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Is online privacy possible? See how your medical search data is being sold

2/27/2015 - It's no secret that the National Security Agency is capable of tracking your movements from your cell phone signal. Facebook is registering everything you click on, using advertising as an excuse to insert itself even further into our lives. Online advertisers collect and catalog "cookies" left behind...

Does your right to biological privacy end when you flush? Police want to test your waste without warrant

1/7/2015 - In a naked attempt to shred the Constitution's privacy and due process provisions, drug warriors are pursuing a new avenue of prosecution: Testing your sewage waste to see if you've been naughty or nice when it comes to using a drug Uncle Sam has deemed illegal. What's worse, there are actually some...

U.S. law enforcement officials say Americans should have no privacy because without it criminal investigations are more difficult

11/10/2014 - The practice did not begin with the Obama Administration, but it has certainly quickened during his tenure: The federal government increasingly seeks to violate basic constitutional privacy protections under the guise of "saving us" from criminal activity. As reported recently by Bloomberg News,...

Five ways to protect your privacy in an increasingly intrusive world

11/8/2014 - We have moved into the age of Big Brother. Though not as crudely obvious as two-way TVs in everyone's dwelling the way George Orwell depicted in his novel 1984, all the electronic devices we use can be tapped into by Homeland Security, the CIA and the the NSA (National Security Agency). Let's get...

Warrantless cell phone searches ruled illegal by Supreme Court

6/26/2014 - In a decision being seen as a huge victory for privacy advocates who have not had many in the digital age, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that police must follow the Constitution if they want to search the contents of your cell phones. The ruling, written by Chief Justice John Roberts,...

'Smart' meters threaten privacy, health and basic human rights

6/5/2014 - Energy executives and government officials want us to believe that this worldwide effort to install 'smart' meters on every home and business are merely to reduce energy costs and protect the environment. By using deceptive terminology like, infrastructure 'upgrades' and 'green' technology, utility...

DNA-erasing spray promises privacy but could help criminals evade the law

5/19/2014 - In today's technologically advanced world, authorities are finding new ways to collect the average person's DNA, storing people's unique identification in databases without consent. Not held accountable, a police state can grow unchecked, swabbing people's DNA at roadside checkpoints, implementing fingerprint...

Tennesee State University forcing students to wear location-tracking ID badges

3/29/2014 - Officials at Tennessee State University have implemented new rules to force students to carry ID badges that will allow them to be tracked, citing safety and security concerns following a series of criminal acts on campus. According to local reports, it is already difficult for students to navigate...

Automakers track and store your location as you drive

1/12/2014 - It's bad enough that traffic cameras, satellites and the National Security Agency tracks and records virtually everything you do and everywhere you go. Now the nation's major automobile makers are doing the same thing. According to a report in The Detroit News, the tracking isn't something that buyers...

CVS pharmacies 'bribing' customers to abandon medical privacy protections

8/22/2013 - The CVS/pharmacy corporation recently launched a new pharmaceutical marketing scheme that pushes customers to fill more drug prescriptions at its stores by enticing them with cash prizes and other rewards, an initiative that is now part of the company's "ExtraCare Rewards Program." But a recent investigation...

FAA is gearing up to spy on regular Americans: Agency admits drone operators have NO privacy obligations

7/27/2013 - Have privacy protections contained within the Constitution's Fourth Amendment become completely irrelevant in this modern age of technology? More and more unelected federal bureaucrats sure think so, as evidenced in responses to questions from members of Congress by an official of the Federal Aviation...

Obama massive spy apparatus intended to destroy all privacy nationwide

6/17/2013 - Amid news that the National Security Agency, or NSA, has data-mined the information of millions of Americans with the help of telecom Verizon and has built the capacity to gather all electronically transmitted data on every single American at any time, comes news from the reporter who initially broke...

ACLU turns on Obama: Privacy invasions abhorrent, shocking

6/16/2013 - One by one, traditionally left-wing and liberal institutions are turning on President Obama, who is perhaps the most liberal president in U.S. history, following disclosure of a series of horrific abuses of power that have taken place during his tenure. In early June an editorial from no less than...

Rand Paul speaks out against government abuses of privacy, calls out Google to protect it more

6/8/2013 - You may not always agree with him, but one thing about Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is that he is a consistent champion of individual rights, personal liberty and small government freedom. These traits were on display once more in a recent interview with Wired magazine's Danger Room during a trip through...

