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Six Sounds to Heal and Cure: Sound Two

Monday, December 15, 2008 by: Richard Stossel
Tags: sound therapy, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Sounds can have a powerful effect on our minds, emotions and moods and as we'll see in this article, sound can be used to directly cleanse, purge and heal the body. Many people are already familiar with the fact that sounds such as music, a pleasant voice or sounds of nature can have a soothing effect on mind and body.

Doctors have also come to see how listening to such relaxing sounds can help people lower their blood pressure, calm the mind, help relieve depression and have many other healing effects on mind and body. Sounds are powerful vibrational energies that can be used to heal or even destroy. Just as ultra sound can be used to peer inside of a woman's body to check on her baby or be used to disintegrate kidney or gall stones deep inside the organs.

This article is the second in this series on "Six Sounds to Heal and Cure". In this article we're going to cover the second of these six healing sounds, the kidney sound.

In the first article we covered how botanist Robert Brown discovered vibrational energies that exist in nature through the observation of minute particles within the vacuoles of the pollen grains suspended in water.

Einstein later confirmed the existence of these energies by predicting that the random motions of molecules in a liquid impacting on larger suspended particles would result in irregular, random motions of the particles, which could be directly observed under a microscope. The predicted motion corresponded precisely with the puzzling Brownian motion discovered by Botanist Robert Brown. From this motion Einstein accurately determined the dimensions of the hypothetical molecules which were theorized to exist but as yet unproven.

We then covered that when a person is sick, no matter what language a person spoke, they always made the same type of moaning or whimpering sounds of distress. This is due to the illness always being diagnosed to that same organ regardless of what disease they actually had. From this observational data gathered over the centuries they concluded that these vibrational sounds are the body attempting to purge itself of the excess fire chi and impurities via the modalities of breath and sound.

All matter vibrates at specific frequencies and this is well known fact in science and physics. At its root, all matter is simply a type of energy which is vibrating at specific frequencies which causes it to appear to be solid to us here in the third dimension. When particle physicists have broken down subatomic particles to the smallest particles using powerful atom smashers, the particles themselves disappear in a brilliant flash of energy and simply wink out of our universe altogether.

We're all made of energy. From the stars and planets to every atom of our bodies, we are energy. Many ancient mystics have sensed and known this to be true for millennia. After years of meditation and internal training, they came to understand that the true nature of the universe is that all matter energy and ultimately, emptiness.

This is how we can use breathing along with these sounds and certain visualizations to help cleanse the body of impure energies. Cleansing the body of these negative energies can have a powerful regulating and healing effect on the system. By bringing all of the life force energies into a state of equilibrium and balance we can help to restore health and recover from many serious illnesses. When strong smooth chi flow is restored, symptoms will simply disappear resulting in the restoration of energy, vigor and health.

The Second Sound Kidneys

The second sound were going to cover is the kidney sound. To make the kidney sound, take a deep breathe and purse the lips as though blowing out a candle at a distance. Breathe out and gentle make the sound "Woooooooooooooo". Phonetically it sounds more like "Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu". This will begin to purge the kidneys of excess fire chi, increasing the flow of its energy and the energy of the rest of the internal organs. After each exhalation, breathe in deeply and imagine a bright blue energy with gentleness coming into the kidneys, calming and healing them. Then begin again with the exhalation while making the "woooooo" sound. You can also increase the effectiveness of any of the sounds by imagining a black smoke coming out from the organ and exiting along with the breath. This is another way that visualization can amplify the effects of breathing techniques.

Each of these sounds has a simple set of physical movements associated with it. These movements also help to increase the effectiveness of the sounds themselves. Even doing the sounds alone without the exercise will go a long way to begin to purge, purify and detoxify the organs very effectively. This is something that many can actually feel working even on the first try.

Practice this exercise six times per set a few times a day. This is sufficient to help maintain good health and for strengthening the kidneys. If you're trying to detoxify the kidneys, have back pain, ringing in the ears or fatigue, then you can increase the breaths between 9 to 36 times. Breathe slowly and deeply and if you experience any odd symptoms, simply take a few deep breaths without the sound while keeping a calm mind and try again later.

Remember to imagine the bright blue energy coming into the kidneys during inhalation. This is important because during the exhalation you're purging the kidneys of fire chi, so we want to replace some of that lost chi using the mind, inhalation and visualization. Performing this simple visualization on the inhalation will help accomplish this.

The kidneys are the organ most responsible for your overall health, longevity, energy, growth and vigor. The kidneys also house the negative emotion of fear, help specifically with the rebuilding of bones, control water functions of the body and house the positive emotions of alertness, stillness and gentleness.

The importance of keeping the kidneys strong and healthy can not be over stated. The kidneys have a powerful regulating and controlling effect on all the other organs of the body, especially the heart and liver. All the organs derive a part of their operating or managing chi from the kidneys. Any illness of sufficient severity will always involve the kidneys to some degree. This is why keeping the kidneys strong and healthy can go a long way to boosting your overall immunity.

By making the kidney sound on a daily basis you will greatly strengthen this critical organ system and strengthen the vital kidney (water chi) throughout the body. Kidney chi is an important component of sexual chi and sexual energy. In coordination with the liver, the potency and strength of the kidneys helps to regulate sexual activity, sexual drive and menstruation in women.

Practicing the six sounds regularly can go a long way to cooling down all of your organs and preventing disease. Many diseases in this modern age are diseases of excess fire energy which makes the six sounds a powerful tool in the constant battle against disease.

In the next installment we'll be covering the Liver sound.

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About the author

Richard is a network engineer and longtime practitioner of Chinese martial arts, medicine and chi-gung for over twenty six years. Having learned many Chinese health and healing arts from old world gung-fu and healing masters and practitioners, he has helped many people to overcome their health issues and achieve their fitness goals. Through diligent study and experience he has taken this knowledge even further over the years including reading scores of books on Chinese medicine, health, chi theory, science, physics, nutrition, supplements, meditation, martial arts, and many other subjects. Utilizing the web, health and fitness videos, newsletters, articles, teachings and lectures, Rich is passionate about spreading the true knowledge of health, healing, fitness and spiritual truths. I'm proud to be writing articles for NaturalNews.com You can read many articles, hear audio interviews, and learn more about the highly praised Chinese Health and Fitness video by visiting Chinese Health and Fitness.com

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