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Originally published January 27 2010

Organic chia seeds available from Natural News

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Organic chia seeds are back! They've been almost impossible to find for the past year due to a wave of global crop failures caused by floods and drought. These crop failures, coupled with increasing awareness and demand for chia seeds, has caused chia supplies to dwindle while prices tripled.

In the midst of this global scarcity, Natural News has been able to acquire a shipping container load of premium quality, certified USDA organic chia seeds from Argentina! These organic chia seeds are RAW and were freshly packed by Nutiva in just the past two weeks. They're labeled with a two-year shelf life, but in reality chia seeds will typically last much longer if kept dry and cool. Expect a 5+ year shelf life if refrigerated.

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High oil content, rich in omega-3s

Why are chia seeds such a powerful superfood? For starters, they're rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Everybody knows that omega-3s are amazing for your health, and while fish oils can be a great way to increase omega-3 intake, many people don't trust the quality of fish or don't want an animal source of omega-3s.

Chia seeds are a perfect food: They not only deliver omega-3s, they also absorb water to form a kind of "tapioca gel" that slows the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars. Chia turns fast-burning food into "slow" food (in terms of the effective glycemic index), making it the perfect superfood for anyone concerned about blood sugar*.

On top of that, chia delivers:

• More PROTEIN than wheat
• Better TASTE than flaxseed
• Zinc, magnesium, calcium and other plant-based minerals
• Niacin and folic acid
• Antioxidants
• Fiber

Plus, ground chia has a long shelf life compared to ground flax (which oxidizes quickly).

Chia seeds are the perfect survival food

Because of all these qualities, chia seeds are the perfect choice for survival and preparedness. They have a long shelf life, high oil content, high protein and a neutral taste that goes with almost anything.

You can add chia to soups, salads, cereals, granola mixes, pasta sauces and even lasagna. It works in smoothies, pancake mixes, breads, beverages, scrambled eggs, chili and just about anything you can imagine. You can even feed it to your backyard chickens to raise the omega-3 content of their eggs!

Chia makes all your other stored foods stretch further and pack more nutrition. It's the "add on" storable superfood that expands and extends your survivability in a food shortage or crisis. (Hurricane Sandy, anyone?)

You don't even need heat to cook it. Just add water, let it soak, and you have a "chia gel" that you can use for all kinds of purposes. In a pinch, just add organic coconut sugar to a glass of chia gel water, and you have a deliciously healthy snack beverage any time of day!

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Why organic chia?

I've been trying to source chia seeds for several months, and in doing so, I've heard a lot of conflicting information on the use of pesticides with chia seeds. One person told me "chia grows like weeds and needs no pesticides" and that the organic certification is sort of a joke. Another person told me chia is "one of the most chemically-sprayed crops in production today" and that they would never even touch chia unless it were certified organic.

I haven't investigated this well enough to know the truth on this point, so to be safe I'm sourcing organic chia that's USDA certified organic. This means it absolutely has not been sprayed with any chemical pesticides or herbicides whatsoever. You can find "chemical-free" chia elsewhere for less money, but it's not certified by anybody, and we don't sell it.

Certified organic chia seeds typically sell for as high as $12.50 for a 12-oz. bag, but through our very large purchase, we've been able to make them available at a significant discount from that price (see below).

Plus, most orders of chia seeds SHIP FREE in the continental USA. Just order $99 or more from the Natural News Store, and you pay no shipping. That makes this chia seed special an incredible value that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

Get chia now will supplies last

I've been told chia is right now experiencing a short-term surge in supply but that it may return to short supply once again by January. There are a lot of factors in all this, of course, and I don't have a crystal ball so I can't predict the future of chia seeds.

What I do know is that we've got a large number of pallets of these USDA organic chia seeds which have just arrived in our warehouse, and the pallets are stacked six feet tall with chia, each pallet weighing 740 pounds.

Each 12 oz. bag was packed by Nutiva in a resealable stand-up pouch. Recipes are printed on the back of the package. Each package is labeled with its "Packed on" date and "Best Before" date. You will see that all of these were packaged in just the past few weeks. Like I said, this is FRESH chia seed that has just arrived from Argentina!

I also know these chia seeds will sell out very quickly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the "superstorm" that has suddenly reminded everyone to prepare with extra food. The one thing that's on everybody's mind right now is preparedness for the unexpected. To store these chia seeds for the long term, simply pack these 12 oz. bags into a 5-gallon bucket and seal the lid. No other treatment is necessary, as these 12 oz. bags are already air tight by themselves.

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Affordable superfood nutrition

At the prices we're able to offer you on this certified organic chia, you're able to pick it up at significantly less than a dollar an ounce. Further price breaks are offered when you buy quantities of 3 and 7.

This is an exceptional price for long-term storable superfood offering high-density nutrition and an excellent nutritional profile. Many green superfoods cost 300% to 400% more on a per-ounce basis. Sure, you need some of those too, but if you're really looking to stretch your dollars with storable organic superfoods, chia seeds should be at the top of your list.

Order today and we can have it shipped out within 1-2 business days. Most orders within the USA ship out via Priority Mail, arriving at your home within 2-3 business days after being shipped.

You will absolutely love the quality, the taste, texture and storability of this superfood. I've been writing about chia for at least eight years, and this is the first time we've ever offered it to our readers. So stock up while we've got it, because we seem to be selling out of everything we can get our hands on these days. (I promise to do our best to keep this in stock, but a lot of that depends on Mother Nature and the global weather changes...)

And by the way, I have a lot of non-organic chia seeds stored up for my own emergency food supply. But now that this organic chia has arrived, I'm replacing all my stock and feeding all the non-organic chia to my chickens and goats. They will love it!

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