Unregulated license plate readers widely being used to violate privacy of law-abiding citizens

5/8/2013 - As long as it is something that enhances your safety, then any law enforcement technique used by police is acceptable in our system of government, right? If the existence and proliferation of license plate-reading technology is any indication, the answer, apparently, is yes - especially if the readers...

Majority of Southern California's airspace to be declared test range for drones

4/29/2013 - Don't look now, Southern Californians, but the remaining shreds of your privacy rights - and they are threadbare already, to be sure - are about to vanish into the dustbin of history, if the "see everything all of the time" crowd gets its way. "Business and military interests" are pressuring politicians...

Students fear for privacy as universities apply for drone-flying permits

3/15/2013 - More and more Americans are becoming leery of the ever-widening use of drones by federal agencies and domestic law enforcement, which is in and of itself disturbing, but increasingly, college students are beginning to get nervous over a rise in drone applications to the Federal Aviation Administration...

Texas leading the nation on mobile phone privacy; cops will need warrants to track your location

3/13/2013 - No state is perfect, but Texans like to think theirs is pretty close, especially when it comes to whose elected officials are more apt to pursue policies and legislation which enhance freedom, liberty and self-reliance. Privacy advocates and experts say two new pieces of legislation dealing with...

Turning the tables: Here are the names and home addresses of all Journal News employees

1/2/2013 - In a move supporters say equates with the expression, "Turnabout is fair play," a local New York publication has decided to publish the names, addresses and work-related information of all employees of The Journal News, the paper that recently decided to invade the privacy of lawful handgun permit holders...

Assault on the privacy of your own mind

11/27/2012 - Where do these insane professors come from? Maybe they're hatched from eggs in a lab. The neuroscientists, in particular, are prime candidates for the funny farm. One wants the human brain to be recast as a hologram and planted in a robot. Another wants the robot to be made out of pure energy. But...

TSA faked body scanner images with Photoshop to falsify privacy of images

11/20/2012 - Not that this Congress or president much care, but the Transportation Security Administration is growing more and more out of hand by the month (hat tip to George W. Bush and a GOP House and Senate for giving America this monstrosity of an agency). The latest outrage was revealed by an official of...

Government claims Americans have 'no reasonable expectation of privacy' with cell phone usage

10/15/2012 - It seems like these days, abuses of our Constitution are occurring more frequently by those who have been entrusted to protect and uphold it. U.S. attorney Nathan Judish argued recently before the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans that the government need not obtain a probable cause search warrant...

The future of Facebook: Tracking users' offline buying habits, total lack of privacy

10/8/2012 - Are you one of the tens of millions of Facebook users who don't think you can live without it? If you value your privacy in a high-tech society in which 24/7 surveillance is a virtual reality - especially online - you might want to reassess just how important the site really is to you. According...

X-Ray body-scanning vans raise major privacy concerns

8/25/2012 - As good as technology has been throughout the centuries for the development and advancement of Mankind, it is becoming a four-letter-word in the 21st century as it is being used more and more to rob us of our constitutionally-protected right to privacy. In fact, it's to the point now that Leviathan...

Privacy invasion - Police and firefighter drones raise huge concerns

8/10/2012 - Lawmakers and privacy advocates are becoming increasingly concerned about the rising number of drones used by federal, state and local governmental entities, an effort that is being coordinated through the Department of Homeland Security. According to the nation's foremost anti-terrorist agency,...

CISPA passes the House; epic privacy battle moves to the Senate

4/30/2012 - If you're not familiar with "Washingtonspeak" - that odd, unique variance of the English language in which words don't really mean what they are supposed to mean - you might not know that the lawmakers who wrote the new Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) aren't really too concerned...

FTC seeks band-aid solution for protection of consumer privacy

4/6/2012 - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the federal government's chief consumer protection agency, has the right idea in wanting to crack down on the invasion of our privacy by companies who buy and sell our personal information, but the approach it has chosen to address the problem is more of a band-aid...

Personal privacy under constant assault by governments, corporations

3/20/2012 - As we have warned often here at NaturalNews, the concept of personal privacy - that quaint, Fourth Amendment constitutional protection that supposedly guarantees "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures" - is all...

Investigation reveals Facebook is spying on smartphone users' personal text messages

3/1/2012 - As early as the late 1970s, there have been privacy concerns in the so-called "information age." And why not? At every stage since the widespread acceptance and use of the computer, and especially the Internet, someone has been trying to invade your privacy. The latest infringement comes from Facebook,...

