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Breakthrough 'AllerTrex' spray introduced for supporting lungs and respiration

8/7/2013 - Global Healing Center has just released a breakthrough new product for supporting healthy lungs and respiration. Called "AllerTrex," the oral spray product is a delicious Spagyrex formulation of herbs and essential oils that may help support healthy function of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract. You're...

How to turn deep breathing into a second heart

7/30/2013 - With all the heart problems that people are experiencing today, learning that you can actually do something to create a second heart within your body sounds like a miracle or simply too good to be true. Of course science is always trying to create replacement organs using stem cells, cloning, cell regeneration...

Seven fast, drug-free methods for lifting any emotional burden

6/16/2013 - There are fast and effective, drug-free ways to lift emotional burdens that your doctor or psychiatrist will not tell you about because he or she is - almost certainly - not trained in mental health. That's right, psychiatrists are not trained in mental health and stress reduction. They are trained...

Use Korean red ginseng to fight bad breath: Study

5/4/2013 - One of the most overlooked natural bad breath remedies is red ginseng (also known as Asian ginseng), according to a 2009 study conducted by researchers from the Gachon University of Medicine and Science, and the Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute in Korea, and published in the journal Digestion. The...

Increasing core temperature with breath techniques and visualizing flames

4/10/2013 - With Associate Professor Maria Kozhevnikov from the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, leading a team of researchers, it has been found that core body temperature is something that is under personal control. The research lead...

Throw out your toothpaste! OraMD is a holistic toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener replacement all in one

2/28/2013 - It's time to throw out your toothpaste! Over the last four months, I've switched from toothpaste to OraMD, a low-cost, compact liquid toothpaste that uses essential oils and functions as a toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener all at once. It takes only two or three drops on your toothbrush,...

Beating Pilau Breath (opinion)

2/21/2013 12:45:13 PM - You guessed it; pilau is the Hawaiian word for smelly, rotten, stinky, and anything offensive. In English, one would say, "You really have bad breath". In pidgin, one would say, "Brah, yr bret' stay pilau". Two different cultures. Same message. Every time I read something about bad breath, it's kind...

Inner calm and connection in 30 seconds with this simple Yogic breathing technique

2/21/2013 - I had the pleasure recently of speaking with yoga teacher Amy Weintraub, well-known author of Yoga for Depression. Amy will be joining us soon on Mental Health Exposed. As I was reviewing some of her material, I decided to try a short breathing exercise that she teaches in her book. Within 30 seconds,...

Five natural ways to cure bad breath through diet

2/5/2013 - There are few things more unpleasant and uncomfortable in social situations than talking to someone with bad breath. And if you suffer from chronic bad breath (halitosis) yourself, you already know how embarrassing it can be talking to other people who you know can smell it. For many people, grabbing...

Poor exercise habits increase your risk for spinal injuries

11/15/2012 - Originally, yoga was created to help bring together the body and mind. Through a series of natural movements and meditation - we develop greater inner strength and flexibility. So why are so many people suffering with yoga-related injuries? Is there a dark side to all these "power yoga" classes?...

Utilizing the power of the breath

10/27/2012 - This article will look at how people can use the breath to actively change their day-to-day experience of reality with simple tools and how, with more in-depth exploration of the breath, they can recognize and release the subconscious 'junk' that keeps us trapped in old patterns and paradigms of existence...

Breathing - The mind, body, spirit connection

10/13/2012 - This article will look at how the breath connects our inner expectations and our outer experience, our mind-body-spirit, our conscious and subconscious mind, how it is literally the bridge connecting all of these aspects of our being and our existence and how it can become blocked and the effects that...

The importance of conscious breathing

10/12/2012 - It is common knowledge that we can live for three months without food before we die and we can live three days without water before we die, but we can only live for three minutes without breathing. There is a huge amount of attention placed on what food and drink we place in our body, how they are put...

Three simple (and economical) methods to clear away negative emotion and toxins daily

9/3/2012 - Detoxification need not be something to dread as an expensive, complicated and exhausting ordeal. A few quick, daily habits can flush out physical and emotional toxins gently and easily. Air, water and a brush are the magical trio that encourage a healthy body, sparking mind and balanced emotions. BreatheBreathing...

Free methods to lower stress

8/2/2012 - Stress is something we cannot escape. As soon as one stressful situation disappears, another one seems to pop up. Workplace stress is almost unavoidable and can lead to anxiety, depression, headaches, and a miserable attitude. Anything that lowers your stress levels can also add years to your life....

Fed up with steroids and asthma inhalers? Try the benefits of herbs as natural treatment for asthma

4/18/2012 - Natural treatment for asthma helps reduce acute asthma attacks, manage chronic asthma and helps those with general trouble breathing. The benefits of herbs for treating asthma and the lungs has been shown repeatedly through the centuries worldwide. Asthma is a chronic upper respiratory disease affecting...

Relaxation and meditation are just as crucial to health as diet and exercise

4/15/2012 - You gotta relax, man. Life in 2012 means a degree of stress, for just about everyone. Our bodies and minds can take a lot of abuse, but its all too easy to get into a negative cycle, and just keep sinking. You don't sleep well, you get up late, so you don't eat, your blood sugar is low, so your temper...

