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Woman with rare condition doesn't experience fear, raises hope for PTSD sufferers

3/14/2015 - There are several popular phrases that urge people to fight their fears. Overcoming fears, forging on despite them, finding happiness when experiencing fears and doing one thing that you fear every day are all part of the many sayings. For one woman living in Iowa, fear is nonexistent in her life....

27% of Americans are now afraid to fly because of Ebola

10/23/2014 2:55:24 PM - Hyped-up Ebola fears have descended into the Western World, splattered all over the media and dripping like infectious blood through the minds of Americans. When the Western medical system failed to properly identify the first stray case of Ebola, two other nurses were infected and isolated. With several...

How to overcome fear and boost self-confidence with EFT

9/25/2014 - Are you afraid of flying, public speaking or heights? Or, maybe you're one of those people that fear rejection or intimate relationships. Often times, eating organic food and taking nutritional supplements will not resolve a chronic state of fear or anxiety due to past traumatic situations. But, thankfully,...

Babies smell their mothers' fear to learn what to be afraid of

9/1/2014 - Mothers may emit odors that teach their babies what to be afraid of, even if the fearful experience is one that the baby has never been exposed to, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The...

How to overcome the fear of failure to lead a healthy, wealthy and balanced life

4/6/2014 - Maybe you've been convinced that organic food is not the answer to so many health problems. Could you be sabotaging yourself, or your "better half"? Some couples are afraid that the other person might escape an unhealthy lifestyle, and they'll be left with too many choices, feeling overwhelmed and actually...

The fear of quitting smoking has you hooked - eliminate it!

3/29/2014 - The greatest fear of quitting smoking is the fear of the feelings of anxiety, depression and overall "crankiness" from the withdrawals of nicotine. Any smoker who has tried to quit in the past knows that this is a very tough period to go through, especially if stressful events happen on top of it all. The...

Four reasons why people settle for unsatisfying relationships

2/5/2014 - Ever know anyone who clearly settled for a less than an optimal relationship, or even a painful one? It happens all the time. Why do we do it? In fact, in one survey of 6,000 men, 31% of them openly confessed that they would be willing to settle for someone they didn't love. And 21% even claimed...

Right-leaning media urges conservatives not to fear cannabis legalization

1/29/2014 - The recent legalization of cannabis in both Washington state and Colorado -- and many other states are poised to follow suit in the coming months and years -- remains a major point of contention for many social conservatives who still view the plant as an illicit drug rather than the all-natural medicine...

Cancer clinics use irrational fear to trick women into unnecessary mastectomies

9/19/2013 - More women than ever who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in just one breast are opting to have both of them cut off, apparently out of concern that the disease might end up spreading to the healthy breast if they leave it alone. But this increasingly common procedure, known as a contralateral...

What to do if you are paralyzed by fear of civilization collapse, police states, plagues and other calamities

3/1/2013 - Over the course of many months I have had the privilege of coaching many Natural News readers who take my online personal development courses. If there has been one concern many have in common, it is fear for the future of humanity. Some actually live in a state of mental and emotional paralysis,...

Cyberstalking more traumatic than physical stalking, study finds

2/19/2013 - Cyberstalking leads to more fear in its victims than "real world" stalking, causing victims to spend more money and take more protective measures, according to a study conducted by researchers from Sam Houston State University, Weber State University, Arizona State University, the University of Cincinnati...

Hey, Obama: who's really ginning up fear in the USA?

1/24/2013 - If your goal as a leader is to be an authoritarian and rule over people rather than represent them and govern on their behalf, then you're probably a student of one of the most popular and oft-taught political principles throughout the ages: the use of fear. In 1513, Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli,...

Homeopathic remedies treat shock, fear, terror and grief after violence and loss

12/16/2012 3:00:00 PM - In light of various, recent, violent events worldwide, many people are suffering from mixed reactions of shock, unbearable grief, fear and terror. Sudden, unexpected acts of violence, especially against innocents like children and animals produce immense sorrow and outrage along with feelings of helplessness...

How to brainwash the sheeple into doing anything you want

12/8/2012 - A few hours ago I was cycling through an nearby neighborhood. As I approached a mother and her two children walking down the sidewalk, the cutest little four-year-old piped up. "Hi...!" she said. "Hi...!" I replied. At that point, mom jerked the little girl by the arm, bent down and whispered...

Life Without Limbs: An Exclusive Interview with Nick Vujicic

10/26/2012 - The world is beating a path to the door of Nick Vujicic. When I called, his publicist was managing 8,000 press inquiries and turning down 300 speaking engagements per week. The meteoric rise of his evangelical ministry, LifeWithoutLimbs.org, and for-profit motivational speaking firm, AttitudeIsAltitude.com,...

CDC's West Nile virus fear mongering launches paranoid Americans into frenzy, calling 911 after mosquito bites

9/5/2012 - Having been needlessly worked into a panicked frenzy by the federal government and its ongoing fear mongering campaign about the supposed West Nile virus (WNv) epidemic, many Americans, particularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, are now reportedly calling 911 every time they get a mosquito...

Two kinds of fear point the way toward emotional freedom

7/13/2012 - As a former mental health counselor and practicing life coach for over 20 years, I've had a peculiar view of people. While so many appear confident and together on the outside, behind-the-scenes most people struggle with fears and conflicts that wreak havoc in their lives. Helping others through...

