living Fuel pledges funding for 100 Food Rising grow system donations to schools across America

2/5/2015 - The Living Fuel superfood company ( has just made a breakthrough pledge to fund the donation of 100 Food Rising grow systems to schools and churches across America. Earlier this week, we announced an effort to raise enough donation money to manufacture and deliver 250 Food Rising...

Health Ranger launches Food Rising Revolution with donation of hundreds of food grow systems to schools across America

2/3/2015 - Our Food Rising grow system technology is now less than 30 days away from being publicly launched on One of the high priority goals is to get this revolutionary food grow system into the hands of schools all across America, where children can experience the miracle of Mother Nature's...

Gun-free schools in America now training children as resistance militia forces armed with cans of soup

1/14/2015 - The latest loony idea from "gun-free zone" advocates (who absolutely insist on making children a target in public schools by advertising the utter lack of armed defenses there) involves training children to function as school resistance militia forces using cans of soup as weapons. I'm seriously...

Minnesota schools take steps to reduce GMO foods served to students

12/12/2014 - Public school educators in the Land of 10,000 Lakes have taken a bold first step towards improving the quality of cafeteria food served to children in five Minnesota school districts. Schools in Hopkins, Orono, Shakopee, Westonka, and Minneapolis have announced that they will gradually phase out GMOs...

Chicago schools become overcrowded disease factories feeding children rotten food as district runs out of money

10/24/2014 - A new deal between the Chicago Public School (CPS) system and a private custodial and cafeteria service was promised to save the district tens of millions but instead resulted in some students having to clean their own school before the school year began and being served rotten food for lunch. In...

Schools across US are being closed or abandoned amid Ebola fears

10/21/2014 - As predicted, fear about Ebola is quickly spreading as the virus fans across the nation. Two schools in Ohio were closed on Thursday after staff members reported possibly coming into contact with the second Dallas nurse who contracted it from Thomas Eric Duncan, and another school was disinfected just...

Of U.S. children, 33% attend schools in high-risk chemical 'danger zones'

10/14/2014 - Kids in Danger Zones, the title of a report exposing the nearly 20 million school children that are at risk of being affected by a chemical disaster took five years to compile, researchers say. Released in September by the Center for Effective Government (CEG), the report [PDF] identifies the number...

Federal government forces schools to accept illegal immigrants with no medical records or screening

9/26/2014 - For more than a year now, "unaccompanied" minor children from the Central American nations of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been streaming across our southern border and into our immigration courts in pursuit of permanent residency status as (sort of) promised by our own government. Making...

Lead poisoning is still a common hazard in America's schools

9/18/2014 - An accessible and lucrative resource, lead was one of the first heavy metals to be used by humans. In 2012, lead production in the United States reached an estimated 1.6 million metric tons, making it a valuable resource for a variety of products, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The metal,...

More New York schools ditch Michelle Obama's totalitarian school lunch scheme

9/12/2014 - Forget what Michelle Obama has to say about nutrition -- we're going back to the old ways. This is what two more school districts in New York recently decided after witnessing major financial losses and starving students who simply can't stomach the First Dictator's obtuse guidelines for "healthy" school...

Pesticide exposure puts students at 500 elementary schools across America at risk of cancer, neurological, reproductive and immune problems

8/23/2014 - Dow AgroSciences is getting closer to releasing their "Enlist Weed Control System," a new package that includes two "old" chemicals, glyphosate and 2,4-D, along with seeds genetically engineered to withstand the combination. The package will provide "robust" tolerance for glyphosate-resistant crops,...

Government schools now ban children from reading the Bible - will 'Bible book burning' be next?

5/18/2014 - A Florida teacher has sparked a controversy over religious freedom after she ordered a fifth-grade student to hand over his Bible. As reported by Breitbart News, officials at Broward County Public Schools summarily banned the boy from reading his Bible during "free reading," time, according to attorneys...

Schools tackle the childhood obesity problem with hands-on approach: will it work?

4/3/2014 - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2--19 years are obese. Since 1980, obesity prevalence among children and adolescents has almost tripled." Yikes. As is the case with adults, carrying around...

'R2-D2' night watchman robot unveiled for patrolling schools, neighborhoods and more

12/6/2013 - In the age of fast-moving technology and automation comes now another concept that is sure to kill more jobs while raising the level of concern about privacy in the 21st century. A California company, Knightscope, has developed a small robot that it plans to market as a security device. As reported...

Schools get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables

9/26/2013 - Increased vegetable and fruit availability leads to increased intake. In response to the federal government's push to serve healthier foods in schools, many districts have increased the availability of fruits and vegetables in their cafeterias. Some schools serve a vegetable or fruit of the month, encouraging...

