Gluttons for punishment - people who don't put health first in their lives

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(NaturalNews) It's easy to get preoccupied these days and forget about your health, if even for just a little while. We all know the repercussions of that, but it still happens to the best of us. We get caught up in certain daily routines, or stress and the economy weigh in heavily during certain periods or events, and there goes the healthy food regimen, right out the window. We go on road trips or entertain holidays, or we go to a fun park or the movie theater, and in flow the toxins, like cake, soda, chips, fast food, processed junk and even quick-fix OTC medicines. People try to quell their immediate health ills with aspirin, cough syrup, antibiotics or even the wrong, cheap useless supplements.

Others try to cover up the fact that they've gone on a junk-food eating binge and have completely destroyed their nutrient base and their gut flora. Their enzymes are all but "shut off," and the machine known as the human body starts breaking down, running on "dirty oil" and "cheap ethanol" as fuel -- meaning no person on the planet can function properly and be healthy while consuming GMOs and other popular food toxins regularly, if even for a few days, a week or a month.

Suddenly, other problems get bigger when you're not healthy. Your finances fall apart when you can't work as much; your stress level goes through the roof when you have to juggle responsibilities while your head and stomach hurt, or while you suffer from inflammation, arthritis, allergies, infections and, yes, superbugs. Do you have parasites? Do you have bad bacteria overwhelming your good bacteria? Is your immune system completely compromised due to your intake of toxins? Putting health on the back burner while you try to fix other problems is like putting the cart before the horse -- nothing goes anywhere.

Gluttons for punishment

If you ignore your health for even a week, you could wind up in a 24-hour "doc-in-tha-box" clinic, or a doctor's office, or worse yet, a hospital. These waiting rooms are usually filled with people, young and old, who are suffering from similar health detriment, including bacterial infections, viruses and autoimmune disorders. These waiting rooms, patient rooms, patient tables, door knobs, magazines and even the air are full of what are known as superbugs, meaning sicknesses that persist in the face of modern allopathic medicine because they've become "immune" to chemical treatments.

People who understand this, especially health enthusiasts, nutritionists and naturopaths, don't underestimate the chances of getting sicker by simply "going to the doctor." Most people in America are not sick from inherited disorders or infectious diseases, but rather bad food and chemical medicine. Processed food and genetically modified food are the culprits of modern sickness and early, costly death. The temptations and infiltrations of bad choices are all around us. If we give in to shallow desires, we consume poison and end up in superbug breeding grounds waiting for medicine that doesn't help us, but instead adds to overall health detriment.

These people, you could say, are gluttons for punishment -- contributing to short-term and long-term problems through immediate gratification. For example, people who consume artificial sweeteners are trying to cut corners to lose weight or maintain a weight. This is like driving straight toward a cliff and hoping the it's not still there when they arrive.

Monsanto, GMOs and allopathic "health cliffs"

Many consumers eat monosodium glutamate and gluten after hearing horrible things about both, while believing that, if they take some supplements (or medicine), they'll be just fine. This is like banging your head against a wall over and over and then taking aspirin and waiting for the headache to go away. Don't bang your head against walls. Don't drive toward a cliff. Don't sell out the short-term for some long-term health nightmare. Put your health first and keep it there. Only then can you help others, help yourself and be at your best daily. Remove obstacles and sickness by removing toxins from your daily intake, whether by food, water or personal care products. Don't fall for immediate gratification temptations. Improve your brain, body and "soul" health, starting right now. Be a "certified organic" human being!

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