#5) Medicinal Mushrooms are a first line of defense for cancer, heart disease, and just plain immunity - it's time to investigate Chaga and Reishi
by S.D. Wells
Certain mushrooms grow out of the bark of trees. They absorb all the nutrients from the tree that the tree itself got from the soil, and that's what you get - one of the highest forms of nutrition known to mankind - or NOT known, if you live in the USA.

And so goes the saga for cancer victims. They "march for the cure" and they "walk for the cure." Everybody's looking for the cure, but that's just a search for your "core." The shining star of good health lives in what you eat.

Chaga Mushrooms are an anti-cancer fungus that grow on birch trees and are potent thanks to a high concentration of betulinic acid, which is toxic to cancer cells! http://www.naturalnews.com/036974_chaga_mushroom_anti-cancer_tonic.html

Reishi Mushrooms are known to flush excess calcium out of the body's system, so why would any doctor recommend calcium channel blockers, with all their side effects and long term dangers? http://www.naturalnews.com/033733_Raynauds_Phenomenon_causes.html

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