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Google tries to memory hole truth about its outrageous email spying activities

9/14/2014 - As the world's leading technology, media and information company, Google has been growing in power and global influence for nearly a decade. But not everything the company has done has been good -- or ethical -- or legal. As noted in a recent column for USA Today by Thomas R. Burke and Jonathan Segal...

Natural News EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell email from CDC whistleblower reveals criminality of vaccine cover-up as far back as 2002

8/26/2014 - CDC scientists who conspired to commit scientific fraud in order to obscure the link between the MMR vaccine and autism knew that they might have been engaged in criminal acts as far back as 2002, documents now show. (Journalists and bloggers, please cite Natural News as the source for this investigative...

Smoking gun: Emails reveal Lois Lerner warning IRS employees to be cautious about what they say in emails

8/8/2014 - What happens in Washington, D.C., would largely stay in Washington, D.C., were it not for certain press outlets that operate as our founders envisioned American media would: as a watchdog on those in power. That's why, even on a site largely dedicated to reporting about natural foods and science,...

Secret email, letter reveal psychiatry to be a total fraud

6/23/2014 - There are few professions more disingenuous than modern psychiatry, an inherently corrupt medical paradigm that interprets human behavioral variances through the lens of made-up "mental disorders," nearly all of which demand expensive pharmaceutical drug interventions. And new evidence supporting the...

GlaxoSmithKline engaged in bribery, corruption planet-wide

5/20/2014 - Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline is investigating allegations of bribery involving some of its Middle Eastern employees even as the company continues to probe other allegations of corruption in China. According to emails obtained by The Wall Street Journal, a person familiar with the pharma's operations...

Editor's Choice Tech Awards from Natural News: eM Client, Bestcrypt and author Daniel Suarez

3/8/2014 - For a departure from my usual coverage of food science analysis, heavy metals and superfoods nutrition, today I'm presenting the Natural News Editor's Choice "Best Technology" Awards for 2014, covering the most amazing tech-related solutions and products I've come to know and trust over the past year. All...

Hospital punishes veteran for using 'God bless America' in email signature text

12/3/2013 - Americans are supposed to have the freedom to enjoy a plethora of liberties, among them, freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. And yet, as our post-constitutional period deepens, we begin to realize that the Bill of Rights seems more like a quaint anachronism instead of basic human rights...

Four out of five people stop breathing correctly when typing an email

11/28/2013 - Four out of five people regularly stop breathing while typing emails, according to studies conducted by former Apple executive Linda Stone. The condition, which health professionals are calling "email apnea," may lead to serious health consequences. "If people are in a stressful situation, perhaps...

Lavabit founder battles Feds over SSL keys to protect Americans' email privacy

11/6/2013 - Just months ago, over 400,000 people were using email services provided by Lavabit. Now, no one is using the service, because the founder, Ladar Levison, has suspended operations. Why? At, Levison addresses the difficult decision he had to make. After the whistle was blown in the press...

'Government interference' causes Lavabit email service to abruptly close its doors

8/20/2013 - If you had any doubt whatsoever that you had a single shred of privacy remaining as an American citizen, this story should put those doubts to rest. Jeff Greenwald, the reporter for British newspaper The Guardian - the same newspaper and reporter who broke the Edward Snowden/NSA spying scandal -...

Top Obama appointees using secret email accounts to avoid having their crimes archived

6/13/2013 - With each passing day it become more apparent that the Obama Administration is by far the most corrupt in the history of the nation, as official after official becomes embroiled in scandal and controversy. The latest example surfaced June 4th, as reports began to circulate that some of President...

Government email instructs department head to make sequestration as painful as possible

3/7/2013 - Prior to the current budgetary sequestration, President Barack Obama went on the record publicly warning Americans of dire consequences should the planned cuts that he himself helped devise - and eventually signed into law - be allowed to go into effect. "This work, along with hundreds of thousands...

EPA administrator uses same secret email tactics used by terrorists to elude law enforcement

1/5/2013 - The Obama administration has been in office now going on four years. Do you know which cabinet-level department is headed up by Richard Winsor? If you're scratching your head, don't worry - you're not alone. There is no cabinet-level department head named Richard Windsor in the Obama administration. Sort...

EPA using same tactics as terror groups to hide emails from the government

11/21/2012 - When he was elected to his first term in 2008, Barack Obama promised the most open, transparent administration in U.S. history. "My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of...

Mainstream media now openly admits the FBI and CIA are reading all your emails

11/18/2012 - For years, those of us who have tried to warn the American public that Big Brother monitors all Internet users were demonized, vilified and ridiculed. Now, the mainstream media has proven us correct. "The U.S. government -- and likely your own government, for that matter -- is either watching...

