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Why whole food nutrition is superior and the little known reason you need it daily

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In a world ruled by tainted science that has largely aborted logic with its empirical evidence that is contrary to pre-held views or previously defined outcomes, it is a breath of fresh air to listen to the words of a wise man rooted in common sense. Dr. Max Gerson was not only a genius and a humanitarian, he was a man ahead of his time, bent on helping people overcome all kinds of diseases, most notably, cancer.

In these crazy days of rampant disease and quick, man-made solutions, it is especially important to listen to the views of someone like Dr. Gerson who naturally helped people heal all kinds of diseases, so we can gain some sanity in a world dominated by toxic ideas, medicine, and procedures.

The simplicity and power of "untouched" nutrition

Nutrition has certainly gained much more attention today as a basis for healing than the days in which Dr. Max Gerson was practicing, but we still have a long ways to go as we seek to isolate, extract, and supplement different nutrients at the expense of consuming a clean, synergistic, whole foods diet.

Dr. Gerson explains simply, why the shortsightedness of science is a block to true healing:

"As science is not yet developed to the point of knowing all the enzymes, vitamins and many biological functions of hormones and minerals, it is safer to use foods raised, if possible, by an organic gardening process, thus obeying the laws of nature. This observation helped the human race for thousands of years before any science was developed. In this way we bring all known vitamins and enzymes, both the discovered and undiscovered ones, and especially the unknown - "life stimulating substances" - given best as fresh as possible and not damaged by refining or preserving processes, such as canned food. These contain all of the necessary substances in their proper quantity, mixture and composition, and are regulated by instinct, hunger, taste, smell, sight, and other factors."

Dr. Gerson goes on to also say that one can't ignore the necessary vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in their most natural composition and in adequate amounts for a relatively long term and remain unpunished. These minerals need to be in the tissues where they belong as carriers of electric potentials in the cells, and this is where they enable hormones, vitamins, and enzymes to function properly. This provides the body with the appropriate working power and reserves for a sound metabolism and life.

Why adequate daily nutrition is required

Some people may conclude that it is not important to focus so closely on daily adequate nutrition, and they may have a point under "normal" conditions and if that person has not been damaged by heredity, civilization, sickness, trauma, or other toxic accumulations (mental and physical). Unfortunately, very few people operate under these types of pristine conditions and have completely depleted their reserve power of nutrients required for a healthy, full functioning body.

To highlight this stance, experiments were created to produce vitamin deficiencies by removing food containing certain vitamins. Studies showed that one third could be made deficient in about 4 months, and two-thirds in 6 months. Only 5 to 6% resisted 10 months of deficient feeding. These nutritional experiments illustrated that only a small few have a complete intact reabsorption apparatus and have enough adjustment and reserve power, during an unhealthy period of their lives, to stave off disease.

And things have only gotten worse since these experiments were conducted. Toxins have become much more prevalent, and malnourishment is an epidemic. We can't afford to take days and weeks off from proper nutrition, as our back up power has been virtually exhausted!

This is why extremely nutrient dense foods are more important than ever, as well as a properly functioning intestinal system. To take stock of the most nutrient dense superfoods, check out 8 Superfoods That Can Heal Your Entire Body , and to improve the absorption of your intestinal tract, read The Dangers of Intestinal Plaque (Biofilm) and How To Get Rid Of It Naturally. To get more nutrition from whole foods, check out the first source below for a recipe to make your own multivitamin/mineral. For more on Max Gerson, check out the second source.




The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses. Revised and Updated. 2006.

About the author:
Derek Henry took a deadly health challenge that conventional medicine couldn't solve and self-directed a one-in-a-million health journey that found him happier and healthier than he had been in his entire life. As a result of this rewarding journey, he now spends his time writing, coaching, and educating thousands of people each month who want to enjoy similar results under their own direction.

Find out how you can reverse disease and thrive with a holistic approach.

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