For your pet - Natural remedies overcome fear of loud noises, thunder and fireworks

1/2/2012 - Most dogs and cats dislike unexpected, loud noises from thunder or fireworks. What may be a festive time for humans, turns into a night of horrors for many pets, making them run for cover or cower in fear at our ankles. Calm and protect pets from feeling vulnerable and anxious during fireworks and thunderstorms...

Natural remedies help counter phobias

12/9/2011 - A phobia is an irrational fear; the symptoms of which may be manageable or be so debilitating that everyday life may be disrupted. An estimated ten percent of people in the UK and slightly more in the USA suffer from phobias of some kind. Sufferers can be helped with alternative health remedies such...

Jedi mind tricks for anxiety

9/25/2011 - The Jedi understand that fear and anxiety are natural phenomena you can't live without. If you were incapable of fear, then you might not hesitate to jump off a cliff just to see if you could fly. Anxiety is the body's natural mechanism to get you to pay attention to danger. Without it, your imagination...

Combating Fear (Opinion)

6/17/2011 12:09:16 AM - Before getting to the solution for combating fear we have to look at how, where and why fear manifests. One question that arises regarding fear is: which came first the chicken or the egg? From the time we are born and really have no perception of consciousness we are subjected to fear. It is instilled...

New research: post-9/11 architecture of fear turns cities into police state zones

1/5/2011 - Almost a decade after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., significant downtown areas in some of this country's most prominent cities remain largely sealed off with metal gates and barriers. The explanation is that these urban areas allegedly need "security zones" to protect the populace from terrorist attacks....

Understand Consciousness, Part I: Thoughts

11/30/2009 - A lot of the world is fearful right now. If you look around and understand what is going on behind the veils, many would argue that there is every reason to be fearful. But in truth, fear is an energy state and it's a state that attracts more of whatever it is you're wanting to avoid. Actually, many...

Hypnosis can Play a Role in Overcoming Fears

9/2/2009 - Many people have fears and phobias that can interfere with their ability to lead a normal life. Most fears and phobias develop due to traumatic experiences and are thus mostly psychological. Researchers also believe that genetics and our brain chemistry also contribute to the development of phobias....

Reduce Pain and Anxiety for Dental Patients Using Hypnotherapy

8/11/2009 - A common phobia that many people have is the fear of dentistry. They fear pain and possible procedures that could cause them anxiety. This can also lead to a great deal of stress and anxiety over going to the dentist. Many people avoid going to the dentist because of their fear. Hypnotherapy has been...

Knowledge for a Revolution: Five Ways to Change the World

12/19/2008 - Much of western society has been inherently taught through the establishment of educational institutions that knowledge of the world, people and events solely emanates from textbooks, scholars and the media. Historically, the mass education of children has facilitated in the suppression of independent...

Knowledge for a Revolution: From Fear to Truth

12/7/2008 - The western world has purposely been misled, intimidated and hypnotized by fear from nearly all established institutions of civilization. The best way to wire an individual's brain for fear is to consistently state the exact same premise over and over again, regardless of the veracity of such statements....

How to Release Fear and Motivate Yourself

9/11/2008 - Do not fear failure, failure is just a learning experience. There is really no such thing as failure; there are only results. It is on record that the inventor Edison, on being told that his fiftieth experiment to produce an electric light bulb had failed said, "No we didn't fail, we just found another...

Move Away From Fear and Into Success, by Author Geoff Thompson

9/8/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at (http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com) . In this excerpt, Geoff Thompson shares on moving from fears to success. The Fountain of Youth World Summit with Geoff Thompson, martial arts guru, best selling...

The Mind-Body Connection: Fear Manifests in Many Diseases (Part 1)

7/19/2008 - The wheelchair bound patient was sure she had Parkinson's Disease, but by the end of one session, she was jogging down the hall. A man dies of cancer, yet the autopsy showed there were not enough cancerous spots in his body to have killed him. A priest administers the last rites to the wrong patient,...

The Energetic Contamination of Beef Products (Transcript)

5/24/2008 - Greetings everyone, this is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, here reporting for www.Naturalnews.com. I am currently in the rainforest of Southern Ecuador, high in the Andes Mountains. I am not joking. I am actually in a bamboo rainforest here. It is raining so I am under some shelter right now. Unfortunately,...

Studies Show Hypnotherapy Eases Dental Anxiety

12/10/2007 - I recently had a friend come to me complaining about some tooth pain. I asked her what her dentist said. I thought this was a rather simple question, because pain in your mouth equals a trip to the dentist. You can imagine my shock when she said she would rather live with the pain than go see the dentist....

Cancer Industry Spreads Fear and Disinformation To Scare People Away From Learning About Alternative Treatments for Cancer on the Internet

8/6/2004 - The public was recently warned about getting information from the internet on cancer prevention and curing cancer. New headlines blared that cancer sites posed a health risk. This has been propagated around the world in newspapers and news sites, and it's based on nothing more than a tiny sample of...

Yohimbe helps people overcome fear four times faster than prescription drugs

6/4/2004 9:27:23 AM - In fascinating new research carried out at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, the herb Yohimbe (from a tree bark) was found to help people with anxiety disorders overcome their fears in just 1/4th the time of pharmaceuticals typically prescribed for such conditions. It appears to work by altering...

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