New York Times spams its entire email list, tries to cover it up, then apologizes

12/30/2011 - It may have started out harmless enough, but then the "Old Gray Lady" tried to cover it up - not a good quality for the supposed newspaper of record. The New York Times apologized after spamming its entire email list, but not before first blaming the incident on a spam attack. The comedy of errors...

NaturalNews publishes names of government agents who masterminded Rawesome Foods raid

8/14/2011 - The Rawesome Foods raid that took place August 3, 2011, is being publicly described by many as an act of "government terrorism" against innocents ( And yet there has been very little information published about the names of the government...

Food freedom alert: Bureaucrats in Michigan threaten woman with jail time for planting vegetable garden in her own yard

7/11/2011 - The anti-food tyrants are at it again, this time threatening a Michigan woman with fines and jail time for her "crime" of daring to plant tomatoes and peppers in her front yard. Your help is needed to take action and fire off an avalanche of complaints against the local bureaucrats in Michigan who are...

NaturalNews Store discount code to be announced to email newsletter subscribers on Tuesday

5/10/2010 - The NaturalNews Store, which offers health-related foods, food ingredients, kitchen appliances and healthy personal care products, will be announcing an unprecedented special this Tuesday exclusively to the NaturalNews email list. This special will allow subscribers to take advantage of truly amazing...

KFC and Komen - What the Cluck? (Take action now!)

4/29/2010 - We've exposed the marketing fraud behind the Susan G. Komen "Buckets For the Cure" sham and we've satirized it with a hilarious online video and lots of editorial, but today it's time to take action to let Susan G. Komen know their pinkwashing campaign has gone too far. To help us accomplish this,...

Health Ranger announces "Healing Miracles LIVE" event in Southern Calif., March 19 - 20, with Horowitz, Whitaker, Gerson and more

2/17/2010 - This is a once-in-a-lifetime event... a one-time opportunity to see LIVE presentations by the champions of the natural health industry: Dr. Julian Whitaker, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Len Horowitz, Jay Kordich, the Health Ranger and more! This is your opportunity to get "up close and personal" with some...

NaturalNews to publish year-end discounts and specials from health product companies

12/4/2009 - On December 28th, NaturalNews will publish a free guide to be distributed to all readers, featuring year-end discounts and specials from health-related companies of all kinds. This guide is free to readers and listings are free for health product companies. The purpose behind this guide is to help connect...

Free Widget for Webmasters Gathers Email Newsletter Subscriptions from Any Website: Arial MySubscribe

8/21/2009 - A new, free widget for webmasters processes email newsletter subscriptions from any website, allowing webmasters to build their own in-house email subscription lists without any programming whatsoever. The widget, called Arial MySubscribe, is offered to the online community by Arial Software, makers...

Workplace Email Intervention Program Helps People Sit Less and Eat Better

8/8/2009 - A simple intervention program featuring regular email reminders appears successful in producing healthier diet and exercise habits, according to a study conducted by health insurance firm Kaiser Permanente and funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "The takeaway message here...

Mindful Wealth Attraction Strategies Revealed in New Health Ranger Email List

9/12/2008 - If you've been wondering why all the planet-destroying, health-crushing, war-promoting evildoers in the world seem to end up with the bulk of the global wealth, don't fret: There are ways that exist right now to ethically and legally redirect wealth into the hands of more conscious, life-protecting...

Court rules Americans have constitutional right to email privacy

9/22/2007 - Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that a reasonable expectation of privacy applies to email stored on the servers of Internet service providers, and that law enforcement must therefore acquire a warrant before reading or searching such emails. The ruling came...

Q&A: What is email authentication and how is it currently affecting my email delivery?

6/1/2007 - Answer: Many legitimate email marketers and Internet ecommerce professionals are encouraging the implementation of email authentication standards to combat unsolicited bulk email (read: spam and phishing emails) that impinge on legitimate bulk email campaigns. Email authentication verifies the identity...

Web marketing guru Jim Sterne gives advice on how to successfully utilize customer emails

8/23/2006 - Mike: Welcome everyone. Today we are speaking with Jim Sterne, one of the most authoritative and well-received authors, speakers and thinkers on web marketing and email marketing. Welcome, Jim. Sterne: Thank you very much. Mike: It's a pleasure to have you with us today. For those who aren't familiar...

Empower yourself in 3 minutes a day: An introduction to indy media, and the online information revolution

8/4/2006 - Welcome to the NaturalNews Network. I'm Mike Adams, the editor. Although this network of websites has experienced remarkable growth in the last year, it isn't for everyone. Only about five percent of the general population is ready to see, hear and learn the information being offered here. Only...

