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Overcome fear

How to overcome the fear of failure to lead a healthy, wealthy and balanced life

Sunday, April 06, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: overcome fear, failure, healthy life

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(NaturalNews) Maybe you've been convinced that organic food is not the answer to so many health problems. Could you be sabotaging yourself, or your "better half"? Some couples are afraid that the other person might escape an unhealthy lifestyle, and they'll be left with too many choices, feeling overwhelmed and actually afraid of success. After all, success opens up many doors and can change your life. On the other hand, the fear of failure is very powerful. The fear of withdrawals and failure are overwhelming, just ask a smoker trying to quit cigarettes. Some people actually fear success more than they do failure, because success means having to continue producing or performing at THAT level. Whoa, so much responsibility! Imagine the fun of succeeding, and laughing at the times you fail after that, knowing that you can still "do" it sometimes! Do you think professional athletes are successful at everything they do every day? The best hitters in baseball don't even break a .400 yearly batting average, which means they would be successful only 4 out of every 10 times at bat. (http://www.baseball-almanac.com)

The fear of failure is powerful - how will you overcome it?

Here are some of the greatest fears ranked with the fear of failure:

#1. The fear of success (in general)

#2. The fear of what other people will think

#3. The fear of commitment

#4. The fear of failure

#5. The fear of repeat performances and repeat failures

#6. The fear of having too much money (yes, it's true for many people)

#7. The fear of having been wrong for years about something important

#8. The fear of the unknown

#9. The fear that things will change later, even if they get "fixed right now"

#10. The fear of doom


Cloaking and uncloaking

How stupid is it, that we put these emotional intangibles upon ourselves? Some people cover up success in their minds. They don't envision their ultimate potential, because it would be "so hard" to do that over and over if they were to ever "get there" even once. Then it would somehow be disappointing to have only gotten there once, and not being able to "get back." Maybe you could reminisce? What if you took a picture or shot a video of it? Then you could share that. Or, what if you just do it, and let the rest just "happen"? Should there be any ceiling on your line of thinking? Should you not be thinking in a "line" anyway? -- They call that linear, not multidimensional. Like working in a cubicle with no windows, on a square desk, and eating GMO food all day. That's linear. Maybe the answer is online? How will you get wealthy, healthy, and balanced all the while?

Let's start by uncloaking yourself. Remove the tarp that's over your head blocking the sunlight. Break down the fake walls that are just a house of cards -- a stack of your emotions you've coveted all these years. What happened recently that you're worried about? Let it go. This is simple. Learn the "ABC's of letting go"...

A. Eckhart Tolle on "The Power of Now": (http://www.youtube.com).

B. The Sedona Method!: (http://www.youtube.com).

C. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of Natural News sharing thoughts on spiritual preparedness: (http://www.naturalnews.com).

Nutrition is the springboard, you know. Springboard into this new you, who doesn't fear success OR failure, by eating right and supplementing right. This is nothing to be underestimated. The healthiest people in the world swear by it. Drop the fear and the chemical foods. Drop the cloak of worrying about being judged, because when you taste your version of success, you'll be smiling all the way.

Strip away all the anxiety. Most of it comes from the food you eat. All those anxious animals that were waiting to die in confined feeding operations -- their cells were damaged by the drugs. They lived lives full of anxiety and worry. The fear of failure also lives inside aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG). When you consume these excitotoxins, your central nervous system loses "confidence." Guess where that leads.

Break off the armor you wear, about not knowing the future. Nobody knows the future! It can change every second -- nature itself assures you of that. Think about right now. Find organic food. If you were a neanderthal and you had to go out in the wild and gather some food, you wouldn't bring home the food that's killing insects and other animals (GMO), now would you? Feed your blood and organs organic food. Feed yourself BRAIN FOOD. Most humans are lucky to use more than 20% of their brain's capacity, but you, you are different and better. You are evolved. You are going to eat organic as much as humanly possible, and you are going to destroy the cloak of fear. Now be on your way.

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