Pain and its lymphological relief

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(NaturalNews) Modern medicine continues to ignore the actual dilemmas associated with pain, as if they are somehow irrelevant, yet, when pain is properly relieved, it can lead to healing in a short period of time, and naturally so. The process of healing one part of the body is the same for every other part as well, and this is a potential game changer in the field of "healthcare."

There are two main aspects of pain and its proper relief that, if everyone understood, could help prevent untold suffering and save countless lives:

1) Pain represents much more than just a very unpleasant sensation. It is an indication of an inflammatory process that alters the condition of any tissue area where it takes place (a problem not solved by mere pain killers). Even discomfort can be a sign of blocked circulation and a process of degeneration. Think of these sensors as an alarm for the blood stream.

2) Most times, pain can be quickly and easily relieved naturally (without pain killers) by mitigating inflammation and hastening the withdrawal of any (toxic) excess fluids, thereby returning the tissues to the same state that they were in before any tissue injury.

There are two very different causes of pain or tissue injury: 1) initial and 2) subsequent.

1) Initial injury can be a one-time thing that nevertheless results in damage to previously perfectly healthy tissues or bones, thus causing swelling, an inflammatory reaction, edema and a condition that if allowed to remain will become degenerative due to blocked irrigation and deficient oxygenation.

When tissues are damaged, they release poisons called histamine and bradykinin. The poisons then dilate the blood capillaries, causing a certain amount of blood proteins and water to escape (from the blood stream) into the tissue spaces. This is the process of swelling or inflammation that results in coagulating extracellular fluids and the morbidity of blocked circulation. We can consider this as a subsequent phase of injury that can cause further damage if not resolved immediately.

2) Subsequent injury is the result of swelling, inflammation and residual morbidity. This is the condition of all degenerative disease, because it damages tissues continually. Often, this process progresses so slowly that it is hardly noticeable. This can be prevented and eliminated if we just know what to do. Taking action to reverse the edema, and morbid blockages to the circulation, can speed up the healing process.

There are only two proper ways to relieve pain:

1) Working to reverse the process of inflammation (natural healing arts); and

2) Helping the lymphatic system deal with as many toxins and as much excess fluid (that becomes trapped in the tissue spaces) as possible, because this helps improve the actual condition and permanently reduces any subsequent injury or its cause (natural healing arts).

The blood can no longer irrigate tissues with an abundance of oxygen and nutrients when cells are held in a positive pressure. Only the lymphatic system can vacuum out any trapped blood proteins and excess fluid from around the cells, regardless of its many causes. Trapped plasma constituents and excess fluid often remain after tissue is damaged, and so long as it does, it can be a catalyst of further inflammation and degenerative disease.

Dr. C. Samuel West, who founded the International Academy of Lymphology, often stated that pain was caused by lack of oxygen. Those who study his Applied Lymphology Course learn the process of how lack of oxygen is caused in any isolated area of tissue and how to begin eliminating such blockages lymphologically, to allow proper oxygenation at the tissue cell level and thereby assure ultimate healing.

Sources include:
The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist
Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology 2nd Edition appendix to the 5th Chapter "the Dry State discovery"

About the author:
Prof. Karl West now runs the International Academy of Lymphology founded by his father Dr. C. Samuel West. To learn more about Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology please visit the IAL website at and please subscribe to 7 FREE Introductory Lessons.

More articles written by Prof. West:

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