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Originally published May 14 2008

Review: Delicious Greens 8000 is a Delicious, Nutritious Superfood Drink Powder

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Part of my job as editor of NaturalNews is to search out highly nutritious, great-tasting health products for readers, and then bring you that news so that you can benefit from those findings. As you know, I've sought out and recommended several high-quality superfood drink mixes (powders) in the last year, including Boku Superfood ( and VitaMineral Green ( I've worked to bring you unprecedented discounts on numerous products, and the response from NaturalNews has been overwhelmingly positive: People love these benefits of being NaturalNews readers. They're getting the best products in the industry at ridiculously low prices!

Well now, I've got another gem for you. It's for a remarkably delicious superfood greens product that tastes really smooth and sweet, yet it has no refined sugars or added sweeteners of any kind. Do you recall how many superfood products taste sort of bitter or dense? Even Boku Superfood is a bit aggressive on the tongue, especially for those who have never consumed superfood powders before, and a lot of kids just flatly refuse to drink it. But what if there were a green superfood powder that tasted so good, even your kids would drink it?

Well, there is one. And that's what I'm introducing to you today. This isn't just a review, either: I've also negotiated a ridiculous discount on this product for you: A 50%-off discount that's so secret, the owner of the company wouldn't dare let me run this for more than a few days. I'll include all the details on that discount here in this review.

So what is this product? It's called Delicious Greens 8000, and the special website where you can find the NaturalNews 50% off discount is here:

(Note, this is only active through this Friday, May 16th, so if you're reading this article after May 16, 2008, that link may not work any more. Instead, you'll need to go to which is the main home page.)

You can also listen to an audio interview with Dr. Coco March, the founder and formulator of Delicious Greens 8000, by clicking here:

The right blend of nutrition and taste

Delicious Greens 8000 is a high-ORAC superfood powder, meaning it rates very high on the ORAC scale, which is a measure of antioxidant potential. Eight thousand is a very high number, indicating just how much antioxidant potential is found in this food-based supplement. And it's all based on food, by the way: Ingredients include a Greens Blend, a Vegetable Blend, an Antioxidant Blend and other ingredients (see below). There are no manufacured vitamins or synthetic substances in this product; it's all based on real food (which is one of the things I really like about it).

Now, the wild thing about Delicious Greens 8000 is that it tastes almost like a fruit drink with a touch of greens in it. It's so delicious that I found myself drinking glass after glass, just enjoying the taste all by itself, regardless of the nutritional benefits. To me, it was like drinking dessert. The taste was just remarkable.

So how is this taste achieved? Well, here's where you need to know a couple of things. First off, Delicious Greens 8000 is not the most nutritionally-dense superfood product on the market, in my view. If it was, it wouldn't taste as good. Products like Pure Synergy or Vitamineral Green are more nutritionally dense, but they accomplish that by using elements that tend to potentiate the taste like cruciferous vegetables, seaweeds, bitter herbs, etc. A lot of consumers simply won't drink products that taste too bitter or dense.

Delicious Greens 8000 is more of a superfood drink for people who just want to enjoy the taste and experience the full complement of these powerful superfood substances, but not with the typical "greens" bitter taste that you so often find in superfood products. In other words, Delicious Greens 8000 is for people who want nutrition in a format that tastes so good they'll actually use the product on a regular basis. One taste of this formula, and you'll realize why even kids enjoy drinking it.

That's why I recommend Delicious Greens 8000 to anyone in the following situations:

1) If you're new to superfoods and you need something that really tastes great to start with.

2) If you have kids or family members who won't drink anything that doesn't taste really good, but you still want to give them the benefits of great nutrition.

3) If you want a delicious superfood source to enjoy on a regular basis, like a liquid treat that tastes so good, it causes you to forget about the fact that it's made with disease-fighting superfood ingredients. It's sort of like nutritional dessert!

If you're in any of these situations, I encourage you to try Delicious Greens 8000. I recommend you buy the Delicious Berry Greens 8000, which is offered in a 3-pack special for half price. Instead of $119.95, it's available to NaturalNews readers for just $20 a canister ($60 for the 3-pack). It's an incredible deal. I personally ordered a case of 12 at that same price.

They also have a Delicious Kids Greens 8000 at the same price for a 3-pack ($60). It's a truly great deal.

You can take advantage of either of these deals here:

These prices are only good through this Friday, May 16th!

