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Originally published July 1 2008

Doctor Richard DiCenso Shares Health Results Achieved Through Nutrition

by Kevin Gianni

(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's The Healthiest Year of Your Life, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Richard DiCenso shares amazing stories of results through nutrition.

The Healthiest Year of Your Life with Richard DiCenso, a leading authority on whole person therapy and author of Exploring A New Way of Thinking.

Kevin: I wonder when you said that, that when you treat these things externally with any sort of therapy or any sort of medication you're not dealing with a nutritional imbalance. It seems to me like that's very true and very much the answer, but can I even ask why that's not being addressed? Why you and a few other people are doing this?

Richard: Well, I have an opinion and I'll share that with you.

Kevin: Okay.

Richard: Just from my own observations, number one is that the medical schools and the research facilities and the scholarships that are available and even some of the loans available for people to go to medical school are funded by people and organizations that have a vested interest in the outcome.

Kevin: Okay.

Richard: This is unbeknownst of course to the guys going through their MedCat exams and getting accepted into medical school and yeah, we're all bright eyed and bushy tailed when we get accepted. We're all excited and then we're inundated for years with information, information, information and the one common obstacle I see in that process -- I'm not a big conspiracy person, but there's an element of conspiracy inherent in it and I don't think it's malicious on the part of the doctors who are graduating, but here's what I think is happening -- is that medical students and the doctors who are new in practice don't have the skills and the expertise, because they're not taught to think during the course of this process. They're taught to memorize.

Kevin: Yeah.

Richard: What they're taught to memorize is a flawed system of analysis that's very thorough in terms of differential diagnosis. So you're taught about all the different things that can go wrong and how to identify them, but you're not taught why they go wrong and what to do about it.

Kevin: Right.

Richard: I think after a period of years, six years, eight years, 10 years and then you're in practice and you've got school loans to pay back and you're involved in a system where you've got pharmaceutical reps showing up every day and every other day with lunch and samples and it becomes a knee-jerk reaction to operate within the framework of that information you've been taught. So it's a belief system to a large extent that maintains itself by the virtue of the fact that they won't consider a lot of the other research that's outside of that particular learning process as even having any validity whatsoever. So I read reports all the time and studies all the time from all of the world that would suggest that there's another way to look at these things and that there might be something else at work, but they're discarded as anomalous, which means well, it's different than what we're used to and therefore, we're not going to accept it regardless of what benefit there might be to looking at it in detail.

Kevin: Yeah. What do you think it's going to take for that to be accepted, at least in some degree?

Richard: Well, I was real idealistic when I first discovered a lot of these processes and I saw the results and really enthusiastic about sharing it with people and I found a great deal of resistance and so I mellowed out as I continued to age and continued to practice and I realized that I can put the information out there too and I can become part of the information highway, so to speak, but the final analysis is going to come down to people getting results and telling other people about them.

Kevin: Okay, very simply. In your book you talk about Death by Medicine. It's an article?

Richard: Yeah.

Kevin: Can you explain a little bit, some of the things that they found?

Richard: Sure. It was a study that was done that dealt very specifically with the inherent dangers in the conventional medical application of knowledge to routine circumstances. In other words, people would be admitted to hospitals, having procedures done, being on multiple medications over a period of time and they found that because of the huge volume of the market that conventional medicine occupies that they're actually dealing in realms that they're not still skilled or experienced in dealing with, but they're applying their model to the concerns that the people have. So in other words, they're trying to do my job without my job skills and as a result of that, the single greatest cause of death in the United States every year is doctors and hospitals. It's not heart disease or cancer and the misdiagnosis, because they're looking in the wrong place at the wrong information.

They miss treatment, because they're treating symptoms instead of cause and the over utilization of things that are designed to work in a specific situation, but instead of using an antibiotic for a bacterial infection, they're prescribing antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle or a cough or a cold that may, in fact, be viral, which then because they've taken the antibiotic weakens the immune system, which then leaves them even more susceptible to a secondary infection, which then leads to any one of the disorders that those bugs can cause, which then leads you into a hospital environment, which is infested with potential infections. Not only on the evasive procedures, but just if you're a person staying in a hospital in a weakened state you're subjected to a hundred times more bacteria than you would be if you were just kept in your own home under those circumstances. So given that complex series of possible events, death by medicine is the single most prominent cause of impairment, disability and death in this country.

