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Knowledge for a Revolution: Five Ways to Change the World

Friday, December 19, 2008 by: Dr. Gregory Damato, Ph.D.
Tags: social change, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Much of western society has been inherently taught through the establishment of educational institutions that knowledge of the world, people and events solely emanates from textbooks, scholars and the media. Historically, the mass education of children has facilitated in the suppression of independent thought, self-efficacy and personal responsibility leading to conformity, lack of awareness, little respect for differences and a systematic fear of change leaving individuals devoid of true spiritual knowledge. The rapidly dissolving and obsolete societal norms emanating from the mass hording of unnecessary material possessions and the unrelenting and oblivious self-enslavement through debt are but some of the many tools to keep the masses in an unconscious state of servitude and unaware of the realities of viable and necessary change.

In order to properly tackle the many challenges of today, we need radical change, new age thought and bold and dynamic tactics. The world or tomorrow should and will be an amazing place to live a unified, healthy and happy life for all creatures on earth. In order to change things from the way they are to the way they soon will be, we need valiant, open-minded individuals to begin to wake up and increase their awareness of what needs to be changed; we need to possess an unspoken reverence for the environment, animals, plants and each other; we need society to release our pervasive and media-entrenched fear of mythological external threats; we need universal knowledge in order to embrace the proper change we need to move forward as one; and we need unconditional love for every illuminating living being in this world. If each one of us can do these five things as individuals and be the change we want to see in the world, then society will slowly transform and shift from being what we could have been to what we soon will be: one vibrating conscious being devoid of manipulation, fear and greed and full of unity, passion and love.

1. Increasing Awareness
One of the keys to true change is through the awakening of the masses to independent thought and reason. Much of the western world goes through life wearing a metaphorical blindfold guided solely by the voice of conformity from the mass media and the incognizant majority. Much of the world simply believes what they have always been told without verifying the veracity of much of this information. In fact, 87 percent of the population`s only source of information is from the media. Past revolutionaries like Thomas Jefferson understood, "The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper". It is akin to an adult being fed from birth; there is no reason to seek out food if you have always been given it, unless of course we realize the food we have been given has no substance or nutrition. When we begin to question everything we have been told, only then can we arrive at our own truth. Our inborn gifts of emotional intelligence and intuition have been usurped by group think, mass negligence, blinded conformity, corporate pseudo-science and lack of true awareness. Once people understand that the first step in a fervent revolution emanates from the possession of sound awareness of what rightfully needs to be changed, then love, passion and hope will spread from one end of the globe to the other igniting the once sleeping masses to action. It is time for individuals to have awareness of how eating certain foods makes them feel, how certain thoughts can enlighten or suppress them, where their clothes are made, where the food they eat originates from, and what each of us are truly here to do. As James Thurber once said, "Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness".

2. Respect For All
Having respect for all living creatures across the globe as well as for mother earth herself, is an invaluable component in manifesting conscious change across the world. Supplanting personal greed with honor and reverence of the inherent power and love of plants, animals and each of our fellow brothers and sisters will allow the masses to awaken from their unconscious slumber of ineptitude and obliviousness. Lack of respect for others allows dormant individuals of western society to rationalize the mass slaughter of animals for food, whales for research, the destruction of natural resources and the extinction of million-year old species for monetary gain. If enough corporations pillage, plunder and poison the land in which we eat, drink and sleep on, it becomes the accepted norm from the complacent and complicit population of followers quickly desensitized by the initial egregiousness of these acts. By removing our fallacious ingrained thought patterns behind the necessity of material possessions, increased waste, over consumption and the exploitation of resources, we can then learn to replace what we use and to respect and love the earth as it was intended to be. Having respect for all living creatures will simultaneously remove societal judgement, greed and fear from all who choose to embrace such a noble and revolutionary attribute.

