The salt of the earth: The wonders of Epsom salt in holistic therapy

Friday, June 07, 2013 by: Nanditha
Tags: Epsom salt, magnesium, treatments

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(NaturalNews) If the words muscular fatigue, muscle pain or cracked skin mean something to you, then consider replacing those with "Epsom salt". Modern medicine is now confirming what has been known as fact for centuries: That Epsom salt can relieve muscle aches while healing foot pains and cracked skin conditions. Some recent studies have even indicated that Epsom salt could alleviate signs of autism in children.

What is it?

Epsom salt gets its name from the place where it was discovered: Epsom in England. It is a mineral composed of magnesium and sulfate compounds, and magnesium is believed to play an important role in regulating the body's functioning. Magnesium deficiency is now becoming common and the implications for health are far reaching. Magnesium sulfate is an essential building block of brain tissue and joint proteins, and it is also known as a strengthening agent of the walls of digestive tract. Since magnesium sulfate is readily absorbed through the skin, it makes complete sense to derive maximum benefit through the bath water.

Skin conditions such as dry and cracked skin, itchy skin or even eczema and psoriasis are said to be relieved through the regular use of Epsom salt. However, it never hurts to consult your doctor before you decide to take Epsom salt into your own hands.

The Epsom spa is here to stay

Put aside age defying creams and lotions for a second and consider this: Bathing in the mineral rich Epsom salt could well be the cosmetic treatment needed, with no side effects, to boot. Anti-aging products have received the ire and sarcasm of many because they have become distorted to mean "how to keep looking young and beautiful" when they should mean "how to feel young, healthy and therefore beautiful". In truth, they actually relate to the phenomenon of aging in the body leading to degeneration of bodily systems such as joints, nerves and muscles. It makes perfect sense then for Epsom salt to be used to reinforce the feeling of health and youthfulness of the musculo-skeletal and nervous system.

However, for a routine detox, magnesium sulfate would be a good bet considering its qualities as a versatile de-pollutant. As it affects the wall of the digestive tract in a fortifying way, it helps the digestive system to release toxins and unwelcome bacteria. It also supports the growth of digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas and that is not all - it helps the body rid itself of heavy metals.

It is indeed true that an Epsom soak a day can keep the doctor away, provided of course that it is a high quality product bought from a trusted pharmacy or natural health store. That said, beware of cheap Epsom salt from the supermarket down the road, because ironically, it just maybe a storehouse of heavy metals.

Magnesium deficiency and depression

A deficiency in magnesium is known to cause neuropathologies, which is really a complex-sounding name for depression. Depression is a condition characterized by mood swings, low self esteem, a lack of interest in anything and inexplicable sadness. These symptoms can seriously affect the normal functioning of the person and could potentially be alleviated by regular doses of magnesium. The following conditions have shown significant improvement with the regular administration of magnesium as therapy: Traumatic brain injury, headache, suicidal ideation, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, postpartum depression, cocaine, alcohol and tobacco abuse, hypersensitivity to calcium, short-term memory loss and IQ loss, migraines and chronic fatigue. The miraculous effects of Epsom salt make it indispensable to home medicine as it has the potential to stave off many a health condition.

In this renaissance age of the natural healer, and with a little help from nature, we could all be happier, healthier and fit for life.

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About the author:
Nanditha Prasad Ram is a consumer and health journalist and a practicing holistic therapist.
Her blog is available at

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