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Originally published January 25 2010

Shorty Awards continues discredited contest, allows hate speech from jackals who attack natural medicine

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) It's been two days since the Shorty Awards fraudulently deleted the votes from all NaturalNews readers and deleted the Health Ranger as a candidate in the health category. Dr. Joseph Mercola is now in the position as the most likely candidate to potentially beat the vaccine-pushing nominee and her supporters who have resorted to some of the most vile hate speech you've ever seen on the 'net.

As I once was, Dr. Mercola is now being defamed, slandered and attacked with utterly false accusations in the voting contest -- and the Shorty Awards continues to allow all this! The dishonorable individuals from the vaccine-pushing camp are now accusing Mercola of voting fraud, trying to get him kicked out of the contest in the same way they managed to get me kicked off. I know for a fact that the accusations being leveled against Mercola are entirely false. I also know this kind of cheating is very typical behavior from vaccine pushers.

Dr. Mercola explained the situation himself in a Facebook post, "An arrogant group of science bloggers that have vilified me for the past few years have started a campaign to have an Australian shill to win a health award on Twitter. This overweight non-physician has arrogantly bashed nearly every alternative therapy and encourages reliance on drugs."

That's why NaturalNews continues to support Dr. Mercola to win the health category. Please vote for Dr. Mercola right now at:

This is a vote for health freedom. It is a vote against the vaccine-pushers who are the enemies of health and advocates of drugs, chemotherapy and vaccines.

The Shorty Awards fraud explained

If you look at the false claims of vote fraud from the vaccine-pushing opposition, it's all quite hilarious. They accused myself and Dr. Mercola of "breaking the rules" simply because many of our supporters wanted to vote for us so badly that they created their own new Twitter accounts so they could vote!

According to the Shorty Awards rules, votes from newly-created Twitter accounts won't be counted. No problem there. We agree with the rule. Take all the votes for a candidate and simply discount any votes from newly-created Twitter accounts.

But what the Shorty Awards did to myself and NaturalNews readers is they deleted ALL our votes, including legitimate votes from existing Twitter accounts, just because some other people created, on their own, new Twitter accounts out of a desire to try to participate. According to Shorty Awards rules, these votes would simply ignored. This is NOT grounds for removing a candidate and deleting all the votes for a particular candidate.

We've done a little investigation here at NaturalNews, and we've found that virtually all the top nominees in every category of the Shorty Awards have received multiple votes from newly-created Twitter accounts, and this includes the #1 nominee in the health category right now, the shill from Australia who is being fronted by vaccine pushers who mostly don't even know who she is.

What the Shorty Awards has done is selectively decided to disqualify only the Health Ranger for votes that have been cast for EVERY nominee in the top five. And that's where their fraud comes into play. As the organizers of an award contest, they have a professional obligation to apply their rules in a fair and consistent way. This is what they failed to do, and this is why the news about the Shorty Awards losing credibility is now spreading like wildfire across the 'net.

And now -- this gets even better -- these people are creating new accounts on Facebook, then posting violent rantings on my Facebook page while complaining to Facebook to have our account removed for "promoting violence." They are the ones promoting the violence, of course.

You can probably tell by now that these jackals are front-men for Big Pharma. I've seen this behavior enough to know exactly who is behind this: The drug companies and their P.R. hit men. They see natural health advocates as a threat to their business, and they will do anything to try to get you censored, banned, disqualified or otherwise shut down on the 'net. The one thing they absolutely cannot stand is for health freedom advocates to have a voice and tell people the truth about why they don't need pharmaceuticals, mammograms, vaccines and chemotherapy.

Vote for Dr. Mercola and Kevin Gianni

There are only a few short days left before the Shorty Awards nominee voting ends. We want to help natural health advocates win this category. You can help by casting TWO votes right now (yes, you can legitimately vote for more than one candidate in the same category, according to Shorty Awards rules).

Vote for Dr. Joseph Mercola here:

And vote for Kevin Gianni here:

You know Kevin Gianni. He's got a huge Twitter following, and he's all about health freedom. He's standing up for health freedom by joining the race. With your support, we could potentially help Dr. Mercola take first place, and Kevin Gianni could take second or third.

Don't create a new Twitter account to cast your vote, because that's a wasted vote anyway. And the Shorty Awards, it turns out, lies about how they handle these things. Rather than merely discounting votes from newly-created accounts, they malicious disqualify whoever they want.

Your support in all this is greatly appreciated. As you can now tell, this is no longer about me winning the award, as I've been shoved out of the competition. This is about making sure that health freedom advocates are victorious over the vaccine-pushing jackals who have essentially hijacked the Shorty Awards contest because they couldn't stand the sight of a natural health advocate fairly and honestly winning this contest.

Read my previous report about the Shorty Awards here:

That story also reveals the contact information where you can tweet or email your complaints to the Shorty Awards organizers.

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