(Note, as usual, I earn nothing from this, and I have no financial arrangements whatsoever with this company. This is an open recommendation solely for your benefit.)

What's in Delicious Greens 8000?

The ingredients are as follows:

Greens Blend (20% of the recipe): Organic barley grass juice powder, chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa concentrace ionic trace minerals

Vegetable Blend (20% of the recipe): Carrot juice, broccoli juice, cauliflower juice, spinach juice, parsley juice

Fiber Blend (20% of the recipe): Flax lignans, oat beta glucans, apple fiber, sprouted barley malt

Antioxidant Blend (15% of the recipe): Grape powder, acerola cherry powder, milk thistle seed extract, red beet root and many other extracts like green tea and red wine

Lecithin (18% of the recipe): Phosphatidylethanolamine (good for brain health, see notes below)

Enzymes, Probiotics and others (remainder of recipe): This includes digestive enzymes, health-enhancing probiotics, stevia, citric acid, cinnamon powder and others.

Now, what does all this mean?

First off, as most NaturalNews readers will notice, Delicious Greens does contain lecithin as 18% of its recipe, and lecithin is, of course, used by a lot of superfoods companies as filler. Some companies have products that are 40% or even 50% lecithin! Delicious Greens 8000 is 18% lecithin, which is more than I would like to see, but at least it's not so much that it crowds out the other quality ingredients. So this still packs a respectable nutritional punch with the other 82% of what's in there.

Again, if you're looking for the most nutritionally dense superfoods in the world, you need to be looking at something like VitaMineral Green, which tastes completely different. Delicious Greens 8000, on the other hand, is for people who want something that's a lot easier on the taste, yet still packs enough nutritional ingredients to make it worth drinking.

Secondly, you'll probably notice that the top ingredients in each category tend to taste quite good. The first ingredient in the "greens blend," for example, is barley grass juice powder. The first ingredient in the "vegetable blend," is carrot juice powder, which tastes sweet, of course. And the first ingredient in the "antioxidant blend" is concord grape powder, which also tastes sweet. So if you're really looking at the top three ingredients, they are most likely barley grass juice powder, carrot juice powder and concord grape powder, all of which taste very good. So it's no surprise that Delicious Greens 8000 offers a really pleasant, smooth taste.

At the same time, the other ingredients are present in smaller -- but still significant -- quantities, such as broccoli juice, parsley juice, chlorella, beet root, turmeric root, Atlantic kelp and so on. So you get a small serving of these more medicinal superfoods with the better-tasting powders of barley grass, carrot and concord grape. (And remember, it's not pasteurized or cooked, so it's better than products made with processed grape juice, for example.)

That's how it tastes so good, yet still manages to deliver some useful quantities of superfood nutrients. But I do want to be very clear here: I do not consider Delicious Greens 8000 to be anywhere close to the medicinal potency of products like VitaMineral Green or Boku Superfood. This is not a product I would recommend to someone who is currently battling cancer, for example, and who needs the most nutritionally-dense superfoods they can find in order to overcome that condition (cancer patients would do better, in my opinion, taking VitaMineral Green, Pure Synergy or Boku Superfood). Rather, Delicious Greens 8000 offers more of a "maintenance dose" of anti-cancer nutrients in a delicious blend of simpler ingredients.

Yet it has no added sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, etc. It hasn't been pasteurized or cooked. It's a powder, so it's very easy to mix with water or other beverages. It's very simple to use, and the taste just keeps you coming back. That's the value of this product: The taste is so good, it makes you WANT to drink it! It's not like some superfood products that you have to gulp down and then chase them with something else. Rather, Delicious Greens 8000 is a real pleasure to drink all by itself.

It's also really great for people who refuse to drink anything "nutritious" or potent-tasting. It's a way to sort of sneak nutrition into their diet in a way that they probably won't notice (or at least won't mind). So it has a very useful purpose. I've often thought, in fact, that we should hand this out at senior's centers, because it's delicious enough that the senior citizens will drink it, and at the same time they'll experience all kinds of health benefits from it (even including the lecithin, which contains nutrients that are really good for brain health).

So if you're interested in acquiring this for your kids, relatives or even for yourself (I mix it with Boku Superfood to have a 50/50 blend), here's the time-limited 50% off discount page:
(Expires this Friday)

Don't forget, you can also listen to an audio interview with Dr. Coco March, the founder and formulator of Delicious Greens 8000, by clicking here:

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