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Originally published August 25 2011

How to read your own blood tests for optimal health

by Christina Luisa

(NaturalNews) Are you one of the many people that have the challenge of never being able to identify what your true health issues are, so you try your best to treat yourself through guesswork, without knowing for sure?

With the help of Dr. Williams and Kevin Gianni, NaturalNews has compiled a series of audio and PDF files into a comprehensive course that will help you identify your optimal blood levels and give you total control over your ideal health.

Blood testing, when done and analyzed properly, can be your best ally in determining the right diet, the best supplements and the perfect health for YOU as an individual. The method and information offered in this course on reading your own blood tests can help you overcome your most difficult diet and natural health challenges.

Our downloadable course contains 4 hours of audio lessons, complete with full transcripts in a PDF e-book and a worksheet that shows the difference between lab levels and optimal levels for over 100 health markers.

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Dr. Williams and his effective protocol

Dr. Williams, OMD, is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, quality of life, and longevity that has been practicing natural health for over 30 years. He has authored five books and more than 200 articles on various health-related topics, some of which have been acclaimed by big names in natural health such as Dr. Michael Murray. Dr. Williams is also an international lecturer and educator and pulls his knowledge and clinical experience from over 100,000 patient visits.

Dr. Williams' proprietary process of testing the body through blood and other types of testing allows you to methodically identify exactly what needs adjustment. You can easily conquer unknown nutritional deficiencies, discover the root of obscure and troublesome symptoms, or even just learn how you can go from great health to outstanding health.

The course is packed full of helpful knowledge on how proper analysis of blood and medical testing will allow you to reach your most optimal health ever. You will be able to determine this depending on your current health, lifestyle, diet, sex, deficiencies, age, toxin and parasite exposures, and more.

Not to mention the money you save in the long-run is significant, because this testing protocol will help you conclude which foods and supplements you really need -- not the ones you think you may need, or the supplements someone else wants to sell you.

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The program we've developed is not only for individuals and patients, but for practitioners who want to better understand the difference between normal lab levels and optimal health levels in the complete blood profile (CBC) and other important tests.

Lab levels and optimal levels are actually extremely different in some cases, and this difference can help determine more specifically what health obstacles and issues or deficiencies you may be dealing with. It is crucial for you to identify your own levels of body chemistry and nutrients so that you can get ahead of and control deficiencies and other problems before they become illness or disease.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to learn from the program:

• How take control of your health by understanding optimal levels of blood testing.

• What the optimal levels are for many of the most deficient vitamins and minerals such Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and more.

• Why not all lab levels are equal, and how to interpret the difference between lab levels and true health levels.

• How to test for your EFAs

• What specific tests you should take if you are vegan, vegetarian or have other special dietary needs.

• The right tests to take for your age and sex.

• The negative ways in which low cholesterol could affect your health

• Specific tests to help identify markers of fibromyalgia, hormonal issues, low energy, chronic fatigue, candida, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue and more.

• Where you can get blood and other tests for less money.

• The best way to test for parasites and worms.

• The real reason you need to test your body.

• The best source of Essential Fatty Acids, including the best plant-based source

And much more...

This course is available through NaturalNews.TV at:

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