Three very easy tips on using yoga to de-stress your hectic life

2/18/2012 - Many people miss out on the benefits of yoga because they think these benefits are only accessible to a few lucky people. If you think yoga is only for people who are younger than you, or to those lucky enough to have loads of free time, or only for individuals with naturally slender and flexible bodies,...

Start breath training for exercise

8/30/2011 - To get the most out of your fitness and training routines, breath training for exercise is an essential piece of the puzzle that is overlooked today. It's a complete shift in current athletic and fitness philosophies to strengthen the respiratory system. Mindful conscious breath-based movement is essential...

Find health with your breath - The nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating

8/16/2011 - Yoga is now widely recognized as a complementary health care tool in reducing stress, anxiety and depression and in lowering blood pressure. So, what is it about yoga that helps as an aid with these conditions? It`s the breath. While there are many different styles of yoga today, there is one thing...

Centering meditation

8/6/2011 - Today I am going to share about meditation and prayer. One of the goals is to get the mind's velocity below the supersonic level and further down to the point where you are ready to touch down on experiences of being. We will wash our minds and bring our awareness into the heart chakra, into the chest,...

Discover the power of breath

7/31/2011 - Yoga, deep breathing and meditation continue to make strides in the healthcare industry. More specifically, deep breathing is now widely recognized for its "profound impact on our physiology and our health," says Mladen Golubic, a physician in the Cleveland Clinic`s Center for Integrative Medicine....

Stop bad breath and body odor with chlorophyll

7/7/2011 - Chlorophyll is more than the natural phytochemical that gives plants their lively green hue: it is also an excellent natural remedy for bad breath and body odor. Chlorophyll has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that stop bad breath and body odor right at the source. Instead of investing...

Fight bad breath naturally

5/16/2011 - Bad breath, or halitosis, is not only embarrassing, but it can also be an early sign of health problems. While most of us experience some sort of `morning breath,` it is estimated that 14-25% of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath that continues throughout the day. Americans spent $6.7 billion...

Cancer breath test coming soon: Your halitosis may actually be cancer tumor offgassing

5/2/2011 - It is important to diagnose cancer as early as possible. Some kinds of cancer, however, are especially hard to spot, including cancer of the head and neck. This is why a study published in the Journal of Cancer Research seems to hold good news for cancer diagnosis. The study showed that a device called...

An epidemic of sleep apnea

4/15/2011 - Why didn't I learn about sleep apnea in medical school? It's because it hadn't even been described until 1965. It still hadn't made its way into my course curriculum by the mid-1970s when I was in medical school. Now sleep apnea is so common that a New York travel agent tried to argue that sleep apnea...

Breathe for life or breathe for death

3/27/2011 - Many of the older cultures and traditions around the world share a concept of health and well-being centered on the breathing process. Foremost of these are the Hindu teachings of Pranayama, which translates as extension of life, and the Chinese practice called Qigong or Chi Kung (Chee gung), which...

Deep Breathing can reduce stress, fatigue and high blood pressure

12/23/2010 - Take a deep breath because there is something you need to know. Ongoing research has shown that proper breathing can be an intelligent way to respond to chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, stress and other ailments - no health club membership required. Each one of us takes about 20 000 breaths...

Yoga is Good for Your Body and Mind

7/29/2010 - Yoga is a combination of a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises. It is considered a mind-body type of alternative medicine. It brings together both the physical and the mental aspects of the body to realize peacefulness and help your body relax. Research has shown that yoga helps...

Eliminate Bad Breath Causes and Use Natural Remedies for Fresher Breath

6/2/2010 - Bad breath (or halitosis) can have many causes, including bacteria in the mouth, stomach and intestine problems, sluggish bowels, sinus or throat infections, certain foods, and tobacco and alcohol. Fortunately there are many safe and natural ways to help eliminate the causes of bad breath and freshen...

A Dirty Colon is Often the Cause of Bad Breath

12/2/2009 - Most of the population wakes up with bad breath, or what's known as morning breath. However, it's not widely known that bad breath, including morning breath, is a sign of a toxic colon and a toxic body. It's a direct path from your mouth to your colon, and the reverse path is also true. So, when you...

Swine flu vaccine shots eliminate wrinkles, bad breath and varicose veins, too (opinion)

10/30/2009 - The propaganda push for flu vaccines has reached a level of absurdity that's just begging to be made fun of. Today, a flu vaccine story appearing in Reuters claimed that injecting pregnant women with flu shots would increase the birth weight of their babies by half a pound. That same story claimed flu...

Got Bad Breath? Try Chlorophyll for Halitosis

10/16/2009 - Forget about breath mints. You can never take enough to cover halitosis if your breath really smells bad. The only real way to get rid of bad breath is to solve the problem internally. Fortunately, there's an easy way to do that: Chlorophyll. It's Mother Nature's amazing green cleaning machine, and...