3. Release of Fear
One of the most powerful ways to foment change in the world is through the release of internal and external fear; fears of failure, aging, illness, death and terrorism readily hinder our spiritual growth and ascension. Once our fears have been assuaged and subsequently eliminated, our vibration is heightened and we begin to truly live with passion, love and harmony on earth. If we as individuals can begin to look objectively at the reality of our institutionalized fear, we can begin to simply acknowledge it and release it. Holding on to fear to akin to being stuck in cement, we are psychologically entrapped into making misinformed and poor decisions. The media promulgates fear on a daily basis in an attempt to keep the masses despondent and controlled by systematically over reporting the negative and the under reporting the positive and uplifting stories. This conscious focus on terrorism, disease, murder and death only seeks to paralyze the masses with fear, hopelessness and despair. The predicted result is among individuals is inefficacy for change, personal disconnectedness, anxiety, fear and ultimately, control. This integral shift from fear to courage and eventually stillness in oneself allows individuals to reclaim back their power and minds to facilitate in the greatest conscious shift the world has ever seen.

4. Universal Knowledge
Unwavering change on earth will not commence until individuals begin to possess the sound knowledge and understanding that they have the power to create the life they are destined for. This true knowledge of health, well-being, happiness and prosperity has been clandestinely hidden, suppressed and manipulated by society to keep populations fearful, ill, powerless and psychologically constrained. This illusory control is dissolved when individuals realize that the techniques used to keep them in line were unfounded and untrue. For it is knowledge of this inherent truth that escapes the majority of individuals and ostensibly maintains the unconscious, yet self-imposed prison of disease, divisiveness, fear and massive inaction. It is as if someone who was in despair and couldn`t swim was told that the depth of water they were in was 30 feet, while it was only four feet they drowned instead of simply looking down or trying to standing up. True knowledge, for those who choose to accept it, will allow individuals to save themselves while the others who chose to reject the inherent truths will continue to drown from their own conformity and misconceptions.

Our thoughts are the single most powerful way to maintain health and well-being and when needed, to heal our bodies. Thoughts, whether positive or negative, intervene on the quantum level, which is 120 million times smaller than the atomic level. Thoughts change the quanta which changes the atoms, which alters the electrons, which in turn changes the cells, then the tissue, up to the organs, then the organ systems and finally the organism. We have the power to become whatever it is we want to become, to heal whatever ailment we have manifested in life. This power is only activated through true knowledge, knowing we have these latent gifts, which have purposely been bestowed upon us in order to call upon them when in need. At birth, we inately possess much of the knowledge that we need for life, it is life itself that attempts to water down and destroy our inherent gifts of knowledge, truth and love. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. . . They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty".

5. Unconditional Love
Our minds, bodies and souls are incessantly in search of love; the love of ourselves, our families, each other and life is a powerful drive regulated by the hypothalamus in each and every one of us. All living creatures including plants, animals and humans do not just want love, they are hard-wired to need love. Those who aren`t given love at an early age simply need more to make up for it, not to be locked away devoid of love forever. Without love, we are unable to trust and without trust we are unable to love. Trust evolves from the dissolvement of fear and the makes way for one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and each other. Until we truly accept and love ourselves, we cannot love our brothers and sisters. We are never taught to love ourselves, instead we are unconsciously instilled to seek out our faults, weaknesses and shortcomings and to compare ourselves to others. Society and the soon to be defunct corporate agendas have shaped us into believing we must all be the same, wear the same clothes, have the same bodies, see the same films, eat the same food, live in the same houses, work at the same jobs and believe the same tall tales.

Individuals needs to slowly awaken from their interminable slumber and increase their awareness of the world, their respect for each other while breaking free of their fears, learn as much truthful knowledge as possible and truly love ourselves and each other. Each of these five ideals will only be met if western society begins to realize that to change the world, we must first wake up and change ourselves. Thomas Jefferson put it best when he said, "Every generation needs a new revolution". Clearly, the time for change and the impending revolution is now.

About the author

Dr. Gregory Damato enjoys a raw vegan lifestyle and is the editor of www.wellnessuncovered.com which publishes the latest health and wellness news and information. The site attempts to facilitate in the expansion of human consciousness through unlocking our innate wisdom.

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