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ALERT: Federal government may seize and shut down all internet sites that don't push vaccines during a national emergency pandemic

Executive orders

(NaturalNews) If you aren't saving off articles, downloading important MP3 audio files and printing off vital information that might save your life in a pandemic outbreak, you may soon find yourself completely cut off from all holistic or alternative information on the web. Under an executive order signed by President Obama in 2012, the U.S. federal government now has the authority to seize and shut down all private websites which do not promote vaccines and pharmaceuticals during the coming Ebola pandemic the government expects to sweep across America.

If you aren't making alternative plans to have access to lifesaving information about antiviral herbal remedies and immune boosting solutions, you can fully expect to be completely cut off from those information sources of a pandemic national emergency is declared. That's why I urge you to go to www.BioDefense.com now while you still can, and download the MP3 files to your local computer or mobile device (so you can hear them later). Episodes six and seven will be posted this week, and they contain lifesaving information about natural antiviral herbal remedies and Chinese Medicine formulas that have conquered plagues.

Natural News launches its own Diaspora pod at Share.NaturalNews.com

To aid in saving lives and keeping the public informed, Natural News has set up an offshore information distribution service that you need to join immediately. It's like an uncensored Facebook, based on servers hosted in Germany, and it's completely immune to illegal censorship efforts taken by the U.S. government under a state of martial law. Sign up now at Share.NaturalNews.com

The backup IP address to reach Share.NaturalNews.com is

So even if the U.S. government takes down DNS servers and blocks the NaturalNews.com domain in an effort to make sure people can't access lifesaving information about antiviral herbal medicine, you can still reach our share site at

Our main website, NaturalNews.com, will be reachable in an emergency at:

Write down these IP address numbers and store them on paper, in a safe place. This is your only way to reach us if the government seizes or blocks the DNS registry.

July 6, 2012 - Obama declares the power to "seize private facilities" and control all communications

On July 6, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order that's stunning in its overreaching authority. [2] The order claims total federal authority over all communications, including granting the government the ability to seize private facilities such as web server farms, amateur radios, printing presses and all forms of communication.

In response to the signing of the order, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) issued this dire warning:

The White House has released a new Executive Order seeking to ensure the continuity of government communications during a national emergency. The Executive Order grants new powers to the Department of Homeland Security, including the ability to collect certain public communications information. Under the Executive Order the White House has also granted the Department the authority to seize private facilities when necessary, effectively shutting down or limiting civilian communications.

As just one small example of the government's declared authority to seize and control all forms of communication, the executive order signed by President Obama [2] says, word for word, that the government is now granted these powers:

...the extension, discontinuance, or reduction of common carrier facilities or services; the control of common carrier rates, charges, practices, and classifications; the construction, authorization, activation, deactivation, or closing of radio stations, services, and facilities; the assignment of radio frequencies to Federal Communications Commission licensees; the investigation of violations of pertinent law...

In covering the signing of this executive order, RT.com ran with the headline "Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America." [3]

RT goes on to report:

US President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security ... the powers he provides to himself and the federal government under the latest order are among the most far-reaching yet of any of his executive decisions.

Why the government will seize and shut down sites that attempt to teach people the truth about lifesaving antiviral herbal medicine

In the last few days, the U.S. government purchased 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits in anticipation of an Ebola outbreak sweeping through U.S. cities. Shortly after that, the CDC issued a nationwide alert to U.S. hospitals, urging them to get prepared against an Ebola outbreak.

The U.S. government, CDC and FDA have always used pandemics to promote vaccines and push the profit interests of pharmaceutical corporations. Any discussion of natural remedies, anti-viral herbal medicines and non-pharmaceutical defenses against Ebola are seen as a threat to the profit interests of the drug companies. Sites like www.BioDefense.com which offers lifesaving FREE information to the world about natural antivirals (episode six, coming shortly, will detail a full list) are seen as harming the profits of the drug companies and "interfering" with the government's plan to force the population to trust only vaccines (to the exclusion of all else).

Under the executive order signed by Obama in 2012, the federal government can seize and shut down all websites that do not fall in line and promote the experimental Ebola vaccines the government will predictably roll out during a national pandemic. The voices of all those who do not bow down to Big Pharma and advocate vaccines will be silenced.

The authority to do this is already codified into U.S. law.

Join the Natural News Diaspora pod to stay informed, even when the government attempts to censor the truth

This is why Natural News has now launched its own Diaspora pod, found at Share.NaturalNews.com

Diaspora is an open source, decentralized information network that's rapidly becoming the "go to destination" for people leaving Facebook.

