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Originally published January 27 2015

Former Forbes writer accuses Consumer Reports of being "radical" for revealing GMO ingredients (UPDATE)

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A recent issue of Consumer Reports (CR) discussing the popularity of processed milk alternatives, and whether or not people should drink them, has drawn the infamous pro-GMO serpent Jon Entine from the depths. The Monsanto-affiliated former shill writer for Forbes spewed a real mouthful in a recent rant, lamenting CR's decision to warn its readers about the possible presence of genetically modified (GM) soybean derivatives in commercial soy milk products.

The self-proclaimed science expert, who was exposed last fall for physically abusing his wife and daughter, murmured extensively on Forbes about CR's betrayal of his personal -- and verifiably financially-motivated -- opinions about GMOs, declaring the consumer advocacy group to have lost its credibility.

Entine goes on violent rant against Consumer Reports for merely informing readership about presence of GMOs in milk alternatives

The CR report, which highlights test results showing that some milk alternatives contain heavy metals such as arsenic, for instance, notes in the soy milk category that "most soybeans are grown from genetically modified seeds," which is inarguably true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Economic Research Service (ERS) openly admits that, as per the latest data released in 2014, upwards of 94 percent of all soybeans grown in the U.S. today are GMO.

Entine doesn't take issue with this particular statement as much as he does with what comes after -- an urging by CR to basically avoid these transgenic poisons. Immediately following the information tidbit, CR warns its readers who drink processed soy milk to look for brands that contain the USDA organic seal or the non-GMO verified label, a warranted suggestion in light of the fact that herbicide-tolerant GM soybeans have been linked to decreased fertility, reduced body weight and increased mortality, not to mention thyroid suppression, endocrine disruption and breast cancer in women, among other dangers.

Entine ignores all of this, of course, instead resorting to blatant ad hominem attacks against anyone who dares question the safety of a for-profit, nature-pirated agricultural process that provides absolutely no benefits for consumers. He also repeatedly berates CR for even mentioning GMOs as a factor that consumers might want to know about when deciding which milk alternatives to purchase for their families.

This is typical of the pro-GMO crowd, and especially bought-and-paid-for shills like Entine who consistently demonstrate that they're nothing but industry pimps and liars whose job it is to intentionally mislead the public on issues of importance to the corporate elite -- in this case, a high-profit, high-control technology that has never been shown safe and that concentrates power and wealth into the hands of a few.

Entine insanity: Organics are dangerous! (And other ridiculous claims)

The utter insanity of Entine's thought process is further demonstrated in baseless claims about organic products having "a higher risk of pathogen contamination," for instance, or organic soybeans promoting slave labor. Such lunatic statements are completely made up, and Entine must know this. That, or he's a categorical psychopath who's lost his bearing on reality.

Whatever the case, the man is exposing himself as a total fraud -- and an unhinged one at that. We've repeatedly warned our own readers about his deranged behavior, including in a five-part investigation penned by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, the first part of which is accessible here.

A full outline of the dangerous character that is Jon Entine can be accessed here:

[Update: Since publishing this story, has confirmed with Natural News that Jon Entine has been fired from the organization. Natural News received an email from Forbes stating: "Jon Entine is no longer a writer with Forbes." This article has been updated to reflect Entine's termination.]


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