Police state alert: High schools now using palm scanners for meal purchases

9/22/2013 - Once bastions of freedom, where civics courses required students to learn about how to be good citizens and guardians of liberty, the progressive left has used the public school system to indoctrinate our children into thinking that their country is a model of excess and evil. In addition to teaching...

Schools drop out of healthy lunch program citing decreased revenue

9/18/2013 - The Associated Press has reported that, after only one year, several schools may be dropping out of the healthy federal lunch program, a program that requires school meals to meet specific sodium and calorie intakes. Schools who follow these requirements, laid out by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act...

How schools are getting kids to eat healthier foods

3/12/2013 - In an effort to encourage kids to eat more of nature's cleansing and nourishing foods, fruits and vegetables, schools are participating in growing programs, and finding that kids are more apt to try foods that they grow and prepare themselves. "In a new study released in the March/April 2013 issue...

Schools that fail to provide armed defense for children can all be sued

1/8/2013 - It seems as though President Barack Obama, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other gun-grabbers are setting public school districts around the country for the potential to be financially devastated if, heaven forbid, any of their students are killed via armed...

Children of President Obama, media elite go to schools with armed security guards

12/26/2012 - If the elites in our country are anything they are consistent. Consistently hypocritical. In a passionate speech just days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre made what many saw as a bold, outside-the-box suggestion...

Reason versus delusion: Why we need armed defenders in schools to protect the lives of our children

12/22/2012 - I'm not a member of the NRA, but when an organization states such a powerful, obvious truth that can help save lives, I am obliged to recognize the wisdom of it even if I'm not personally a member of that group. Yesterday, the NRA called for defending our nation's schoolchildren with armed adults in...

School 'gun free zones' are death traps: Why we must allow qualified school principals and office staff to carry concealed

12/16/2012 - Thirty-two thousand Americans are killed each year in automobile accidents, and the President sheds no tears for them. The deaths aren't on the news, and there is no call to "ban cars" to prevent the deaths. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by government-approved pharmaceuticals, yet we never...

Doctors' woeful lack of training about nutrition dooms millions to early graves

8/6/2012 - Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health and warding off illness. Nutrition can also play a pivotal role in healing illness of all kinds, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the three leading illnesses which cause deaths. It is thus shocking that our doctors - whom most people...

Boycott junk food in schools - California mandates set a healthy eating example

5/28/2012 - Legislation in California has set limits on what foods can be sold as competitive foods in their public schools. Competitive food sales include snack bars and kiosks, a la carte cafeteria purchases, and vending machines. The restrictions deal with lowering added sugars and fat contents and even excluding...

Schools contribute to childhood obesity

10/9/2011 - More and more kids today are eating diets high in fat, calories and sugar and low in nutritious, low calorie fruits and vegetables. One to two meals are eaten at school plus a snack, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to make healthy food choices. With schools providing many foods...

7 reasons schools should NOT mandate vaccines

7/14/2011 - Health authorities do not believe that your child is entitled to be educated unless he or she has first been indoctrinated and intoxicated by the demigods of vaccination. Parents who question the necessity and morality of this dangerous and invasive policy are derisively informed that unvaccinated children...

Investigation reveals extreme corruption in Atlanta Public Schools at every level

7/12/2011 - In what is perhaps the largest school cheating scandal in US history, the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system is in very hot water after a 413-page investigative report released by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal revealed that teachers and administrators from more than 75 percent of schools in district cheated...

Los Angeles schools ditch corn dogs, chicken nuggets after battle with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

6/18/2011 - If you've been watching Jamie Oliver's show, Food Revolution, you know he's been battling the Los Angeles School Board for months now. The show may be canceled but his efforts have proved fruitful, as the L.A. School Board has finally agreed to remove corn dogs, chicken nuggets and all other breaded...

Four years after Clinton's victory over sugary drinks in public schools, they're more widely available than ever

11/2/2010 - It was only four years ago that, with much fanfare, former President Bill Clinton announced the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association. This project was supposed to drastically reduce junk food and soda availability in public...

ADA calls on schools and communities to help improve student nutrition

8/15/2010 - The American Dietetic Association (ADA) recently published a position paper that urges local schools and their surrounding communities to work together to improve the nutritional quality of food in schools. The ADA is also advocating for better nutrition education programs to assist students in making...

Milk lobby initiates marketing campaign at kids to keep chocolate milk in schools

11/12/2009 - The commercial milk industry is planning to initiate a nationwide marketing campaign on Monday designed to keep chocolate milk in schools. Soda, candy, and other junk foods have been undergoing criticism recently for contributing to childhood obesity, leading the milk lobby to campaign for support...

