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Originally published January 2 2008

What's Your Recipe for Health and Happiness in 2008?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As the realization that 2008 has arrived finally hits home, it's time to pause for a moment (but not for too long, or you might still think you're on vacation) and consciously consider your plan for 2008. What results do you wish to accomplish this year?

Do you wish to be healthier, happier and more energetic? Are you looking to overcome a chronic disease, an emotionally troubling relationship, or a personal career challenge? I think it's important to be right up front about stating the results you wish to achieve ahead of time.

The power in this process is tremendous. By simply stating the results you wish to achieve, you set things in motion that will help bring about those results. Some call in "goal setting." Others call it "The Law of Attraction." It doesn't matter what you call it as long as you start the process. Do it now! Name, out loud, the five results you wish to accomplish this year.

Step One: Name the five most important results you wish to achieve, accomplish or experience this year.

Typical results might be:

• I will achieve a body fat percentage of 15.
• I will feel more energized, aware and creative in day-to-day living.
• I will find and develop a loving relationship with a life partner who shares my interests.
• I will learn a new language and be able to engage in casual conversation in that language.
• I will spend more time in nature to boost my intake of Vitamin D.
• I will read twenty books from cover to cover and thoroughly learn a subject area that interests me.

... and so on.

Once you name the results you wish to achieve, then you can consider the game plan for getting there.

Ask yourself: What will it realistically take for me to achieve these desired results?

And now, here's where the real need for honesty kicks in. What changes (improvements) will you need to make in your day-to-day lifestyle to achieve these results?

Because let's all be honest: If you don't change what you did from last year, you're going to get the same results you got last year!

So creating a new "recipe for life" is crucial for improving the results you'll get the following year.

I've created a free audio program to guide you through this process of creating a new "recipe for success" in 2008. You can watch or listen to this at no charge:

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What's your recipe for life?

I also recently joined in an audio broadcast created by Dorit, called, "Recipes For Life." You can hear my audio segment through Thursday, January 4th, by clicking the link below:

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In that segment, you'll hear me talk about my own personal recipe for success: Great nutrition, personal integrity, commitment to supporting Mother Nature, compassion for fellow human beings and so on. But those are just my own personal ingredients for achieving the results I wish to achieve. What's far more important for you is developing your own recipe for life!

To help you with this process, I've also posted a video on YouTube as well as a Podcast audio file presenting my "Secrets for Successful Personal Change in 2008." This audio program reveals a clever process for unleashing your own natural self improvement process that can help you realize outstanding results this year!

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Developing your own recipe for life in 2008 and beyond

What's will your recipe look like in 2008?

Most people won't get the results they hope for in 2008. That's because their recipes for 2008 look something like this:

• 13 pounds of refined sugars and 124 cans of soda
• 952 servings of junk food
• 850 hours of mainstream television
• 1,362 hours of sitting on the couch
• 241 lattes from Starbucks loaded with sugar and cream
• 345 cups of coffee with caffeine
• 562 prescription pills swallowed
• 14 days of excessive alcoholic consumption
• $18,200 wasted on useless meals, trinkets and junk that will be thrown away within six months
• Zero hours in the gym working out
• Zero hours getting sunshine or spending time in nature
• Zero hours learning new skills or reading instructional books

That's the recipe of a typical person who will get exactly the same results in 2008 as they did in 2007. It's a recipe of personal disaster.

Creating outstanding results for 2008

You want something different in 2008? If you're serious about creating new results in 2008, consider some of the following ingredients that are required to create better results:

• 150+ hours of physical exercise (over the entire year)

• 150+ hours of time in nature (including sunshine to boost vitamin D)

• 300+ hours of reading (minimum)

• 300+ hours of acquiring new skills (learning)

• 365 superfood smoothies or fresh, raw juice drinks (see The Secret of Juice Feasting)

• 1,095 nutritional supplements (that's 3 per day, every day of the year) to enhance longevity, protect the nervous system, eliminate nutritional deficiencies and more. Great sources to consider: | | | and many others

• Consuming quality herbal supplements on a regular basis to enhance immune function, counter chronic stress, detoxify the body's primary organs and protect the body from disease. Great sources include | | and, of course, Amazon Herbs.

• Consuming superfoods on a regular basis, including goji berries, raw cacao, raw nuts, blueberries, raspberries, macadamia nuts and many others. Great sources include | | | |

• Educating yourself with independent information that isn't controlled by the mainstream media. This is the year to spend more time on the internet and less time watching corporate-controlled television or cable stations. Check out sites like | | | and many others. (And, of course, keep checking out for hard-hitting stories about natural health and health freedom...)

• Supporting those organizations you believe in, and voting with your dollars. If you don't like big, ugly chemical companies like DuPont, then stop buying Teflon! If you want to support organic farmers, buy organic! Vote with your dollars and you'll support those people and those organizations you want to see more of in 2008 and beyond.

These are the kind of ingredients that can bring you personal success in 2008 and beyond. Remember, if you want different results in 2008, you need to engage in different actions.

Your daily habits determine your year-end results.

So making your daily habits productive -- instead of destructive -- is the key to improving the results you actually get.

Watch or listen now to learn Mike Adams' own personal recipe for success in 2008:

Secrets for Successful Personal Change in 2008 on YouTube (first 10 minutes):

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Recipes for Life with Dorit (available through January 4, 2008):
Click here to listen to Mike Adams' "Recipe For Life" with Dorit.

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