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Originally published October 11 2008

Summary of Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko Now Available as Free Download from

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews), the downloadable health book summary service created by Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni, has just released its summary of the book Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. The downloadable summary is available now at

Green for Life is the best-selling book that helped launch the raw foods revolution. It was authored by Victoria Boutenko of the "raw family" ( which has spearheaded the raw foods / living foods movement and helped hundreds of thousands of people learn about the remarkable health benefits of a raw food diet.

The downloadable summary of Green for Life, available now at (a free service), reveals:

• How Victoria discovered what was missing in her family's raw food plan and how she found nutritional balance in living foods. (Page 2)

• What percentage of your diet should be made of greens... you may be surprised! (Page 4)

• The one common mistake made by most people no matter what diet they follow. (Page 4)

• Why some people initially feel ill when they eat leafy green vegetables (and how to overcome it). (Page 5)

• A simple way to get your greens without having to eat salads all day long. (Page 6)

• The startling truth about the protein source that's better than whey, pea, brown rice, meat or hemp. (Page 6)

• Why just eating fresh fruits and vegetables may not be enough for glowing health (and what else to add to your diet). (Page 9)

• A special selection of great-tasting green smoothie recipes! (Pages 15-16)

... and much more! In Green For Life, you'll learn how to make raw foods and living foods a successful part of your health-transforming diet.

Why raw foods make you look young, energetic and more slender

Did you know that most people embrace raw foods in order to lose weight and look great? There's nothing that makes your skin, your face and your total body energy look more young and vibrant than a diet based on living foods.

Remember this, too: You don't have to be eating 100% raw foods to experience phenomenal health benefits from the raw foods lifestyle. My own diet is only 75% raw right now, and it varies from month to month. Whether you're 50% raw, 75% raw or 90% raw, you can achieve the healthy weight loss, disease prevention and youthful vibrance you've seen others achieve by getting turned on to a raw foods lifestyle.

Check out the downloadable summary of Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko right now: (FREE).

Learn a wealth of knowledge about the raw foods lifestyle, health benefits and easy recipes in mere minutes

The original edition of Green for Life is over 200 pages. But in this summary, we've condensed the most important facts to about twelve pages of text so that with only a few minutes of reading, you can be informed and empowered with the most important information from the original book.

While the summary is not a replacement for the original book, it's a great way to stay up-to-date on this important issue with minimal time investment. It also helps you determine if you'd like to buy the full book, which provides far more information when you'd like to know more.

Our summary of Green for Life is offered with the full cooperation and permission of the author and publisher. You may freely share the downloadable PDF summary with family, friends or coworkers, in accordance with the terms and conditions described on the website.

Testimonials on Green For Life

Here are some testimonials about Green for Life from

Green Smoothies get rid of junk food cravings!!! March 6, 2006
By Rick Josey "Producer," (Newton, NC USA)
What a wonderful book! For the past 20 years I've been on a quest to eat more natural foods,and my health improved drastically. But I still suffered from junk food cravings...until I discovered Green for Life!

Following Victoria's advice, I added lots of GREENS to my fruit smoothies, and the first day I did so MY FOOD CRAVINGS STOPPED. Bang. Just vanished. Just like my brain's "cravings switch" was flipped to the OFF position. Apparently my body had been craving minerals all those years, and once I started eating GREENS the cravings stopped. And I'm finally trimming down!

Victoria's research in this area is much needed, and much appreciated. I especially love the chapter on the chimpanzees and their daily eating habits.

My wife and I participated in one of Victoria's Green for Life teleconferences, and we loved it. She speaks from her heart, is really a nice lady, and this was one of the best conferences ever. We love Victoria! And we sure love the changes that are happening in our bodies!

Get this Green for Life book, make yourself some green smoothies, and watch your food cravings vanish. This is the secret to losing weight! :)

Thanks, Victoria, for Green for Life!

The way to healthy living, October 28, 2007
By M. Caruso

I used to do a lot of juicing in the past but it is very time consuming and really messy. My problem is over since I got Green for Life. Making smoothies is a great alternative to juicing. It is much faster, less messy, and you also get some fiber in addition to juice. In addition to great recipes for making smoothies the book is also a good source of information about proper nutrition, the importance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and much more. Get this book!! Another great volume that you may not miss is Can We Live 150. These two books together make a perfect gift of showing the way to healthy living just for anyone.

Simple and cheap way to make a BIG change in your health, October 7, 2008
By Klyde (Yakima, WA USA)

Even wild edible plants (weeds) can be used for greens, so it's not just for yuppies. What a great way to get more greens into your diet! I can understand wanting to see more scientific research like another reviewer, but I think the author's theory is strong - based on diet of chimpanzees. Just a few leaves of kale, dandelion, purslane, or spinach for example, some water, and a few fruits to make it sweet and thick; add to your blender. Blend, drink, rinse. Then you're on your way to better health. Easy, cheap, and very filling. Hey, I'd rather just live on frappuccinos and subway sandwiches, but I also want to lower my odds of ending up at the hospital. I've been drinking green smoothies for two months now and I am seeing some good changes - better skin, better moods & energy, weight loss, regular BMs, and I didn't catch my husband's severe cold, for a few.

I am convinced Boutenko is on to something big with the idea of green smoothies as a way to sustain some level of raw food intake. Yes, I'm becoming a bit of a groupie. Eating more greens is a diet change anyone can make and it might just give us (speaking as an American) freedom from the debilitating health cycle we seem to be in now: processed food -> degenerative disease -> hospital -> chronic medicine -> worsening health. This book may not have as much scientific data as possible (check out The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck), and may be heavy on the anecdotes, but it is a very important work.

I did not find it to be an ad for the Vitamix blender. She mentions it on 2 pages near the beginning because this blender lasts much longer and blends more smoothly. I used a regular inexpensive blender for several weeks and it worked just fine. (I ended up getting a Vitamix because I can make more things with it).

Educated Layperson's Rationale for Green Smoothies + Tasty Recipes, September 9, 2008
By Groovy Vegan (California)

Although not a nutrition professional, Victoria Boutenko makes an excellent case for adding green smoothies into one's daily diet. Her strongest arguments include comparing the standard American diet and typical raw foodist diet with the natural chimpanzee diet, as well as dozens of testimonials.

There is at least one place, however where she got the facts wrong: On page 95 she says "chlorophyll provides iron to organs." In reality, the cholorophyll molecule contains no iron. While similar to the hemogloban molecule, the chlorophyll molecule has a magnesium atom in place of the iron atom.

That one error in no way negates the entire book. Most people definitely need more greens and fruit in their diet, and green smoothies are an excellent and tasty way to sneak in these good foods and nutrients. I've tried some of Victoria's smoothies in person when I've heard her speak, and they're always delicious. I always feel better when I drink green smoothies. Her book is quite motivating, and I plan to incorporate them into my diet every day.

I encourage people to read the book, get all fired up about green smoothies, make them and drink them every day. :-)

Advice for using the recipes: Making a green smoothie is more of an art than a science. Use them as rough guidelines. I noticed the Boutenko recipes often call for about 3 servings of fruit and 2 of vegetables + 1 cup water, so that's what I put in my green smoothie today: 2 small peaches and a large banana + about 5 leaves of dino kale. I added a few mint leaves for flavor. Be sure to taste your smoothie before serving to make sure it's sweet enough to be palatable. (Especially if you taste bitters easily like I do.) Mine needed a bit more sweetening, so I added a couple dates, being sure to take the pit out first. Dates can be very helpful for sweetening, as can extra ripe fruit.

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