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Cover Oregon spending over half a million in tax dollars to give bonuses to employees doing nothing after healthcare exchange failure

7/3/2014 - After spending more than $250 million on a healthcare exchange website that has since been abandoned due to systematic failure, the state of Oregon is now handing out cash bonuses to the employees responsible for the debacle. According to, government contractors who agree to stick around...

Millions of dollars in food stamps used to purchase electronics and other non-food items

9/20/2013 - Waste, fraud and abuse has always been a part of government programs, but it seems that, as more Americans take part in them, the waste, fraud and abuse is increasing. Take the case of 49-year-old Muhammed Farooq of Somerset, N.J., the owner of the $4 stores in the northern part of the state. He...

Eli Lilly accused of spending millions of dollars to bribe doctors in China

9/3/2013 - Nearly every major pharmaceutical company is now facing criminal charges for breaking the law somewhere in the world, with Eli Lilly and Co.'s alleged bribery escapades in China currently capturing top headlines globally. According to Reuters, the U.S.-based drug firm is being accused of engaging in...

Dollars for docs - Florida is a mecca for pharma payoffs to hospitals and doctors

8/30/2013 - Florida seems to be a mecca for the ethically challenged. We all remember the ethically questionable political fiascos, dating back to 2000 and beyond. Most of you will remember the ethically questionable patients' rights bru-ha-ha of a few years ago, where the husband wanted to 'unplug' the wife on...

The government is spending billions of your hard-earned dollars to promote junk food like Twinkies

8/19/2013 - The average American supermarket has become little more than a hotbed of processed junk food, thanks to federal agriculture policies that for decades have used taxpayer dollars to subsidize the overproduction of junk food crops. Since 1995, in fact, the federal government has spent nearly $20 billion...

Taxpayer dollars used by U.S. government to promote GMOs in other countries

6/2/2013 - Not content to allow Monsanto to poison Americans, the U.S. government is using your tax dollars to promote the bio-ag giant's genetically modified food crops overseas as well, according to a new report. Reuters says tax dollars are going to pay for overseas lobbying which promotes use of controversial...

Feds spend nearly half a million dollars to teach survival skills to sucker fish (while deriding human preppers)

6/1/2013 - In yet another creative use of your tax dollars, the federal government, via the Department of the Interior, plans to spend nearly $500,000 to teach survival skills to fish - all the while looking down the nose of American "preppers" who are teaching themselves survival techniques in an unstable world. According...

IRS loophole hands out billions of dollars to illegal immigrants

5/7/2013 - The U.S. government is broke and $16 trillion-plus in the hole, spending hundreds of billions of dollars more per year than it collects in revenue, because Washington, collectively, is addicted to spending. One thing lawmakers and President Obama love to spend money on is the cultivation of constituencies....

The Feds are spending your tax dollars on million-dollar grants to study sex habits of mud snails

4/8/2013 - Another irritating example of government waste at its most absurd, the taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation (NSF) has reportedly awarded a sizable grant to researchers at the University of Iowa to study the reproduction habits of New Zealand mud snails. According to Breitbart, more than half-a-million...

Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on cloned 'Frankencow' that produces GM milk nobody will ever drink

11/10/2012 - It might look like normal milk, but the milky white substance produced by "Daisy," the infamous cloned cow developed by New Zealand-based AgResearch using $50 million taken directly from taxpayers, is actually genetically-modified (GM), imitation milk geared towards people with milk allergies. But because...

Eli Lilly admits to more than $200 million dollars worth of doctor payoffs

8/15/2012 - Prozac. Cialis. Cymbalta. If you have a television or read magazines, you've heard of their drugs. Eli Lilly, out of Indiana, makes billions of dollars every year off the sale of their patented chemicals, which are used to suppress the symptoms of disease in the human body. Founded by a chemist in the...

Federal government now ruthlessly stealing thousands of dollars from small farmers' bank accounts via 'Bank Secrecy Act'

8/7/2012 - If you run a family farm or other small business in which you regularly make large cash deposits at the bank, you could be in violation of a little-known federal law called the Bank Secrecy Act. Making regular cash deposits of any amount, in fact, could land you in the crosshairs of government tyrants...

Josh Scurry of ALIVE New York exposed trying to steal thousands of dollars from volunteers via PayPal fraud

7/3/2012 - The deceit, corruption, and outright lies committed by the ALIVE 'Foundation' (it has been shown that their existence as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization is a fraud) have been trumped not only by their incognito attempts to attack serious truth-tellers and legitimate organizations, but by their audacious...

Crony capitalism: Green firms burn through taxpayer dollars, pay huge executive bonuses, then go bankrupt

3/9/2012 - The Obama Administration's green energy development program, which has leveraged billions of taxpayer dollars into high-risk green energy startups, is rapidly turning out to be one of the biggest financial scams on the American people in recent history. A new investigative report by ABC News has revealed...

More than $6.5 billion in taxpayer dollars have been wasted on Solyndra and 11 other green energy failures

1/21/2012 - Just a few months ago, FBI agents raided the headquarters of now-bankrupt solar panel company Solyndra, which received more than half-a-billion dollars in federal stimulus funds as part of the federal government's green energy stimulus initiative. But according to a new investigation by CBS News, the...

Report: Medicare has spent more than a quarter billion in taxpayer dollars on penis pumps for elderly

12/19/2011 - Taxpayer-funded health care spending continues to rise, particularly in the government's Medicare program, which now disburses more than half a trillion dollars every year for 49 million elderly and disabled Americans. But a new report compiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)...

The most moronic TV news journalist ever? Gold is "backed by nothing" while dollars are backed by government!