School Lunch: Where the Real Weapons of Mass Destruction Lie (Opinion)

9/14/2009 - This article has been removed

Modern Medicine, Part I: How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness

1/27/2009 - For over 6000 years, man looked first to nature to heal illness and maintain wellness. As a result of a deliberate and often sinister plan, the past century and a half has seen curing illness with nature replaced with managing sickness and treating the symptoms of illness in a system that places profits...

Improve School Lunches with Locally Grown Food

11/14/2008 - We know that fatty processed foods aren't good for our schoolchildren, but getting more locally grown foods on the cafeteria menu can be difficult. The economic crisis may change that. Schools now have less money to spend while at the same time farmers find it increasingly expensive to transport their...

Farm-To-School Programs Grow Students’ Appreciation for Locally Grown Food

10/20/2008 - As farmers struggle to mitigate the increasing cost of transporting produce from farm to store and schools face smaller budgets and increasing concerns over the nutritional content of school lunches, some schools opt to bring the farm to the lunch table. The concern over the nutritional value of...

MRSA Superbug Invades Public Schools as Conventional Medicine Ignores Natural Cures

5/2/2008 - Schools in at least eight states have reported confirmed cases of students being infected with the "superbug" known as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) following the death of a 17-year old Virginia student late last year, and the deaths of a New Hampshire preschooler and an 11-year-old...

Re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act and Its Hidden Agenda

3/4/2008 - The re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) has become a priority for the final year of the Bush administration. The fact that independent test results have shown NCLB to be a dismal failure seems to make no difference. With a little tweaking, it must continue. As debate on this legislation...

Fluorescent Lighting in Schools Found to Give Children Headaches

12/29/2007 - Lighting conditions in British schools are overwhelmingly inappropriate and are likely to give children headaches and concentration problems, according to a new study presented at the annual conference of the British Educational Research Association in London. Mark Winterbottom of Cambridge University...

Maryland Schools Have Huge Financial Stake in Coerced Vaccinations of Schoolchildren

11/21/2007 - What could possibly be behind these forced vaccinations? There are several factors that could be at play, but the primary suspicion that stands out in my mind is money. So I called the communications department of the Prince George's County School District to ask them specifically some questions about...

Restrict soda vending machines in public schools, says American Dietetic Association

10/4/2006 - A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association suggests that limiting the use or availability of vending machines in schools is vital to stemming the United States' soda-related obesity epidemic. The researchers conducted a self-reporting study of the consumption habits of...

Concentrated animal feeding operations near schools may pose asthma risk (press release)

8/23/2006 - Children who attend school near large-scale livestock farms known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) may be at a higher risk for asthma, according to a new study by University of Iowa researchers. The study, led by Joel Kline, M.D., professor of internal...

Preparation needed as children enter schools already overweight (press release)

8/15/2006 - A study published in the current issue of The Journal of School Health finds that nearly one quarter of children, ages three to five years, were entering school in Chicago overweight. For the authors, this is an urgent problem reflecting the nutritional status and health influence of the children's...

Benzene in Some Soft Drinks Prompts Call for Halt on Sales in Schools (press release)

8/15/2006 - In response to recent findings by scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and elsewhere that certain soft drinks may contain amounts of the carcinogen benzene above the U.S. legal limit for drinking water, Commercial Alert and public health advocates sent letters today to all U.S. chief...

Soda Deal for Schools Is Weak on Marketing and Enforcement, Says Commercial Alert (press release)

7/25/2006 - Following is the reaction of Gary Ruskin, executive director of Commercial Alert, to the agreement negotiated by former President Bill Clinton with Cadbury Schweppes, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to remove non-diet soft drinks from schools across the country. “Today’s agreement shows the growing power...

Ethics: the all-important lesson that's rarely taught in medical schools or public schools

2/22/2005 - We teach a lot of subjects to a lot of people in this country, and as a result we produce great technicians: people who are masters of subjects like mathematics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, history, American literature and so on. But there's one subject we almost never teach. You won't find it taught...

Summer camps shift to healthy foods, superior nutrition; public schools keep dragging their feet

7/13/2004 - All over the country, summer camps for kids are doing something smart: they're shifting to healthier menus with fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods, fried foods and candy. It's all part of their effort to improve the health (and lives) of their guests while fighting obesity. Kudos to...

The science says ban soft drinks in schools, but the FDA support profits, not health

1/5/2004 2:25:18 PM - Kudos to doctors for pushing to ban soft drinks and fruit drinks in schools. It's just one way to combat rising childhood obesity, and it will surely help these children maintain healthy body weights as adults (it's much harder to lose weight as an adult if you were obese as a child). This is...

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