Is the 2008 Election Rigged for Hillary Clinton?

Thursday, January 24, 2008 by: Rami Nagel
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(NaturalNews) Charismatic democratic leader, Barack Obama had a stunning lead going into the New Hampshire primary, with a huge media blitz, and a lot of energy behind him. Then all of a sudden, despite exit polls showing huge leads for Senator Obama, despite no big moves for Hillary Clinton, Senator Obama looses the New Hampshire primary.

Inexplicable Last Minute Win?

The Zogby poll released Tuesday January 8th, 2008, the day of the election, gives Senator Obama a stunning 42% of votes over 29% for Hillary Clinton. The poll states, "Obama's margin over Clinton has opened up. He leads among all groups except women and voters over 65." (

What is of grave concern is that these polls and other similar polls, which usually have a fairly decent margin of accuracy, stating an error rate of plus or minus 3.4%, predicted accurately the outcome of the republican race, for Senator McCain, but were totally inaccurate regarding the votes for only one candidate, Senator Clinton.

Does it surprise you to know that a majority of voting machines in New Hampshire are the infamous, Diebold optical-scan voting systems. Which is "wholly controlled and programmed by a very bad company named LHS Associates." (

"Electronic voting machines count about 87% of the votes cast in America today," reports award winning documentary film Hacking Democracy, which shows among other things how voting machines can be tampered with ( .

During the primary election count, with 63% of the precincts reporting, MSNBC reported Senator Obama still had a solid 3% point lead. Yet when the election tallies were over, rather than staying ahead 3%, Senator Obama fell behind by 3%, a 6% change in just a short period.

Another website ( , compares the hand vote tally, to the machine vote tally in New Hampshire. Assuming that the hand votes represent a non-biased cross section of the state, the hand votes would accurately predict the winner of the election, and should match up to the machine votes representing another random cross section of the state. However this alignment does not exist, it appears that Hillary Clinton gained 5.419% or (15,584 votes) from the machines. Meanwhile, this page estimates that the Diebold voting machines took away votes from Barack Obama (-8,711 votes), John Edwards (-2,437 votes), and Bill Richardson (-3,478 votes) and gave them to Hillary Clinton for the victory. It seems strange that the counties that vote with Diebold machines just happen to significantly prefer Hillary Clinton with 4.5% more votes over Barack Obama. Whereas the counties where the vote is counted by hand, Barack Obama is the winner, giving him a 4% victory over Hillary Clinton.

A Huge Red Flag

A huge red flag came up for me, when I heard a news announcer report that Senator Clinton's comeback was much like former president Clinton's comeback in the 1992 election. The reason being is that part of me has bought into the belief that many presidential candidates, but not all, whether Republican or Democrat, has some ties to private special interest groups that influence how our government runs. If you don't believe me that elite private groups have infiltrated our government for devious means, let me say two words for you, "Iraq War." Which is not so much a war, but now a mass murder, with documented reports of at least 81,000 civilian Iraqi deaths ( and in October, 2006 Lancet medical journal suggested that about 655,000 people had died in Iraq as a result of the 2003 invasion. Our country has also sacrificed approximately 3900 US soldiers in order to create a "democracy" in Iraq. I wonder if the democracy in Iraq comes complete with Diebold voting machines to ensure that nobodies vote will really be counted.

Is A Global Elite Involved?

Independent journalists and authors have noted that in more recent times, candidates who have won the US presidency have had connections with The Council Of Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and The Bilderberg Group.

For example, with the Trilateral Commission:

"President Carter was a member from mid-1973 until his election, President Bush was invited to join in early 1977 after he left the government. He resigned in late 1978, two years before he became Vice President. Richard B. Cheney was a Commission member from 1997 until he became a candidate for the Vice Presidency and resigned in 2000." (

Would it surprise you to learn that Bill Clinton was also a member of the Trilateral Commission?
Perhaps that is all circumstantial, but I can tell you one thing for sure - something rotten is going on here.

Why in our freedom loving country are we using some electronic voting systems that are easily tampered with and created by suspect corporations?

The Power To Change Is Within the People

Outer world injustice only happens because we are all asleep. Too many people choose to be sponges for absorbing media "reports" without reflection. The reports are many times biased and meant to convince the listener of something, rather than to objectively report the facts. And I let myself be so daring as to state it as if it is a fact, that Hillary Clinton's miraculous vote lead, is a clear implication of tampering.

How is it that we have allowed our voting systems in some states to become so suspect? Are there any residents in our country who support using voting machines that can be tampered with? I doubt it. So why does our government allow their use? Let's face it, in some instances the federal and even state government attempts to manipulate the public opinion for the gain of private interests. As a result, rather than a government that listens to and honors the will of the people, we have a government that many times tries to manipulate the people so it can go out and do stupid and harmful things.

The people of this country have a lot of power to make a change, provided that they claim that power and take effective action, which some people do, and most do not. Ordinary people who have a passion can easily make and change laws, and gain the support of the public and convince legislators on the state and federal levels to do good things.

Effective action requires truth, compassion and integrity, it means acting and living with purpose and conviction for what you know is right.

Let's seriously investigate these issues of election fraud so that we can find the people behind it. The evidence is staring us in the face, it only takes an ear to listen to it and recognize it. Somehow, the truth has a way of releasing itself into the world.

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