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7 Ways to help your body detoxify

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(NaturalNews) When you choose to do a cleanse or detox, your goal is to rid the body of as many toxins as possible. Pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, and Candida are all targeted for elimination. A really good detox diet helps to cleanse the digestive tract, the kidneys, the liver, and the gallbladder, followed by the rest of the body. So what other actions can you take to help the process?


Exercise is an important part of any health regime, and it is important during a cleanse or detox as well. Your health should dictate how hard you exercise. Obviously, a radical detox is not the best time to push yourself too hard. The focus is on healing, not fitness.

Your lymphatic system needs movement in order to circulate. Rebounding is great for the lymphatic system. Walk, jump rope, yoga--all are great.

Squats also help detoxify the body. They help stimulate your elimination organs and they produce beneficial hormones.

We release more toxins through our breath than we do through bowel elimination and urination combined. When the blood gets pumping, and we're breathing heavily, the body is flushing itself. Sweating is also great for detoxing. But again, If you are healthy and you exercise vigorously on a regular basis, just listen to your body and take is slowly if need be. And if you're not physically fit, or if you are considerably toxic and unhealthy, be careful.


Don't underestimate this one! Hot and cold hydrotherapy really moves the blood through the body. Heat dilates the vessels, pulling the blood to the surface. Cold does the opposite, constricting the surface vessels and driving the blood deep into the body. Use a shower wand or stand in a shower to alternate hot and cold.

Dry sauna or steam room

A dry sauna or steam room makes you sweat, helping you eliminate toxins through the skin. Sweating is also great for your skin, as it opens your pores allowing dirt and debris to be washed away. Remember to hydrate after sweating. As you detox, you should be drinking large amounts of clean water. A gallon of cranberry lemonade will aid in your detox and re-hydrate your body after sweating. (See link below.)


Massage helps release toxins from the muscles and tissues, oxygenates the tissues, and moves the blood and lymph throughout the body. The movement of the two circulatory systems filters the blood, removing waste products from the cells and aiding the immune system in dealing with pathogens.

Massage can be therapeutic on other levels as well. Deep massage frees up muscles that have become held in place by scar tissue or sheathing after years of poor posture, repetitive movement, injury, or illness. This kind of massage can actually be quite painful, but the results are amazing.

Epsom salts bath

A proper Epsom salt bath pulls toxins from tissues and allows the body to soak up minerals. Make sure that you spend a full 40 minutes in the tub. The first 20 minutes pulls out toxins. In the second 20 minutes, the body soaks up magnesium and sulfates.

Turbocharge any detox with niacin

Niacin (B3) is an inexpensive way to boost the efficacy of a detox. Most doctors recommend starting with 100 mg. I weigh 220 pounds and I took 1,500 mg for three days. Don't take it for more than a few days. Drink lots of fluid (like the cranberry lemonade) and sweat out the toxins. Niacin won't do you much good if you aren't flushing out the junk while you do it. It's powerful. You'll be itchy, hot, and flush red all over. The effects last about an hour. Most people without damaged livers can easily handle 500 mg for a few days.

Cranberry Lemonade

Make a gallon of cranberry lemonade sweetened with stevia. This will help balance the body's PH, flush toxins, detoxify the liver and kidneys, flush all of the glands, and clean the blood.

In conclusion

A cleanse or detox is a wonderful way to aid your immune system in eliminating waste, debris, pathogens, and parasites from the body. Using all available resources in addition to diet, will aid you in a more complete and rapid detox. These tips can also be utilized on a daily basis to help your body detox even when you are not on a specific detoxification regimen. Don't forget garlic! Eat lots of garlic. It detoxifies the body as well.

The most important aspect of a good detox for most people is eliminating excess candida and balancing gut flora. Also check out this protocol, and see the first source for the cranberry lemonade recipe.








About the author:
Allene Edwards first became interested in alternative medicine and holistic treatment modalities when she successfully used diet therapy to manage her children�s ADHD. Later when she became chronically ill with an auto-immune disease that multiple doctors could not identify, much less cure, she successfully treated both the symptoms and the cause through naturopathic treatment and nutrition. She is the Managing Editor of Organic Lifestyle Magzine and a regular contributor.

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