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Originally published April 7 2011

Shilajit - Find strength, stamina and stress relief

by Alex Malinsky aka RawGuru

(NaturalNews) There is no curable disease in the universe that cannot be cured by Shilajitu, according to the ancient Indian text Charaka Samhita. In historic India, through the country's Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, Shilajit was used as treatment for diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, heart disease, anemia, anxiety, ulcers, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy and jaundice.

Modern uses of Shilajit (also known as Shilajotu, Mumiyo, Mumie, Momia, Asphaltum and Mineral Wax) in traditional western medicine coincide with Shilajit's historic usage, since contemporary research has confirmed many of the traditional uses.

Shilajit is a rasayana material, i.e. Indian Sanskrit word for elixir, chemistry or path of the juice, and also an adaptogen (something which strengthens, builds stamina and provides stress relief). In other words, Shilajit is said to return the human body to its normal, balanced state.

What is Shilajit?

Researchers provide different theories about what Shilajit is exactly. One theory states that Shilajit is the residue of plants, high in resin and latex, which had been degraded by bacteria or fungus. Another theory states it is the end result of rocks and soil broken down by mosses and liverworts.

What is known for certain is that Shilajit is a unique tar-like substance, which oozes from cracks in rocks upon high mountainous regions - especially in India, Tibet, Nepal, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Kashmir - during hot weather. Of all the mountainous regions where Shilajit is found, the Himalayas provide Shilajit with the best medicinal composition.

Shilajit is made up of humus, a variety of minerals, di-benzoalphapyrones, and fulvic, humic, benzoic, and hippuric organic acids. The substance has adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypoglycemic, immunomodulator, antiulcerogenic, and anti-allergic properties.

Who Might Buy Shilajit Supplements?

People interested in toning, cleansing and rejuvenating their urinary tracts and reproductive organs, in promoting vitality and strength, and in boosting immunity should check into Shilajit capsules, tablets or extract powders.

Since Shilajit is rich in organic acids, people wishing to increase bone density, build muscle, increase metabolism and stamina, or improve brain function, circulation, and digestion may want to try Shilajit supplements.

Natural health food stores also sell Shilajit for those seeking to decrease inflammation in the body, as well as helping people to manage anemia, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, edema, depression, and mental stress.

Consumers seeking to look and feel younger also take Shilajit supplements, as the Indians believed the herbal remedy possessed anti-aging qualities. Indeed, according to famous Indian legends, Shilajit was seen as a youth serum or nectar from God, which helps all who consume it to obtain immortality.

Beware the Ozokerite

Ozokerite is a substance which looks like Shilajit; however, Ozokerite has no medicinal properties. Some supplement companies attempt to sell the cheaper, much less beneficial Ozokerite, claiming they are selling Shilajit. In fact, Ozokerite is a substance used in cosmetics and does not provide the health benefits of Shilajit. Real Shilajit is of a consistency which melts in the hand; Ozokerite melts at over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


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