Google tracked iPhones, bypassing Apple browser privacy settings

3/1/2012 - Whether it is a federal agency monitoring your social Web presence or the world's largest search engine/media company violating your privacy, it's getting nearly impossible to escape the constitutional misuse of technology. Google, the world's largest Web presence, in addition to other advertisers,...

Forget personal privacy - UK to microchip prescription medicines with new smart pill

2/2/2012 - Under the guise of helping people remember to take their medications as prescribed, a new microchip product called Helius, or the Raisin Personal Monitor, will be attached to pills in the UK by the end of 2012. The product is designed by Proteus Biomedical in California. Presumably, the powers that...

Electronic Privacy Information Center sues TSA over naked body scanner privacy violations

11/12/2010 - The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is proceeding with a lawsuit against the TSA over its use of naked body scanners. Filed in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, EPIC's lawsuit asks for the courts to halt the US government's use of naked body scanners altogether. EPIC has brought...

Review of Google Health - Technology Achievement or Privacy Disaster?

5/20/2008 - Google Health was launched with much fanfare this week, positioned by Google, Inc. as a technological solution to the rather embarrassing problem of an advanced nation still running on medical records that seem to be stuck in 1970's-era technology. The Google Health service promises to give users a...

Real ID Act hopes to microchip Americans' ID cards, privacy advocates oppose

3/27/2007 - By the year 2013, nearly every American will be outfitted with a new digital ID card, according to a recent Bush administration announcement. Opponents of this legislation have been advising states to publicly oppose a system that is insufficient in protecting privacy and strips people of their identity. Jump...

Poll: Many Americans think government's terrorism investigations are violating privacy rights

12/16/2006 - According to a poll released Tuesday by the Washington Post and ABC News, two thirds of Americans feel the FBI and other federal agencies are stepping on citizens' right to privacy in the course of investigating terrorism. The survey randomly polled 1,005 Americans between Dec. 7 and Monday, giving...

IBM's new RFID "clipped tag" aims to assuage consumer privacy fears

11/10/2006 - Radio Frequency Identification tags -- electronic tags that store data and transmit it to sensors within a certain range -- have caused controversy since it was first theorized that they could be used carry private information, but IBM claims they have an answer to privacy concerns. On Wednesday...

Consumer Reports Investigation Warns Your Privacy Is for Sale (press release)

10/23/2006 - The practices of commercial data brokers can rob consumers of their privacy, threaten them with identity theft and profile them as dead beats or security risks, according to an investigative report in Consumer Reports October Issue. Choice Point, LexisNexis and Acxiom are among the largest of the...

New Firefox variant browser protects user privacy through stealth surfing technology

9/21/2006 - Hactivismo, a group of computer security and privacy experts, have developed a special version of the web browser Firefox that can prevent sites from tracing where computer data departs and arrives. The browser, named Torpark, makes the computer's Internet Protocol address -- the number that identifies...

Tech giants push for federal privacy laws to standardize legal expectations

6/21/2006 - Several major high-tech companies lobbied Congress on Tuesday to pass a federal consumer privacy law concerning personal data on the internet. Representatives from the companies that make up the Consumer Privacy Legislative Forum -- including Intel Corp., eBay Inc., Symantec Corp., Google Inc., Microsoft...

Email privacy now a top concern for 19 out of 20 internet users

5/24/2005 - How important is email privacy to your business? A new email privacy survey conducted by Relemail reveals it may be far more important than you expected. The survey presents some startling statistics about how email subscribers view privacy. Let's take a closer look at these statistics and reveal what...

Email privacy audit results published for 1,000 firms at

12/5/2004 - Internet users can now access the email privacy ratings for more than 1,000 online firms in a public ratings database published at These ratings are the result of a secret audit conducted by Relemail that sought to determine the email privacy practices and anti-spam compliance behaviors...

New email privacy certification service lets email senders prove they aren't spamming

12/5/2004 - Email senders can now reassure potential subscribers and customers that their email addresses will be protected. Relemail, a new service that audits and certifies email privacy practices, launched today. ReleMail monitors an organization's email practices and certifies those that meet stringent standards...

Banks Talk Privacy, But They Actually Sell Your Private Data And Fight Privacy Legislation

10/26/2003 5:58:21 PM - Believe it or not, there's a bill pending in the Senate that would block States from protecting the privacy of consumers. A chief supporter of this bill is Citigroup, the banking conglomerate, according to this story. In a hilarious act of "making it personal," a group that's in favor of tighter...

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