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Originally published March 15 2013

Seven powerful therapeutic uses of apple cider vinegar

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is gaining popularity as a beneficial contributor to good health that could and should be used daily. However, distilled ACV won't do anything for your health. There are a few good brands available. Bragg's is the most well known brand, but there are others.

Here's what to look for on ACV labels: Organic, raw or unpasteurized, unfiltered, and containing the "mother." The mother in ACV is noticeable as a cloudiness or cobweb appearance throughout the liquid and usually with sediment collected at the bottom of the bottle.

The mother is a visible collection of nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria resulting from the dual fermentation process that is not spoiled by pasteurization. Pasteurized foods are dead foods. Raw, organic ACV is a live food with many benefits. Don't settle for any other type of ACV.

You may want to use raw, organic ACV on salads. But if you prefer the flavors of other vinegars for garnishing, adding approximately one tablespoon full of raw, organic ACV mixed into a half-cup of pure water is recommended by many as a tonic before meals to enhance digestion.

Since some of the mother lies at the bottom of the bottle, it's wise to shake the bottle well before pouring. That same tonic can be used at other times for other health conditions or maladies.

Seven reasons to use organic raw ACV

(1) A September 2007 Japanese study abstract "Generation of antitumor active neutral medium-sized alpha-glycan in apple vinegar fermentation" reported anti-tumor activity in mice. Here's an excerpt from that study:

We studied the biological functions of apple vinegar produced from crushed apples, and found that the constituent neutral medium-sized alpha-glycan (NMalphaG) acts as an antitumor agent against experimental mouse tumors.

(2)Organic, raw ACV can help prevent or eliminate bladder and urinary tract infections.

(3) ACV helps break down fats so they can be used for energy instead of being stored as either unsightly subcutaneous or dangerously unhealthy visceral fat. Some weight loss diets incorporate ACV.

(4) Due to its acetic acid content, ACV helps reduce glucose level spikes with high glycemic starchy foods. It's been shown to improve stability among among those predisposed to Type II diabetes with insulin resistance or sensitivity.

An Arizona State University study "Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity to a High-Carbohydrate Meal in Subjects With Insulin Resistance or Type II diabetes" was published in the January 2004 issue of Diabetes Care.

The researchers concluded: "Further investigations to examine the efficacy of vinegar as an antidiabetic therapy are warranted."

(5) A double strength dose of the ACV tonic described above is suitable for replacing toxic heartburn medications after meals.

(6) Raw, organic ACV helps maintain an alkaline pH. Similar to lemons and limes that are considered acidic, ACV works the pH buffer system into a more alkaline pH.

You can make a sipping drink with ACV for alkalizing. Mix a pint of pure water with two tablespoons of organic, raw ACV and some local raw honey. Sip throughout the day, but don't forget to shake it up before each small drink to keep the mother awake.

(7) The malic acid in ACV has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. So that mealtime tonic will can prevent food poisoning or parasite invasion. Protect yourself with organic, raw ACV with you when you eat in third world or developing countries.

Besides enzymes and malic and acetic acids, ACV contains significant amounts of pectin, potassium, calcium, and ash, which gives ACV its alkalizing properties.

Organic, raw apple cider vinegar is sold in all health food stores. It's a little pricier than distilled vinegars, but very worthwhile to have and use often.

You may find more reasons than the seven listed here in the sources below.

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