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Obama threatens to starve students who attend public schools that reject transgender normalization agenda


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(NaturalNews) Under duress from the occupying terrorists in D.C., the largest public school district in the Commonwealth of Virginia has reportedly voted to include "gender identity" in its official non-discrimination policy. The change, if it goes unchallenged, will allow both students and teachers who identify as the opposite gender to use restrooms, locker rooms, and other gender-specific campus facilities as they personally see fit.

According to reports, the Fairfax County School Board voted against the will of most parents in the district, who overwhelmingly opposed the measure, out of fear that the district might lose federal funding. It turns out that the Obama administration threatened to stop distributing Federal Reserve fiat currency to the district, including funding for its reduced and free student lunch program, unless it accommodated the administration's gender-bending agenda.

The amended policy, as relayed by WND.com, would apply to students as young as preschool age, erasing all differentiation between male and female at public schools within the district. No longer would Fairfax students have privacy in bathrooms or locker rooms should other students, teachers, or even coaches identifying as the opposite gender be granted free reign to use whichever gender-specific facility they choose.

Cowards on Fairfax County School Board succumb to threats from corrupt Department of Education

Like Obamacare, the policy change was passed on a false premise of "let's pass it to see what's in it." Parents were outraged. After being pressed, the district admitted that it had no choice if it wanted to keep federal dollars flowing.

"They've threatened that if we do not [adopt the transgender inclusion policy] they will pull our federal education funds, [and] free and reduced meal money for impoverished students," stated Elizabeth Schultz, the only board member to oppose the policy change, to The Washington Examiner.

School board chairwoman Tamara Derenak Koufax told the media that the Department of Education, a federal agency that former presidential candidate Ron Paul has repeatedly stated should be abolished, issued the threat that persuaded these cowards to cave.

"The U.S. Department of Education has told school districts that transgender students are protected from discrimination under Title IX and has recently required some school districts including Alexandria, Va., to amend their policies to expressly include gender identity," revealed Koufax in a statement.

Forced acceptance of transgenderism coming to a public school near you

Commenting on the issue, Traditional Values Coalition President Andrea Lafferty told WND.com that the policy change won't be limited to just Fairfax. Public school districts all across the country now face removal of federal funding if they refuse to kowtow to forced acceptance of transgenderism, even when it threatens the safety of young children.

"What happened in Fairfax is not just about Fairfax. It is now a national issue," stated Lafferty. "President Obama and his Justice Department and his Department of Education are going to start telling school districts, 'If you do not add gender identity, we are going to take away all your federal funding.'"

If school districts pass the measure in the same corrupt way as Fairfax -- administrators reportedly failed to mention the transgender acceptance part of the policy package until after voting to approve it -- then parents everywhere face waking up one day and learning that their children are now being "educated" by men pretending to be women, and vice versa.

"This is coming to your neighborhood, whether you're in Keokuk, Iowa, Tupelo, Mississippi, or wherever," added Lafferty to WND.com. "You need to make sure your school board pushes back."

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