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Josh Scurry of ALIVE New York exposed trying to steal thousands of dollars from volunteers via PayPal fraud

Tuesday, July 03, 2012 by: Anthony Gucciardi
Tags: Josh Scurry, fraud, theft

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(NaturalNews) The deceit, corruption, and outright lies committed by the ALIVE 'Foundation' (it has been shown that their existence as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization is a fraud) have been trumped not only by their incognito attempts to attack serious truth-tellers and legitimate organizations, but by their audacious and unscrupulous assault on the very individuals who once dedicated days -- some even months and years -- of their time assisting the 'foundation' in a number of avenues. Personally, I dedicated days of my time -- often staying up until the late hours of the night on conference calls and helping to spread the word -- to the 'cause', a cause which was peddled as righteous and genuine.

Upon further investigation into the organization, it became highly apparent that those behind the face of ALIVE were not truly dedicated to helping people. As demonstrated by their nefarious and absurd treatment of the former team (and even myself) through financial assaults and otherwise, Josh and Anna Scurry are not fueled by a desire to 'help' others... but only to help themselves.

A few weeks ago I through worry to the wind and traveled on my own dime to New York City, the location of the awards show once hosted by Jesse McCartney before he found out about the massive fraud being committed, to help Josh and Anna Scurry organize and promote the event. While the couple enjoyed their luxury apartment in the heart of downtown Manhattan, the ALIVE 'team' and myself were sent to a 1 bedroom apartment in which 3 grown men were directed to sleep. We were all told, individually and in private of course, that we would all be sleeping in separate bedrooms, but that turned out not to be the case.

Team members wrecked financially, treated like slaves

Cliff Alameda, a team member in charge of sponsorships who brought in over $40,000 to the 'foundation' and received only $200 for his efforts upon arriving (even after footing the plane ticket from Washington to New York City), was told he needed to sleep either on the wood floor or in the corner of the room on a chair for two weeks. The same story can be told for other ALIVE team members, many of which truly believed they would be paid due to Josh's consistent reassurances that they would be 'taken care of'. It was these team members who, after paying their air tickets to New York, would ultimately be footing the bill to travel home after the event was exposed.

It sounds like we are dealing with Monsanto, but believe it or not this was an event that was promoted as being the very 'face' of our movement to the mainstream!

Despite being treated like dirt, Cliff and others continued their work for what they believed was a good cause, even in the face of depleted morale and serious concerns. It later came out that Cliff was never even supplied with a business ID number to supply to sponsors, which is required by the IRS for tax-exempt non-profits to distribute to all contributors. This was confirmed a second time by former marketing director and whistleblower Lynnette Pate, who also explained how Josh and Anna continually promised team members that they would be 'so rich' despite having virtually no cash. She explains:

"When I asked them for the tax id number for their 501(c)3, they simply stated, we have filed for it. I called and all they had was a TIN#. They never had an EIN."

Another excerpt from her post on the subject reveals Josh Scurry saying:

"Lynnette, this is going to make all of us SO MUCH MONEY, this is going to be huge, we are going to be rich." "Wow, Lynnette, we already feel that we are Brad & Angelina". They have made these exact statements to others as well. Yet they were NOT funded at all, they had NO money. So they lied to people I sent their way which reflected on me.

Joshua Scurry attempts to steal thousands through PayPal fraud

The financial assault does not end there. Josh and Anna have personally launched a monetary crusade against me after failing to pay their entire team properly and leading them along with empty promises. Before the event was ousted as a complete fraud, I assisted the phony 'foundation' in launching press releases to generate interest within the health and wellness field -- press releases that I footed the bill for in faith that Josh would reimburse the payments.

Racking up well over a few thousand dollars of my own finances in total, I consistently launched news releases for Josh upwards of $500 and later requested the money via Paypal with a clear statement as to what the request was for.

At the time, Josh did order the payments. A few days ago, however, Josh began a massive back-charge campaign in Paypal that sought to financially decimate the very individuals who volunteered their time and expertise to help ALIVE - the very same people who were promised payment for their time, expenses, and outlandish room and board hardships. In an act of unbelievable dishonesty and fraud, Josh contacted Paypal and revoked the payments for the press releases from my account, citing a ridiculous lie that makes absolutely zero sense. This lie, which is documented in the screenshots below, shows just how far Josh and Anna will go in securing the very last drop of finances from those who once helped them out of a sense of goodwill and honesty.

Josh tried to revoke the press release payments by invoking a complete fabrication that "Supplements were purchased but never received." See the screen shot of this at:

Press release indication is clearly outlined in the payment note (https://www.naturalnews.com/images/Alive2012/...), meanwhile Josh claims that he had no idea that it was for the press release and therefore continues to demand the payment. See screenshot at:

A PayPal representative I spoke to about this issue was highly amused at what Josh was attempting to do to myself and others. Using such a highly bogus excuse despite the clear indication in the payment notice, it was quite obvious to her and her colleagues that Josh was a scammer.

This PayPal representative also indicated that Josh had issued a mass of PayPal chargeback requests on the same day, and that some back-charges had actually been blocked by PayPal. This means that Josh had attempted to steal back even more money from myself, Liana, and others who had previously dedicated a sizeable chunk of their lives to the endeavor.

The depth of deception exhibited by Josh Scurry here is almost unimaginable. While committing PayPal financial fraud and attempting to steal what amounts of tens of thousands of dollars from the very people who tried to help ALIVE in the first place, Josh and Anna continue to claim to be innocent of everything, casting the entire blame for their deceptions on whistleblowers like myself and Liana who witnessed the fraud taking place first-hand.

We must build up our 'immune system' against scammers

The bizarre and really creepy behavior by Josh and Anna yet continues. Instead of admitting their facade is up and paying their proper dues to the hard-working team members who were duped into working by their side, they continue to cannibalize themselves into a frenzy of sociopathic 'retorts' that prove absolutely nothing. The fact of the matter is that these people are liars, and as truth tellers and true patriots, we expose liars.

Any assault by Josh and Anna Scurry on legitimate organizations or individuals like Mike Adams, NaturalNews, NaturalSociety, the ALIVE team members who were scammed, or others who were harmed, should be met with intense resistance. It is only by creating a proverbial 'shield' around the alternative news community can we fully build up our internal immune system and fight off any further attacks from sociopathic fraudsters and scammers.

Editor's note: If you have been a victim of Joshua Scurry, Anna Scurry or ALIVE New York, please contact NaturalNews with details. We protect our sources, so your name or business name need not be part of any public report. NaturalNews is continuing to supply evidence of Josh Scurry's financial fraud, theft and other criminal behavior to law enforcement authorities who are cooperating with this ongoing investigation. Unfortunately, authorities tend to move very slowly on financial fraud cases, as there are far bigger cases that take precedent (Ponzi schemes involving tens of millions, for example). While the wheels of justice turn slowly, the best defense against con artists is to have the discernment to spot them and exhibit the courage to say "no" when seemingly "nice people" are asking for your money for a so-called "good cause." Notably, Joshua and Anna Scurry did not simply hold up a Quickie Mart at gunpoint or kidnap a child and demand ransom money; instead they convinced a large number of people to part with large sums of money they thought was going into a tax-exempt non-profit. The word for this is "financial fraud," and it sometimes takes years to result in arrests and prosecution. (Just look at Bernie Madoff!)

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