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Originally published November 4 2015

116-year-old woman eats bacon every day

by Amy Goodrich

(NaturalNews) Could a few slices of bacon a day be the key to a long and happy life? The world's oldest living person, Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, swears by it.

"She'll eat bacon all day long," an aide at the Brooklyn facility where she lives told the New York Post. She even has a sign in her kitchen that reads: "Bacon makes everything better."

Miss Jones turned 116 this July and has been crowned the oldest living person by Guinness World Records. She was born in a small farm town in Alabama and helped her family pick crops until she decided to make her way to the "Big Apple" to settle for a job as a nanny.

Although Miss Jones has been blind for over 15 years now, she still lives on her own at the Vandalia Avenue Houses, where her more than 100 nieces and nephews gladly drop by to help her out.

Is bacon the true key to longevity?

While it is true that her daily breakfast consists of bacon, eggs and grids, her loved ones note that apart from her love of bacon, Miss Jones has always had a clean and healthy lifestyle.

"She never drank, never smoked, never used makeup and never dyed her hair, and lived a very clean life and worked hard," said Lavilla Watson, 83, her oldest niece.

So before we give bacon all the credit, let's first take a look at Miss Jones' life and discover the true key to reaching her blessed age.

Life in the countryside

Miss Jones grew up in rural Alabama where she picked her own fresh fruit and vegetables. While bacon and eggs have always been part of her daily diet, she never came in contact with GMOs, MSG, aspartame, glyphosate or other nasty chemicals which today's modern world seems to unfortunately love so much.

Apart from her daily bacon breakfast, she always has fresh fruits for lunch. For dinner, she usually has meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Her other secret: lots of sleep, positive energy and love from the people around her. She sleeps about 10 hours a night and takes regular naps.

Clean, healthy lifestyle combined with good genes

While the Internet is now touting bacon as the miracle longevity food, Miss Jones never really said it was. Jones herself credits her long life to fresh whole foods, good sleeping habits and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.

And right she is. Although, according to Dr. Thomas Perls, Director of the New England Centenarian Study at Boston Medical Center and Professor of Medicine at Boston University, her healthy habits are not the only thing that helped her stay alive for over a century.

He believes that people who have a chemical-free and whole food diet, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink, and keep their stress levels under control might be able to make it to their eighties or nineties quite easily. But once past that point, Perls believes one's genes play a much bigger role.

"It's around 70 percent genetic and 30 percent environment, in terms of what dictates a person's ability to live to ages like hers," he said.

"By no means should anyone, therefore, think that eating bacon is good for them because [Jones] eats bacon," Perls told Live Science. "It may be that the Guinness World Record holder has been getting away with doing so only because she has genes that make up for her bacon habit", he added.


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