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Originally published February 5 2009

A Holistic Guide to Fighting Stress

by Sheryl Walters

(NaturalNews) Living in modern life means that we all have to deal with stress. Sometimes stress can be a positive force in our lives because it motivates us. However, sometimes stress can really get us down. It is essential that we have tools in our lives so that we can cope with stress and the general ups and downs of life.

So how can we learn to cope with stress? Here are a few tools to help you deal with life in a more balanced and positive way.


Sugar, wheat and caffeine are the three most common foods that cause stress. They cause imbalance by making us fly high and then go into a deep low. A diet rich in nutritious food is the most stress free diet there is.


* Magnesium is the number one dietary deficiency, and studies have proven that it is naturally anti-anxiety.
* Essential fatty acids are necessary for brain function and balanced mental health.
* B complex is another gland harmoniser and mind stabiliser.
* The mineral chromium balances blood sugar levels, which helps to bring physical and mental harmony.

Essential Oils

Many people find tremendous relaxation when using essential oils. One of the best stress releasing combinations is 3 parts Lavender, 2 parts Bergamot and 1 part Sandalwood. Smelling these oils at work, in the bath, or best of all while receiving a massage can calm body and mind.


Some of the most powerful herbs for stress and anxiety include aniseed, peppermint, passiflora, skullcap, valerian, chamomile and lavender. You can make them into individual teas and identify which one works best for you.


Perhaps the most vital thing that we can all do is to do exercise. Exercise "lets off steam" so that the body isn't stuck in a state of fight or flight. It releases natural endorphins and hormones that keep us positive and healthy.


Meditation and yoga are a great way to relax and get your mind off of your problems. Focusing on the body and breath will offer you a little holiday from being immersed in emotional upset. It will help you to disengage from your thoughts and emotions rather than seeing them as who you are. They help people to get more deeply in touch with their true selves that is beyond the tensions of daily life.

Stress Release

When people get stressed they naturally touch their forehead. This is because touching the forehead does actually relieve stress. Put two fingers on the boniest part above the eyebrows and think about whatever is causing you tension. You will be able to feel a pulsating underneath your fingers. When the pulsating has eased and you feel that it is difficult to think about the stress, then you are finished. You can also find a friend to exchange with.

Thank Your Stress?

Say "thank you" to your stress. View your emotional ups and downs as an avenue to learn and grow rather than as an enemy that must be gotten rid of. Getting angry at the stress only creates more distress and makes you feel worse. Thanking it, even if you have no idea how it is going to help you to learn in the future is empowering. Feeling grateful is one of the first major steps towards change.

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