9/30/2011 - When it comes to money and gold, some mainstream journalists have such low IQs that it's a wonder they can string words together at all. Here's the latest example of truly idiotic journalism in a precious video that's now being called the most moronic piece of mainstream TV journalism ever aired. It...

Federal gestapo illegally raid Gibson Guitar factories, arbitrarily confiscate millions of dollars worth of wood used to make instruments

8/27/2011 7:14:49 PM - Due process under the law and assumed innocence before being proven guilty are two concepts that are apparently no longer applicable in the United States of America, at least as far as the federal government is concerned. For the second time in two years, armed federal agents have illegally raided...

Dollars Lost

8/18/2011 - This week we are in a quiet moment before the next storm breaks against the financial markets. Last week was almost chaos but the system and stock markets have been saved though nothing has changed as things keep getting worse. Europe is about to fold its cards and the United States is ready to plunge...

EPA gave over a million dollars in grant money to China

6/12/2011 - In an age when the U.S. government is spending the nation into oblivion, it never ceases to amaze us to learn of the new and inventive ways Washington can dispose of your tax dollars. In a report published last week, Cybercast New Service said the Environmental Protection Agency gave more than $1.2...

A National Outrage: Our Tax Dollars Subsidize Foods that make us Fat and Unhealthy

5/19/2010 - At the same time that our Surgeon General has declared we have an epidemic of obesity, our government is using our tax dollars to cater to special interests and to subsidize the very foods that are making us fat. Thanks to lobbying, Congress chooses to subsidize foods that we're supposed to eat less...

What are the health consequences of the tax season burden on American taxpayers?

4/15/2010 - It's tax season in the U.S. again, and when it comes to discussions about the financial burden on the economy from the complexity of the current U.S. tax code, most of the criticisms focus on the number of dollars (or hours) spent in compliance. According to a study from the Tax Foundation, U.S. taxpayers...

Dr. Deitch Part II: Take Responsibility for Your Health and the Health Care Account

12/28/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Roundtable, which can be found at In this excerpt, Dr. Jason Deitch shares on taking responsibility for our own health and understanding the health care account option. Renegade Roundtable with Dr. Jason...

Harvard Psychiatrists Hide Millions of Dollars Received from Drug Companies

11/7/2008 - A congressional investigation has revealed that a group of Harvard psychiatrists, instrumental in pushing the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and its off-label treatment with antipsychotics, concealed from university officials the millions of dollars they earned in consulting fees for the...

Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America?

10/8/2008 - In 1942, German intelligence officers rounded up skilled Jewish prisoners and launched Operation Bernhardt, a clever scheme designed to counterfeit hundreds of millions of dollars worth of British Pounds and destroy the British economy by flooding it with counterfeit money. Located in the Sachsenhausen...

Bailout, or Blowout? Financial "Rescue" Plan Turns into Mad Spending Spree

10/3/2008 - As the United States of America stands on the verge of irrecoverable bankruptcy, U.S. Senators have decided to orchestrate a final "blowout" spending spree by dressing up the financial bailout plan with so much bloated pork that no lawmaker can resist its lure. The so-called "rescue plan" (renamed from...

Financial Hurricane Warning: How to Protect Yourself from the Global Financial Fallout Now Underway

9/16/2008 - This is a special financial alert for NaturalNews readers. For more than two years, I've warned readers to get out of the housing bubble, steer clear of speculative real estate, offload U.S. dollars and get out of debt. In articles published from 2005 - 2007, I warned of hyperinflation and the coming...

135 Dollars a Barrel: Are You Falling for the Great Oil Illusion?

7/19/2008 - Headlines around the world are highlighting the fact that oil has reached a new peak in price as U.S. oil reserves unexpectedly declined. Many mainstream media articles and television shows -- the essence of news reports these days -- blame this problem on OPEC and increased demand from developing nations...

The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript)

7/3/2008 - The following is a transcript of Health Ranger Report #16, entitled The Politics of National Health Care Reform, which is available free of charge as an MP3 download at: Have you ever wondered who is going to win the presidency in the United States and...

The Declining Dollar and What It Means for You

2/18/2008 - Do you know that since the year 2000, the U.S. dollar has silently depreciated in value against other major currencies by a whopping 52 percent! This depreciation of the dollar goes a long way toward explaining why you feel like you are getting poorer every year even though you make more money. A...

Better than the Flat Tax, the Flax Tax saves our economy and our health! (satire)

10/4/2005 - There's a lot of talk today about the flat tax as a new way to raise revenue for the federal government in the United States. At the same time, in the worlds of health and nutrition, there's a lot of talk about the benefits of flax seeds and omega-3 oils. Now, I propose that we combine these two and...

The truth about medical journals, and how drug companies exert heavy influence over published scientific articles

10/3/2005 - Can the medical journals be trusted to provide accurate, unbiased information about medicine even as they are almost entirely funded by drug companies? In her book, Vaccination, Peggy O'Mara writes that the current era of medical beliefs (or dogma) began to develop soon after Louis Pasteur's demonstration...

The great direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising con: how patients and doctors alike are easily influenced to demand dangerous drugs

7/31/2005 - A cute, animated ball bounces around very sadly until he takes a magic potion; suddenly, it becomes happier than ever. No, that isn't the plot of a new children's movie. On the contrary, it's the storyline of a Zoloft commercial yes, Zoloft, a powerful antidepressant drug. In the 1990s, direct-to-consumer...

Why used cars cost more to drive than new cars (and other uncommon personal finance advice)

4/17/2005 - Used cars versus new cars: which is cheaper to drive? Here's a financial reality that may surprise you: it's actually far cheaper to drive a well-built new car than to drive an old car that requires ongoing maintenance. One of the things I've noticed in looking at the vehicles people drive is that...

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