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Originally published November 26 2014

Do you need cigarettes just to get by?

by S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) If you smoke, you know good and well all those times when you've simply "got to have a cigarette." Do any of these sound familiar? - After a meal, after lovemaking, before an interview, after an interview, upon waking up in the morning, at the bar, before work, after work, to break up long work shifts, when someone else is smoking your brand next to you, at a picnic, when you're around large crowds, at a concert, right after something stressful happens, before and after a movie at the theater, after you do something physically strenuous, and of course, when you have a hangover.

But what really happens when you smoke? Physiologically, the nicotine temporarily relieves you of your chemical "hangover" or your "stress," all while infusing 7,000 more chemicals into your heart, brain and central nervous system. Some people take short and fast drags to get some "pep." Other smokers take long, slow drags to calm themselves down. What most people don't know is the true history of Big Tobacco using ammonia to freebase nicotine in order to make the addiction even stronger. Way stronger. Nicotine is so juiced up in cigarettes now and enters the body as a vapor, and therefore hits the heart and brain within three seconds. No wonder people will only smoke "their" brand. Excuses and more excuses abound! So whatever the reason for smoking, and there are dozens, the end result is a need for another cigarette, or so you would think.

Do you ever feel so desperate that it seems nobody and nothing can "bail you out" or "save you" from the current nightmarish situation? Everyone does sometimes. What do nonsmokers do to handle the same situations? How do they "rev-up" or "calm-down" without that "nic-fix" (nicotine as a vapor drug fix)? People become emotionally and psychologically so worked up over situations they don't believe they have control anymore, and a cigarette takes them to a place where they can cope, at least for a few minutes, that is.

Most people have NO CLUE they can raise their own dopamine and serotonin levels (natural hormones) using legumes and root powders like mucuna and maca. Smokers have no clue they can alkalize their bodies with kale and boost their "feel-good" hormones with food. They won't be told by MDs either about Superfoods, because that's not "medicine." Oh, but a prescription medication that has side effects of depression and thoughts of suicide - that's approved by the FDA!

People live their whole lives in desperation, addicted to junk science, junk medications and cigarettes. They suffer year after year consuming diet sodas, microwave foods and artificial sweeteners, not knowing aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) attack the central nervous system, adding to chaos of feeling worried, anxious, and a constant lack of confidence.

Could it all be hinged on those damn cigarettes? Is it true that a smoker who smokes for decades and ends up battling cancer for years at the end spends an average of $500,000 on the whole miserable venture? Maybe it only costs $200 per month now, but what's in store for the desperate? What if the economy caves in on itself due to senseless wars, the fake war on drugs, and the mass deflation of the dollar from politicians printing money at will? Let's consider.

If you smoke, where will you find cigarettes after the economic collapse?

Sounds a little "overblown" but it could happen starting tomorrow. If a nuclear plant in America melts down, like Fukushima in Japan is right now, chaos could ensue. If Ebola breaks out in a couple major cities, economic chaos could ensue within 48 hours. Period. If a meteor strikes earth or North Korea sets off an EMP "bomb" (electromagnetic pulse), the US power grid could be crippled, sending all ATMs, computers, stores and banks into darkness (incapable of normal functioning), and the cost of all goods would skyrocket overnight, especially unnecessary goods not reliant on survival. Commerce would come to a complete stand still, and bartering may be the only means of getting what you need for a few months. Do you need cigarettes to survive? That is the question.

Quit smoking. Become self-reliant and self-sufficient. Get your body cleansed of the 7,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes and start exercising. Longevity is on your horizon. Take advantage of it.

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