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Originally published March 28 2015

Didn't get autism from a vaccine? That doesn't mean the central nervous system wasn't corrupted

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Are you a survivor? Did you survive the onslaught of THIRTY or more vaccines during the first seven years of your life, and then countless booster shots, flu shots and multiple jabs that are more dangerous than consuming heavy metal toxins daily? Can you still think straight, without shaking, without having seizures or convulsions, and do all of your muscle systems still work properly? Wow. You are SO lucky. Let's talk about what aluminum does to the central nervous system and how Alzheimer's patients are suffering the repercussions of these aluminum injections their whole life.

Let's talk about toxic mercury still contained in vaccines and flu shots, as listed by the CDC on the insert that you're supposed to read before even considering an inoculation of ANY kind. What's coming from that multi-dose vial? What LIVE virus are they injecting into your muscle tissue over and over and over again, without any regard or concern for natural immunity, and your natural defense shields against pathogens, like your saliva, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, pineal gland and more? The medical-industrial complex is making zombies out of humans, and they do it for the money. Did you make it through all of that today, still being able to comprehend what it means to inject formaldehyde -- yes, embalming fluid for the DEAD -- into your arm every time the news blasts some lies about a measles outbreak or some swine flu case they created?

Vaccine corruption

Autism (spectrum) disorder is a behaviorally defined "developmental" disorder that mainstream media enjoys hypothesizing about as being genetic and environmentally caused, but it seems lately, with all the whistleblowing going on in the CDC, that it's driven by infection, viral triggers and heavy metal toxins delivered by none other than... wait for it... inoculations. This direct infection of the CNS -- the central nervous system -- is caused by an alteration of the immune response system which virtually goes into "shock" from too many toxic vaccines too close together and in multiple viral combinations that go totally untested for safety. America loves to check the science behind everything, except for vaccines, that is. Nobody anywhere wants to hear that vaccines are loaded with toxins that cause ASD, autism spectrum disorder. Nobody wants to check to see that there's NO SCIENCE proving vaccines are safe, and that the CDC even prints on the insert that the vaccines aren't proven to help. Only last year, the Health Ranger himself tested the flu vaccine FluLaval in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, and he found high levels of mercury and aluminum, enough to make your nervous system cringe just thinking about it.

Viral infections and heavy metal toxins could be the NUMBER ONE cause of autism, be it through direct infection from combinations of live viruses that are unpredictable and come in many jabs, like the MMR and MMR II with varicella (chicken pox). Top scientists will tell you that the CDC cannot control or predict these viruses as they work in tandem to destroy immunity and infect human blood and tissue.

Mainstream science even tries to blame herpes virus for autism. Just name anything but vaccines -- that's the method of operation in the fake news and "peer-reviewed" papers. Plus, the vaccine industry has their own court of law, a slush fund for injury payoffs, and total immunity from their own faked research, fraud, unethical behavior and violent retaliations, not to mention the disabilities and disorders (and death) people suffer from their toxic medicine.

There is recourse for vaccine corruption. Find out what's in them, why people who get them still get the very diseases they're supposed to prevent, and find out how TRUE immunity is built and maintained with oil of oregano, medicinal organic mushrooms, garlic and licorice root. Check out herbal cures from around the world that have worked for millennia!


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