Diaspora is organized in "pods" hosted on servers all around the world. When Natural News previously announced Diaspora, so many thousands of people signed up that we had to launch our own hosted pod in order to prepare for the rush of new users.

Now our new pod is up and running in Germany, and if you want to stay plugged in to the truth during the global pandemic crisis that's exploding right now, you need to join the Natural News Diaspora pod right now.

Simply go to Share.NaturalNews.com and sign up. Diaspora is 100% uncensored, so once you're there, you will see every breaking news story announced by Natural News (and any other source you choose to follow).

The backup IP address of our Diaspora pod is (be sure to keep this number handy, as you can type it into any browser to reach us, even if the DNS servers are seized by the government or taken down by cyber attacks).

Why I'm urging all alternative news organizations to join Diaspora

I'm also openly calling for all alternative media (i.e. truth media) websites to get moving with Diaspora. They can either join the Natural News pod, set up their own pod, or join another existing pod that's outside the USA.

Those of you reading this who are fans of other truth-telling websites like SHTFplan.com, Truth Stream Media, the Organic Prepper, No More Fake News, the Economic Collapse Blog, Survival Blog, Recon Prepper, etc., should urge those website owners to get moving with Diaspora immediately. Time is running out for setting up communications backup plans.

This may be the only backup publishing channel we have left if Obama declares a national emergency and invokes the executive orders he's already signed. I also urge readers to subscribe to my free email newsletter using the form below this article. We will continue to send emails even if we are taken offline.

Why governments don't want people to learn how to protect themselves

Billions of lives are at stake around the world, and the governments of the world seem to deliberately want as many people to die as possible in a pandemic, which is precisely why no government will dare test colloidal silver, medicinal herbs or Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Ebola treatment. Many observers are convinced the governments don't want to stop Ebola, which is precisely why the international response has deliberately been so slow, practically guaranteeing a continued explosion of the pandemic.

"Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US Department of Defense," declares a headline of a fascinating news story authored by a Liberian scientist. [4] That story goes on to explain that "Ebola is a genetically modified organism (GMO)... testing has been secretly taking place in Africa."

"The World Health Organization (WHO) and several other UN Agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing regiments," the author declares. He continues by warning, "AFRICAN LEADERS AND AFRICAN COUNTRIES NEED TO TAKE THE LEAD IN DEFENDING BABIES, CHILDREN, AFRICAN WOMEN, AFRICAN MEN, AND THE ELDERLY. THESE CITIZENS DO NOT DESERVE TO BE USED AS GUINEA PIGS!"

If he's right, and if the U.S. government is deliberately using African children and adults as human guinea pigs to test a genetically engineered bioweapon, do you really think that same government won't shut down a few web servers that are trying to tell people the truth?

Urgent action items

1) Stay informed. Learn the truth now at www.BioDefense.com and download the FREE MP3 audio files offered there. (More episodes being released this week.)

2) Join the Natural News Diaspora pod at Share.NaturalNews.com

3) Subscribe to our email newsletter below.

4) Write down the emergency IP address to reach NaturalNews.com:

5) Urge other alternative news websites to launch or join their own Diaspora pods.

As long as I am personally alive and functioning, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to reach you with lifesaving information about anti-viral herbal medicines, immune-boosting strategies and ways to protect yourself from toxic vaccine ingredients. But you have to do your part and get signed up for these various communications, or you'll be cut off in a national emergency.

Sources for this story include:
[1] http://epic.org/2012/07/executive-order-gran...

[2] http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2...

[3] http://rt.com/usa/obama-president-order-comm...

[4] http://www.liberianobserver.com/security/ebo...

[5] https://www.naturalnews.com/046490_ebola_viru...

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About the author:Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com) and a globally recognized scientific researcher in clean foods. He serves as the founding editor of NaturalNews.com and the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time-of-flight analytical instrumentation.

Adams is a person of color whose ancestors include Africans and Native American Indians. He's also of Native American heritage, which he credits as inspiring his "Health Ranger" passion for protecting life and nature against the destruction caused by chemicals, heavy metals and other forms of pollution.

Adams is the founder and publisher of the open source science journal Natural Science Journal, the author of numerous peer-reviewed science papers published by the journal, and the author of the world's first book that published ICP-MS heavy metals analysis results for foods, dietary supplements, pet food, spices and fast food. The book is entitled Food Forensics and is published by BenBella Books.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Through the non-profit CWC, Adams also launched Nutrition Rescue, a program that donates essential vitamins to people in need. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed "strange fibers" found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health "gurus," dangerous "detox" products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released over a dozen popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

Click here to read a more detailed bio on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at HealthRanger.com.

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