President of eMarketing Association, Robert Fleming, discusses e-marketing certification and the current state of spam

6/2/2006 - Mike: I'm here with Robert Fleming, president and CEO of the eMarketing Association. I want to start with an overview of the eMarketing Association for people who may not be familiar with it and a bit of a discussion on who might be interested in taking these courses. Robert Fleming: The eMA was...

Put an end to spam and phishing by reforming email

5/15/2006 - It is way past time for the internet community to do something serious about spam and phishing attacks. The problem has gone way beyond spam now. Spam itself was quite annoying. We've all waded through hundreds, if not thousands, of emails in our inboxes, trying to find the legitimate emails that we...

Interview with Loren McDonald, vice president of marketing at EmailLabs

4/11/2006 - Mike: This is Mike Adams, and with us today is Loren McDonald, the vice president of marketing at EmailLabs, one of the most well-known email marketing service companies on the web. Thanks for joining us today, Loren. McDonald: Thank you. I'm enjoying being here. Mike: For those who aren't familiar...

Interview with Ralph Wilson on email marketing and e-commerce

3/15/2006 - Mike: Today we are speaking with Ralph Wilson, a globally recognized authority on web marketing and e-commerce. He is the author of hundreds of articles, e-books and newsletter issues all found at Thank you for joining us today, Ralph. Wilson: Thank you. Mike: For those who may...

Interview with Jeanne Jennings, Online Marketing Consultant

3/6/2006 - Mike: I'm here with Jeanne Jennings. Could you introduce yourself and talk about your background? I know you have an MBA and a lot of experience in email marketing, but how did get started with The Jennings Report? Jennings: I actually got into the online world back in the 1980s. When I graduated...

Interview with John Levine on the War on SPAM

2/19/2006 - Mike: To start with, can you give people an overview of where you think the war on spam is today? [This interview was conducted in early 2005.] Levine: I'd say the war on spam is about where World War I was in 1916 -- you know, it's gotten to the point where it's way worse than either side though...

Interview with Debbie Weil, Wordbiz founder and online marketing expert

10/1/2005 - Mike: Hello everyone, this is Mike Adams welcoming Debbie Weil, one of the most widely-read and -respected authors on email marketing, copywriting, B2B communications, and I'll let her tell you what else. Thank you for joining us today, Debbie. Weil: Thank you, Mike! What a nice introduction. Mike:...

'Do not email' registries for parents begin in July in two states

6/29/2005 - New state laws in Michigan and Utah will prohibit sending commercial email to children's email addresses which are registered with the states' new 'Do not email' lists. Officials in both states have confirmed that their new registry web pages for parents websites where parents and guardians can...

Email privacy now a top concern for 19 out of 20 internet users

5/24/2005 - How important is email privacy to your business? A new email privacy survey conducted by Relemail reveals it may be far more important than you expected. The survey presents some startling statistics about how email subscribers view privacy. Let's take a closer look at these statistics and reveal what...

Consumer Alert: Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pills scam exposed by independent investigation

3/26/2005 - Truth Publishing can now reveal the details of an exhaustive investigation into what may be the largest Hoodia Gordonii supplement scam operating in North America: the Pure Hoodia, Inc. company. (This article has recently been updated with even more evidence, see below for details.) In this exclusive...

Email marketing service provider Listrak spams president of permission-based email software company with unsolicited commercial email

3/24/2005 - I had to share this one with you, folks. If you laugh as hard as I did, this will make your day. As many readers of this site know, in addition to writing these feature articles, I'm also the president of one of the top permission email software companies in the industry, Since 1993,...

Over 85% of Internet users believe they've been spammed after subscribing to an email newsletter: Relemail study

12/5/2004 - A survey conducted by email privacy certification service ReleMail revealed a staggering 87% of internet users believing that they have been spammed after they subscribed to an email newsletter. The 2004 survey conducted by Relemail also showed 83% of users avoided subscribing to an email newsletter...

Email privacy audit results published for 1,000 firms at

12/5/2004 - Internet users can now access the email privacy ratings for more than 1,000 online firms in a public ratings database published at These ratings are the result of a secret audit conducted by Relemail that sought to determine the email privacy practices and anti-spam compliance behaviors...

New email privacy certification service lets email senders prove they aren't spamming

12/5/2004 - Email senders can now reassure potential subscribers and customers that their email addresses will be protected. Relemail, a new service that audits and certifies email privacy practices, launched today. ReleMail monitors an organization's email practices and certifies those that meet stringent standards...

Email marketing service firms seeing drop in revenues caused by global spam pollution

7/24/2004 - Digital Impact is seeing a considerable drop in email marketing service revenues, says the company. And the problem is that spam continues to flood inboxes, crowding out email messages and newsletters from legitimate email marketing efforts. It's a problem we all face in the permission email marketing...

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