Documentary 'Bethany's Story' shows girl's recovery from paralysis

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(NaturalNews) The new film, "Bethany's Story" documents a girl's illness, from its first onset through to recovery. It reveals how food, not medicine, consistently proves to be a dominant factor in healing and reversing illness and disease.

Illustrating these points are interviews with leading medical and nutrition experts such as Neal Barnard, MD, Michael Gregor, MD, Gabriel Cousens, MD, Dr. Brian Clement, Brenda Davis, RD, and Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD.

View the trailer of this must-watch film here.

Her condition arrived with medication; left through food

At age 13, the protagonist, Bethany, was left paralyzed from a series of bad reactions to medication. For years, doctors told her that she would never walk again. On her own, Bethany discovered and adopted a raw vegan diet and within a short amount of time she was out of her chair standing and walking.

"Our body has this amazing ability to rejuvenate and repair and regenerate," says Dr. Gregor in "Bethany's Story."

The film, produced by the health and wellness organization SanaView, chronicles Bethany's illness from onset to recovery and includes heart-wrenching accounts from her friends and family. Understanding and witnessing some of the incredible challenges that this family encountered truly shows the impact that serious health issues have on everyone.

Hearing the scientific facts presented by the medical experts interviewed brings this solution fully to the forefront. Dr. Cousens states in the film, "These are not miracles. We have the science that makes it very clear," showing that healing with raw, nutrient-rich foods is not just an anecdotal account of one odd story, but a scientifically proven solution.

The film's director and founder of the SanaView non-profit organization, Janet McKee, hopes the audience becomes inspired to begin making better choices with food and lifestyle.

"After working on this film, I have no doubt in my mind that there is no greater medicine than food for true healing of the body," said McKee.

"We have had so many people tell us how the film has changed their
lives. I feel such gratitude in my heart to have the opportunity to be
part of this movement."

Learn more about this breakthrough documentary about healing from paralysis and more here.

Real outcomes documented

"Finally, doctors support a health trend that is here to stay," Dr. Barnard said.

"The number of people saying wait a minute, I want a better way, I want to feed myself better, I want to feed my kids better, that group is bigger than ever," says Barnard, in Bethany's Story.

It is apparent that audiences are being stirred awake to the message of the film, as Bethany's Story was a first-time sell-out of the theater at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. It has been selected to be screened at the Seeds Festival in New York City, the Toronto Raw Vegan Festival, the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, and the North American Vegetarian Society's Summerfest. In Los Angeles, Bethany's Story won the "Best of Raw Award" for Favorite Film.

On the website, McKee, who is a board certified Holistic Health Counselor and a certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, also posts the national showings taking place for Bethany's Story. SanaView is an organization based in Pennsylvania that teaches people to embrace a better life through wellness counseling, videos, recipes and workshops. It was selected by Edible Publications as a "Hero."

Watch the trailer and of the important and delightful documentary, Bethany's Story, here.

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About the author:
Michael Bedar MA, BS, is a researcher, writer, holistic wellness counselor, certified Live-Food Nutrition Counselor, certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. He is the associate producer with a founding role in the documentary, "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" and is the writer-director of "EcoParque," distributing top film, ebook, and audio titles through He helps manage the holistic health practice of Dr. Aum's Conceive Naturally Now program, facilitates local and online natural wellness and spiritual growth programs, and juices regularly. He helps people live in healthier homes through his Wellness Homes initiative, and holds space for people's optimal nutrition and full potential. He is the Co-Director of Tree of Life - Bay Area, and he has an MA in Live-Food and Spiritual Nutrition from the Cousens School of Holistic Wellness. Bedar's BS from UCSD is an interdisciplinary concentration of Environmental Chemistry, Law and Society, and Design Anthropology.

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