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Originally published August 7 2015

How Planned Parenthood and the vaccine industry sacrifice the lives of children on the altar of medical profits and eugenics

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The barbarous legacy that Planned Parenthood will surely leave behind in the wake of its recent unveiling as a chop-shop for aborted baby profiteering has a match in the vaccine industry, which likewise profits from sacrificing children on the altar of medical quackery founded in eugenics.

Saying that they are advancing public health is just a smokescreen for the true agenda of the vaccine mafia which, like Planned Parenthood, cloaks its evil practices with false narratives about helping women and children, and other such tripe. Both groups more closely resemble a thinly-veiled death cult than they do purveyors of health and family planning, and yet millions of people fall for their ruse daily.

That these two powerful entities get away with murdering babies and young children in the name of promoting the public interest is striking. But perhaps it isn't so much so when you consider the crafty nature of the eugenicists behind these programs who have weaseled their way into such positions through deception and lies.

Though the taxpayer-funded group has repeatedly tried to hide its true nature from public purview, Planned Parenthood is finally being exposed as a cover for organ trade thanks to the brave efforts of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which recently published a series of undercover videos exposing the unconscionable, money-grubbing monsters running the show at Planned Parenthood.

Two eye-opening videos of investigative footage brought to light by CMP, which shows top-level Planned Parenthood executives admitting to selling aborted human baby organs and fetal tissue for profit, are available for view here. Please note that some of the details in the video are graphic.

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Vaccine industry profits from vaccine-induced health conditions that create lifelong Pharma customers

As you'll see in the videos, Planned Parenthood is actively engaged in an illegal organ-trade scheme that generates huge profits for its upper management when unborn babies are murdered in just the right way as to preserve the integrity of their vital organs and tissue. These organs and tissue are then sold to biotechnology companies that pay top-dollar for these human remains.

No matter how this evil group and its corrupt media apologists try to spin the issue, there's no more denying the truth, as evidenced in the undercover footage: Planned Parenthood illegally harvests and sells the remains of murdered unborn babies for profit so that cretins like Dr. Mary Gatter, Planned Parenthood's Medical Directors' Council President, can purchase her Lamborghini.

It's the same thing the vaccine industry does with babies who are already born, injecting them with chemical poisons that stand to permanently impair their natural immunity, or worse: kill them. It happens more often than people think, but the chemical cabal has learned pretty well how to fool most people into thinking that vaccines work, even when they lead to tens of thousands of children suffering serious adverse events.

Their practice is partly about profits -- mandatory vaccinations, after all, especially those subsidized by taxpayers, are highly profitable for vaccine manufacturers -- but it's also about population control and eugenics. The more children that get jabbed, the more customers the pharmaceutical industry will gain as these children develop into adulthood with vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, digestive problems, and other serious health conditions that, in many cases, require a lifetime of "treatment."

For those lower on the medical-industrial totem pole, profits are the low-hanging fruit that are easily plucked through medical trickery like "all vaccines are safe and effective" and "everyone needs to be vaccinated to create herd immunity." Such lies lay the groundwork for mass deceptions like "a woman's right to choose" and "public health through vaccination," which ultimately allow the baby-killers and eugenicists to achieve their sadistic goals with minimal scrutiny.


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