The Invaluable Benefits: Meditate and Open the Heart

9/17/2009 - Research is continually showing that meditation is beneficial to our life and our health. Meditation helps us to take a distance from what is going on in our mind and our life rather than constantly being immersed and controlled by it. It helps us to be more focused and reduces stress. Opening your...

How to Treat Hyperventilation

8/21/2009 - Hyperventilation or over-breathing is the state of breathing faster and/or deeper than necessary, thereby reducing carbon dioxide concentration in the blood to below the normal level. When there is less carbon dioxide in the blood than the desired level, this causes a state called "Respiratory Alkalosis."...

Deep Breathing Exercises Can Improve Your Life

6/10/2009 - The next time you feel angry, stressed or anxious, pay attention to your breathing. You may notice your breaths become short and shallow when you experience negative emotions. While this is a normal response to stressful conditions, poor breathing actually compounds the negative effects stress has on...

Pranayama: Benefit from Deep Breathing

6/9/2009 - The modern day lifestyle can be very fast and furious leaving many people feeling depressed tired and basically unable to cope. While these symptoms are not good they are simply our body's way of telling us to slow down and to take a few deep breaths. Most of us think that breathing is an involuntary...

Ten Tips to Get on the Yoga Mat

3/10/2009 - Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind. It provides many benefits and is a cost-effective exercise that can be practiced anywhere. Through different stretches and Yoga poses you can find greater control over your spirit, body, and mind. Yoga is quite effective in relieving stress and with proper...

Six Sounds to Heal and Cure: Sound Two

12/15/2008 - Sounds can have a powerful effect on our minds, emotions and moods and as we'll see in this article, sound can be used to directly cleanse, purge and heal the body. Many people are already familiar with the fact that sounds such as music, a pleasant voice or sounds of nature can have a soothing effect...

Freshen Breath Effectively and Naturally with GHC's Fresh Mouth Breath Spray (Product Review)

11/20/2008 - One of the most embarrassing things that happen to people all too often is being caught in a social situation with bad breath. And worst of all is having bad breath in a dating situation, if one doesn't know that their breath isn't exactly "peachy", that person may not understand why their date may...

Natural Therapies for Asthma

11/10/2008 - Asthma is a serious, sometimes life-threatening respiratory disease that affects the quality of life for millions of Americans. Asthma causes swelling and irritation in your airways, making it hard for you to breathe. Asthma costs in Eastern Missouri total more than $75 million in lost school time,...

Asthma Attacks Can Be Reduced by Using This Russian Breathing Technique

11/4/2008 - Anyone who has endured an asthma attack or watched their child suffer as they gasped for breath knows the helpless feeling that can grip you as powerfully as the attack itself. There are approximately a million and a half asthmatic sufferers in all parts of the world and if the condition is chronic...

Turn Deep Breathing Into A Second Heart

10/15/2008 - With all the heart problems, heart disease and other health issues that are ever getting worse in today's modern society, learning that you can actually do something to create a second heart within your body sounds like a miracle or simply too good to be true. Of course science is always trying to create...

Kriya Yoga: Master the Mind by Mastering the Breath

9/25/2008 - In the Bhagavad Gita -- the Bible of the Hindus -- human life is depicted, metaphorically and with eloquence, as a battle between the human mind and the Eternal Soul. The Gita is set on a battlefield and describes a historical, as well as mystical, event. This event actually took place at Kurukshetra,...

Slow Breathing Can Transform Your Health

5/30/2008 - Have you ever tried slowing down your breath? What is the fewest number of breaths that you can take in one minute? When you breathe deeply and slowly, can you feel your mind relaxing? You may be surprised to discover many benefits for your body and mind from breathing slowly. It may in fact be one...

A Day in the Life of the Happy Oasis Retreat

5/23/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Raw Food Summit which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Happy Oasis shares more on her experiences living with tribes around the world and attitudes and relationships with foods. She always shares insight into what a day...

An Overview of How Stress Kills and How to Develop Your StresSkills

4/23/2008 - In the past twenty years, thanks to modern technology, researchers have been able to scientifically prove that we have definite and distinct, physical responses to our emotions. There are currently thousands of books relating to stress and the toll it takes on the human body and psyche. The following...

Alkalize Your Body Through Breathing With Healthy Lungs and Sinuses

2/14/2008 - I had a daydream just today. In it, someone asked me, "What is the number one most important reason that people become acidic?" Without a second thought, I replied, "It is the way they breathe." It is interesting to be so startled by a daydream that it jolts you into action! This nevertheless happened...

Magnolia Tree Bark Extract Fights Bad Breath, Tooth Decay, Stress

1/8/2008 - Magnolia Bark has been used in Chinese Medicine since the year 100 A.D. Magnolia Bark was primarily selected as a safe treatment for low energy, anxiety, stress and depression. Recently, after hundreds of years of herbal use, scientific research discovered that magnolia bark is rich in two biphenol...

Breathing and Its True Role in Our Life, Health and Longevity

12/12/2007 - Have you ever wondered 'What is life'? What makes us alive or not alive? Those of us raised in the western world would say that it's the actions of our heart pumping blood, our breathing, our consciousness and so forth. But those are really the results of life, not life itself. What is it that truly...

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