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Originally published August 12 2015

Mother Jones is an apologist for criminal harvesting of human baby organs during abortions

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Since videos surfaced showing Planned Parenthood officials obviously negotiating the sale of body parts harvested from aborted babies - for profit - an echo chamber of left-wing media have launched broadsides against the organization that produced them.

The Center for Medical Progress and its director, David Daleidin, spent two-and-a-half years meticulously investigating Planned Parenthood's serial violations of federal law regarding such sales. The organization and its chief have been singled out for particular abuse, but the entire pro-life movement as well has been targeted by an orchestrated - and predictable - propaganda campaign that aims to dissuade Americans from believing their eyes and ears.

So far two videos have been released with more on the way, according to Daleidin. Two things are clear: Yes, the videos released to the public were edited, as critics claim, but only for brevity (both videos in full length can also be viewed on the center's website; Yes, PP officials are clearly discussing the sale of parts for profit, not the price of "shipping and handling" of said parts, which is legal.

And yet publications like Mother Jones, which has never found a conservative, pro-life position it could support, wants its readers to believe that what happened - what is plainly visible and audible on the videos - did not in fact happen.

In this piece, for example, the writer sets up the issue and then asserts that "the political conversation" surrounding the horrific practice "has quickly outpaced the facts" before claiming that the latest revelations are nothing more than another tired, right-wing assault on a woman's right to choose.

"Don't believe your eyes and ears," and, "there's nothing to see here anyway"

To wit:

Planned Parenthood, a 73-year-old organization, has survived annihilation campaigns before. In recent years, it successfully beat back various attempts to cut its federal funding by framing these attacks as part of a "war on women."

Perhaps inadvertently, the writer demonstrates what we are claiming, in that PP's actions now and in the past have been worthy of criticism and condemnation, and that such critique and condemnation can only be countered not with real facts but only with more propaganda.

The writer then compares the current "hit campaign" against Planned Parenthood with "the successful GOP campaign to destroy ACORN, a string of community organizations that advocated for various issues touching low-income families." But it wasn't a Republican (as in elected Republicans) operation; ACORN was done in by conservative activist James O'Keefe who, using undercover operatives and video like the Center for Medical Progress, revealed that ACORN's activities were corrupt and illegal, in particular advising an actor posing as a pimp on how to set up a prostitution ring and avoid the IRS [O'Keefe was later sued by the ACORN worker, who was fired; he settled last year for $100,000].

Serious, honest people know PP was selling parts for profit

Another Mother Jones writer took a different, but also familiar, tact by painting a "nothing to see here" picture in this piece.

Calling the videos "another right-wing nothingburger," Kevin Drum writes:

The video tries to imply that Planned Parenthood is performing illegal abortions and that it's selling fetal tissue for profit, also a felony. But there's not the slightest evidence of either...

In the end, this is just another sad attempt at a sting video that goes nowhere once you get beyond the deceptive editing. It's time for conservatives to find a different toy to manufacture fundraising opportunities for their base.

Despite such denial, especially by a writer who admits that he believes abortion is "morally benign" - there's no wrong to it - any fair and honest viewing of the videos will lead rational people to conclude

-- they do indeed show that the PP officials were negotiating for higher prices for fetal parts (and not so they could cover "shipping costs");

-- that these officials were discussing ways to ensure that such parts would not become damaged during the abortion and harvesting process;

-- and that references by one official saying she wanted "a Lamborghini" sports car and another implying it would be in PP's best interests to downplay what was going on show clearly, concisely and plainly what was going on.

Despite Mother Jones' attempts to play the role of PP apologist.


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