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Originally published March 14 2015

Vaccine pushers insist organics are useless, chemicals are safe, and fluoride is awesome

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The great measles false flag of 2015 is bringing out the worst in pro-vaccine fanatics, many of whom have taken to the airwaves, social media, websites, and newsprint with militant rantings about why everyone should get vaccinated. But rather than present any actual science to support their verbal discharges, many of these vaccine worshippers have gone off the tracks completely with tangential tirades about organic food being useless, deadly chemicals being safe to eat and fluoride being an awesome substance for children to consume.

Jennifer Hibben-White, the infamous "angry as hell" mother from Toronto who took to Facebook in early February to berate all of her friends and followers who oppose or even question vaccines, displayed what can only be described as severe mental derangement when she began going off about how people who avoid antibiotics and eat organic aren't helping or protecting their children. In Jennifer's world, it is she and other vaccinating mothers with gargantuan chips on their shoulders who are protecting the world from infectious disease.

This same nutcase proceeded to blame all non-vaccinators for potentially infecting her 15-month-old son with measles, even though the boy hadn't even been diagnosed with measles. In Jennifer's world, preemptively blaming the anti-vaxxer bogeyman for maybe, at some point in the future (possibly?) infecting her child with a mild infectious disease warrants making certifiably psychotic statements such as the following:

You think you are protecting them by letting them eat their shovel full of dirt and reducing antibiotics and eating organic? You aren't. As an unvaccinated person you are only protected by our good graces. WE LET YOU BE SO PRIVILEGED thanks to our willingness to vaccinate ourselves and our children.

Quite possibly vaccine-damaged herself, Jennifer also nonsensically blames anti-vaxxers for the death of her daughter, even though the girl admittedly died from a condition for which there isn't even a vaccine (which Jennifer admits in her rant!). As tragic as this young girl's death truly is, the lunacy of people like Jennifer who've clearly lost all ability to reason and process information logically is highly disconcerting, because these are the types of people that are fueling the fire to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

"Skeptics" and other educated ignorants hawk pesticide-laden foods and toxic fluoride

Then there's the "skeptics" crowd, which represents the types of people whom you'd rather suffer through scarfing down a bowl of glyphosate-drenched Froot Loops than have to talk to at a social gathering. These are the arrogant academics, often with multiple titles that they repeatedly make sure you're aware exist following their birth names, that unequivocally mock all things natural, including organic food that hasn't been sprayed with life-destroying chemicals.

One skeptics blog that claims to have a corner on all things science-based says organic food, which is grown the way food was always grown prior to the Industrial Revolution (when for-profit chemical companies seized control over agriculture), is of no real use to humanity. This same blog worships both genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and vaccines, though, the two holy grails of science-based "schizomedicine."

The issue of fluoride is also being thrown into the conversation as some kind of evidence that anti-vaxxers are just chain-email-reading, Jenny McCarthy-emulating, "the world is flat"-believing luddites. One biased and overtly inflammatory op-ed piece refers to parents who choose not to vaccinate as: [who] were mostly limited to the paranoid fringe of the ultra-right -- the John Birch types who fought fluoridation of water in the 1950s.

No science, no evidence, no calm and collected reason -- just name-calling, stereotypes and explicit hatred towards anyone who thinks for themselves in this modern age of groupthink, consensus and compliance with whatever the "authorities" declare to be true.

And these are the types of people attempting to eliminate your medical freedom, friends.


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