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Originally published March 31 2010

Superfood Cereals: A review of the most delicious and nutritious superfoods for morning meals

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I grew up eating a lot of cereal. Sadly, it wasn't the healthiest stuff, either: Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and other sugary processed foods drowned in pasteurized, processed cow's milk. Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived my childhood diet...

Even as a health-conscious adult, I still find myself enjoying a bowl of healthy cereal, but of course now I use almond milk or sometimes rice milk instead of cow's milk.

As far as the cereal itself goes, finding a really nutritious and delicious breakfast cereal has been a challenge for a number of years: The mainstream so-called "healthy" processed cereals at the grocery store are all dead, processed foods usually made with extra fiber, less sugar or whole grains -- just enough to call them "healthy" when, by my standards, they aren't very healthy at all. Even most so-called "all natural" cereals still don't meet the standards of what I'd like to put into my body on a regular basis.

So over the last several years, I've been on the lookout for a really high-end, raw breakfast cereal based entirely on organic, non-GMO superfood ingredients. I've sampled many different products from dozens of companies, and there are now three that I would recommend. You'll see all three mentioned here, but my very favorite among all the raw superfood cereals is called, quite simply, Superfood Cereal.

Superfood Cereals

It's made by a company called Living Intentions based in San Francisco, and it's available in four flavors: Acai Blueberry, Cacao Crunch, Chia Ginger and Hemp & Greens. You can find many of these in your local health food stores. We also now carry them in the Natural News store at

These cereals are really outstanding. They have a delicious taste and texture, but without resorting to refined or chemical sweeteners of any kind. They're all based on organic buckwheat sprouts as their No. 1 ingredient, and if you know about buckwheat, you know it's a super high-protein grain that transforms into a nutritional powerhouse when sprouted! I've often made my own raw buckwheat cereals at home, and I love the fact that I can now get buckwheat in these superfood cereals.

The other ingredients are just as impressive: Chia seeds, amaranth sprouts, quinoa sprouts, Hawthorn Berry and many others that are just as impressive.

At the same time, these characteristics of the cereal are quite remarkable. All Superfood Cereals are:

• Sprouted
• Gluten free
• Dairy free
• Nut free
• Non-GMO
• Raw

And it goes without saying that they're not made with refined sugars, refined grains, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners of any kind!

Pick some up right now at the NaturalNews Store:

Superfoods for breakfast? Sure!

Breakfast, they say, is the most important meal of the day. The average American breakfast is far too high in processed meats (sausage and bacon), dairy products (milk and butter) and refined sugars and carbs (white toast, jelly and sugary cereals). A typical American breakfast, in fact, is little more than a hodge-podge of refined factory foods enhanced with toxic chemicals and artificial colors. I wouldn't feed that stuff to an animal, much less my own children!

Can you imagine what kind of difference it would make in someone's day if they switched from a toxic "average" breakfast to a superfood breakfast? Imagine going to work or school fueled by raw superfoods and sprouted foods that just happen to taste super delicious at the same time.

Personally, I believe that a nutrient-dense breakfast that avoids all the toxic chemicals and refined ingredients found in traditional breakfast habits can make all the difference in your day. There's no doubt that people who live on real foods rather than junk foods have improved learning performance, better sustained energy and improved moods and optimism. That's why one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when deciding what to eat is, "How good do I wish to feel today?"

If you want to feel fantastic, start your day with superfoods nutrition!

What's in it

Superfood Cereal is hands down the best raw superfood breakfast cereal I've ever tried. And as you well know by now, I'm extremely picky about what kinds of things I advocate or offer, and I'm thrilled to call these Superfood Cereals "Health Ranger recommended." In fact, when award time rolls around again, I plan on offering this cereal line a Natural News Editor's Choice award.

Their ingredients are really impressive, too. Here's what's in their Acai Blueberry flavor:

Organic Buckwheat Sprouts, Organic Coconut, Local Blackberry Honey, Organic Currants, Raw Brown Rice Bran & Germ (grain-free), Organic Sunflower Sprouts, Organic Banana, Berry Antioxidant Blend (Organic Blueberry Powder, Organic Acai Powder, Bilberry Powder, Camu Camu Fruit Powder, Elderberry Powder and Amla Berry Powder) and Pink Crystal Salt.

Compare this to the typical breakfast cereals you find on the shelves -- even "healthy" cereals: They're typically made almost entirely from corn, wheat and sugar. And a lot of that is genetically modified, too (both the corn and the sugar). I don't know about you, but I'm just not interested in fattening myself up like a cow by feeding myself corn and sugar for breakfast.

Check the ingredients on the cereal in your own cupboard, if you dare. You may find that far too much of it is just corn, wheat and sugar.

That's why I'm happy to talk about these healthier options that are based on truly healthful, gluten-free formulations. And Superfood Cereal tastes so incredibly good that you'll probably forget you're eating a "healthy" breakfast cereal in the first place.

Other great cereal products

There are two other highly nutritious raw breakfast cereal products I also currently recommend: Ruth's Foods Chia Goodness ( and the entire cereal line from Kaia Foods ( Both are outstanding products that are also aligned with my philosophy of healthful food ingredients.

I plan to review and recommend many of Ruth's Foods products in the near future, in fact. Her Chia Goodness is also available at the NaturalNews Store (, but it's more of a plain cereal for the true hard-core raw foodies. I'll share more details on this product later.

Enjoy your superfood breakfast cereals!

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