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Study links positive thinking in older adults to increased longevity

12/24/2014 - Most people have heard about the benefits of walking through life seeing the proverbial glass half full, rather than focusing on worry and self-doubt. Positive thinking has the power to cancel out the negative thoughts that can cause physical and mental stress and, in turn, wreak havoc on health. According...

Drop the Easter Bunny fairy tales: children lied to by adults are more likely to cheat and lie

4/22/2014 - It might seem kind of obvious to some people, but maybe not so much to others: if you lie to your kids, they are more likely to do the same when they grow up, according to a new study. An undergraduate researcher at the University of California-San Diego became the first to scientifically test the...

Two-thirds of UK adults overweight or obese

3/31/2014 - An annual report by England's chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, highlights the fact that obesity rates are on the rise. Obesity significantly increases the risk of developing a whole host of chronic diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Despite...

Japanese physician warns of increase in rare diseases, urges children and adults to move from radiation

3/12/2014 - A surge in rare diseases all across eastern Japan has prompted one prominent Japanese doctor to urge his fellow countrymen to move away from these areas, which he believes are poisoned by radiation from the infamous Fukushima nuclear disaster. ENENews reports that Dr. Shigeru Mita from the Mita Clinic...

More young adults skipping the flu vaccine

1/28/2014 - Either the truth about vaccines is finally reaching the masses or Americans in general have simply lost trust in the government and the pharmaceutical industry, because this year many young Americans skipped the strongly pushed flu shot altogether. This act has hardly gone unnoticed, with numerous media...

Here's why people don't understand national debt: Americans rank almost last in math skills

10/30/2013 - It's no longer just a punch line on a late night comedy shows or a throwaway political sound bite: The fact that Americans are becoming completely stupid about all things mathematics is getting out of hand, and very serious. And it could explain a lot of things, like why kids don't know anything...

Young adults now only walk five minutes a day; Sedentary lifestyle the norm

10/23/2013 - A quarter of British young adults walk "only when necessary," resulting in less than 5 minutes of activity per day, according to a new study by health insurance company Bupa. The survey, conducted on 2,000 British adults, focused on young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. The researchers found...

Chinese adults hire wet nurses to provide human breast milk on demand as 'Mother Nature's smoothie'

8/29/2013 - The South China Morning Post is now reporting that adults in China are paying good money to breastfeed on wet nurses who are well paid for providing their milk. The wet nurses are paid around US$2,700 per month, and clients are offered the ability to consume the beverage directly. As in mammary consumption. (Pause...

Shock poll: 4 out of 5 U.S. adults experience poverty, joblessness

8/1/2013 - It is a sad, shocking statistic that demands answers, though you shouldn't expect any soon from a government whose power-mad leaders are preoccupied with issues the vast majority of us care nothing about. However bad you thought the U.S. economy to be, a new survey performed exclusively for The Associated...

Improve osteoporosis, arthritis, and other orthopedic disorders with exercise

5/21/2013 - Older people and those with conditions affecting their bones often believe that exercise is unsafe. However, exercise is known to reduce symptoms and even reverse some musculoskeletal issues. Older adults and people with frail bones caused by osteoporosis or aging-related loss of bone density can follow...

Treat PTSD in adults and children with natural remedies, homeopathy and herbs

2/14/2013 - Post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric condition that often arises after an individual witnesses or is involved in a life-threatening event such as a disaster, rape or violent assault. Children and adults experiencing PTSD can relive the terrifying experience through nightmares, flashbacks...

Low vitamin D raises risk of mortality by 30 percent in the elderly

8/20/2012 - Enlightened health followers have heard about the importance of taking vitamin D and maintaining optimal blood levels of the prohormone to prevent chronic disease for more than a decade now. Despite the countless research studies that all demonstrate the critical nature of vitamin D to prevent cancer,...

More than 20 percent of American adults now on psychiatric drugs for behavioral problems

11/30/2011 - Prescription drug addiction is a very serious problem in the US, and is typified in part by the more than 20 percent of American adults that are now hooked on pharmaceuticals for conditions like anxiety and depression. A new study conducted by Medco Health Solutions Inc., a pharmacy benefits management...

Shock vaccine study reveals influenza vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of 100 adults (not 60% as you've been told)

10/27/2011 - A new scientific study published in The Lancet reveals that influenza vaccines only prevent influenza in 1.5 out of every 100 adults who are injected with the flu vaccine. Yet, predictably, this report is being touted by the quack science community, the vaccine-pushing CDC and the scientifically-inept...

TSA claims it will soon stop molesting little children, but not adults, veterans or senior citizens

6/24/2011 - In a policy change announcement, the TSA now claims it will soon stop molesting little children by reaching into their pants and feeling their genitals. That we live in such a police state today where the opening line to a news story even mentions government agents molesting little children should be...

Wave of mental illness sweeps America, huge boon for psychiatric drug industry

3/4/2011 - Twenty percent of U.S. adults - 45 million people - suffered from mental illness in 2009, according to a report by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The figure marks a slight increase over the 2008 figure of 19.5 percent. The highest rates of mental illness...

Science journal admits that vaccinating adults against whooping cough may be a total waste of money

2/9/2011 - Widespread vaccination of adults against whooping cough (pertussis) would do almost nothing to reduce infection rates among unvaccinated children, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and published in the journal Science. In October, a U.S. government advisory...