Kevin: You mentioned that results are what's going to spread this type of information. So what are some of the results that you've seen through taking your system, the Matrix Assessment System and taking them from where they were to where they are now, because I completely agree with you that the results speak louder than anything else.

Richard: Yeah. I'll share that with you. There's a couple of interesting stories, but before I do, as part of this conversation I was having yesterday with the media, they were asking me what they thought were tough questions like "what's your background and what are your credentials and what's your training and what letters do you have behind your name" and as you know, having done your show and your interviews for so long the last thing you want any of us to talk about is that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Richard: Because if it doesn't translate into results then it has no meaning. It means that you've been exposed to a vast amount of information and you're recognized as having been exposed to that information, but if you're not getting results that are better than the statistical averages, then the application of that information is a moot point. So when I approach in practice, I see everything from 18-month-old infants to 98-year-old females in perfect health and everything in between from stage four cancer to seizure disorders and MS and CP. You name it and it's in my practice and so the results statistically are that 90% of the people who go through this program get 90% of the results within 90 days, because once we've identified a cause, then we can address the cause and the level in the body is very quick to take its 50 or 60 or 70 trillion cells and communicate back that it's grateful and that it's fully capable of doing what it needs to do and expressing gratitude for giving it the raw materials it needs to function the way it was designed.

I know that sounds a little froufrou esoteric, but that's the response of the body when the right elements are put in place to allow it to do what it does. So I don't really heal anybody or cure anything. I've identified a communication system, I guess, is what it is, that the body is trying to express with the symptoms and have learned to communicate in that language with the human body, so that we can correspond in a productive way that allows it to get its needs met and so take, for instance, I had an 18-month-old child come in, a female, having 12 seizures a day for six months.

Kevin: Wow.

Richard: She had been through every diagnostic test facility on the East Coast and all they could come up with was it is idiopathic inorganic seizure disorder, which means your child's having seizures, but we don't know why.

Kevin: Okay.

Richard: The course of action was to implement nine medications to control the symptoms of the seizures and so basically the baby was asleep all the time. So I ran the Matrix Assessment Program on the child and part of the assessment is what I call a quantum fluid and it involves looking at the blood, urine and saliva and in looking at the fluids, I picked up an enzyme impairment and a gross mineral deficiency and so I created a formula for the child. They implemented the formula and within two weeks, the child was seizure free and has been for five years.

Kevin: Wow. So nine medications for one imbalance, that she had an enzyme and nutritional imbalance, and this test identified that.

Richard: Absolutely.

Kevin: I'm making sure that I've got this right. Five years and no seizure.

Richard: Correct.

Kevin: Wow.

Richard: I just spoke with the mother two days ago.

Kevin: Wow. What was the next one?

Richard: Another example would be a 40-year-old female who started losing her hair and was going from specialist to specialists and it was coming out in large clumps and patches and so over a 30 day period she was completely bald and no one knew why. So they prescribed potions and creams and medications and pharmaceuticals in the form of thyroid support and adrenal support and things for the normal metabolism and brain function. So again, she's on half a dozen medications and still bald. So we ran the Matrix Assessment Profile and I found that her adrenal glands were in the third stage of a general adaptation syndrome, which is like stage four cancer for the adrenal glands.

Kevin: Wow. So about to shutdown?

Richard: They're about to shut down and it's like renal failure, except because of the relationship the adrenals have with the thyroid and with the pituitary gland the entire hormonal system was off, as well as the movement of minerals, the water balance, the blood sugar, the blood pressure and all of these symptoms that arise as a result of the system in the body that's designed to regulate those being identified as the source of the problem and so once identified that I implemented some nutraceuticals and some supplements and some minerals and some digestive enzymes and some specific support for the adrenal pituitary thyroid system and within six months she grew back more hair than she had ever had in her life and this was about seven years ago and she still has it at a little over 50 years old, I guess.

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