Exercise Boosts Mental Performance in Adults with Memory Problems

2/17/2009 - Adults who are having trouble remembering things may be able to boost their mental performance with only moderate physical activity, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Regular...

Hypnotherapy as a treatment for Atopic Dermatitis in Adults and Children

11/7/2008 - Many people don't know that skin is the largest organ on the human body. Its many functions incorporate every other system in our bodies. Though skin disorders are often the easier maladies to treat, there are some instances when it takes a little more than some topical ointments to rid rashes. Among...

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript)

5/30/2008 - Today I am bringing you news from the world of ADHD, because scientists claim they have found a difference in the brains of children with ADHD versus "normal" children. The brains of these children who have been diagnosed with ADHD were scanned with an MRI machine. They compared 40,000 different points...

Seventy-Five Percent of U.S. Adults to be Overweight by 2015

12/13/2007 - Seventy-five percent of adults and 24 percent of children and adolescents in the United States will be overweight or obese within the next eight years, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Human Nutrition and published in Epidemiologic...

Adults living with children eat more fat than adults who live without

2/3/2007 - The health choices made by adults who live with children often include diets with more fat than their counterparts, a recent study found. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa and the University of Michigan Health System, found that "adults with children had significantly...

Statin drugs worthless for routine use in healthy adults, study suggests

11/28/2006 - A new study of cholesterol-regulating statin drugs -- published Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine -- found that the drugs slightly lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with no cardiovascular disease history, but may have little capacity to reduce risk of death. Statin drugs...

Prescribe exercise for older adults for better health (press release)

11/22/2006 - For many older adults, a visit to the doctor is not complete without the bestowal of at least one prescription. What if, in addition to prescribing medications as necessary, physicians also prescribed exercise? Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD, a researcher in the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory at the Jean...

About 5 Percent of Adults with Insomnia Use Alternative Therapies (press release)

11/7/2006 - More than 1.6 million U.S. adults are estimated to use complementary and alternative therapies to treat insomnia or trouble sleeping, according to the results of a national survey published in the September 18 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, a theme issue on sleep. Approximately 10 to 34...

Long-term lead exposure linked to cognitive decline in older adults (press release)

11/2/2006 - Older adults exposed to high levels of lead before the 1980s are showing signs of cognitive decrements as a result of long-term lead exposure in their communities, according to a study published in the online edition of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The...

Consumption of green tea associated with reduced mortality in Japanese adults (press release)

10/30/2006 - Adults in Japan who consumed higher amounts of green tea had a lower risk of death due to all causes and due to cardiovascular disease, according to a study in the September 13 issue of JAMA. But there was no link between green tea consumption and a reduced risk of death due to cancer. Tea is the...

Two-fifths of US adults report experiencing unsafe, wasteful or poorly coordinated health care (press release)

10/11/2006 - Patients, who experience the health care system on a first-hand basis, find much that could be improved. According to a new survey from The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System, a surprisingly high proportion of Americans--42 percent--reported experiencing poorly coordinated,...

High-fat, copper-rich diets associated with increased rates of cognitive decline in older adults (press release)

10/10/2006 - Among older adults whose diets are high in saturated and trans fats, a high intake of copper may be associated with an accelerated rate of decline in thinking, learning and memory abilities, according to a report in the August issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Although...

Socially isolated children may become unhealthy adults (press release)

10/5/2006 - Social isolation in childhood may be associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease in adulthood, according to a report in the August issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Social isolation and loneliness can affect both psychological...

Only Modest Benefit of Flu Shots Among Older Adults (press release)

9/21/2006 - Although national and international health organizations urge anyone over age 65 to get yearly flu shots, the vaccinations are only modestly effective in preventing flu and its complications among older adults, according to a new review of recent studies. Similarly, there is a little evidence that...

One in three British adults to be obese by 2010 - predictions

8/25/2006 - New statistics from the Health Survey for England predict that more than 12 million adults and 1 million children in England will be obese by 2010. The Department of Health released statistics today that indicate one in three British adults and one in five children will be obese by the end of the...

Study: Exercise helps speed wound healing in older adults (press release)

8/24/2006 - The body's ability to heal even small skin wounds normally slows down as we age. But a new study in older adults finds that regular exercise may speed up the wound-healing process by as much as 25 percent. "This is the first time we've been able to document this kind...

Folk Remedies Widely Used by Older Adults in North Carolina (press release)

8/22/2006 - A survey of older adults in rural North Carolina shows that they widely use complementary medicine therapies, but tend to focus on folk or home remedies, such as taking a daily “tonic” of vinegar or using Epsom salts. “What most people think about as complementary medicine – acupuncture, homeopathy...

New research shows adults -- not just kids -- are capable of learning new languages

2/12/2006 - The Americanization and Anglicization of the world has enabled many Americans to become overconfident in English as the world's langua franca. In contrast to other countries, where foreign languages like English are taught in elementary school, Americans often don't begin foreign language instruction...

One in 3 U.S. adults now have high blood pressure; up 30% over the past decade

12/5/2004 - New health statistics from the government reveal that high blood pressure has climbed 30% over the past decade. The report says that Americans are getting older and fatter and that's causing the number of adults with high blood pressure to rise. I love the intelligence of researchers who make such...

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