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Marijuana feature articles

Natural Cannabis found in Marijuana helpful for MS but the patent is held by U.S. government
Published August 17 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, cannabis, men, natural, cancer

Alcohol - not marijuana - is the gateway drug, study shows
Published July 21 2012
Concepts: drug, alcohol, Marijuana, study, gateway drug

Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk
Published July 20 2012
Concepts: cannabinoids, Marijuana, human, naturally, breast milk

How convenient - Police claim Miami zombie cannibal was on marijuana, not bath salts
Published July 7 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, zombie, cannibal, Miami, man

At last, Connecticut takes the plunge and partially legalizes medical marijuana
Published June 7 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, Connecticut, medical, legislation, medical marijuana

Cannabis smokers show greater lung capacity and lower cancer levels than non-smokers
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: cannabis, smokers, cancer, smoke, lung capacity

Three out of four Americans want to end medical marijuana raids
Published May 21 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, medical, medical marijuana, americans, Obama

Marijuana eases painful MS muscle cramping
Published May 18 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, health, muscle, pain, cannabis

Learn about the amazing health benefits of juicing raw cannabis (marijuana) leaves
Published May 4 2012
Concepts: health, cannabis, Marijuana, juicing, raw

Connecticut House approves medical marijuana bill
Published May 3 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, medical marijuana, Connecticut, medical, patients

Cannabinoid receptors give cells the tools they need to defend against HIV infection
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: HIV, virus, human, cannabinoids, raw

Hundreds of economists agree marijuana legalization could save US taxpayers $13.7 billion per year
Published April 23 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, economists, taxpayers, tax, marijuana legalization

Obama betrays the left; cheers continued expansion of drug war, criminalization of plant-based medicine
Published April 16 2012
Concepts: drug, Obama, men, war, drugs

Juicing cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost
Published March 30 2012
Concepts: cannabis, juicing, physicians, raw, THC

Exposed: Lobbyist who helped kill California pot legalization ballot measure is getting rich off drug war
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: California, drug, legalization, ballot measure, Marijuana

Hemp Can Save the World - new music video rocks the 'net with upbeat message about the hemp agricultural revolution
Published March 14 2012
Concepts: hemp, world, seeds, free, save the world

Wyoming kidney failure outbreak linked to designer 'blueberry spice' drug, aka 'legal marijuana'
Published March 8 2012
Concepts: kidney failure, drug, Wyoming, outbreak, Marijuana

Spanish town decides to grow marijuana to generate much-needed revenue
Published March 3 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, town, Spanish, cannabis, Spain

FDA may legalize pot medicine, but only for Big Pharma
Published January 28 2012
Concepts: FDA, Marijuana, medicine, drug, Big Pharma

Dealing with Parkinson's Disease
Published January 22 2012
Concepts: magnesium, Parkinson's, men, disease, brain

Medical marijuana activist app launched
Published January 14 2012
Concepts: app, Marijuana, medical, medical marijuana, activism

Marijuana smoking better for lungs than cigarettes
Published January 13 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, study, smoking, smoke, lungs

Dr Mark Sircus to release new book on Medical Marijuana
Published January 12 2012
Concepts: medical, medicine, book, Marijuana, magnesium

Snoop Dogg's marijuana drug bust highlights idiocy of the failed War on Drugs
Published January 10 2012
Concepts: drug, Marijuana, drugs, war, DEA

Juicing medical marijuana the latest trend in amazing cures
Published January 9 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, medical, juicing, medical marijuana, raw

Feds covertly attack state-sanctioned medical marijuana
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: medical, Marijuana, medical marijuana, drug, feds

Marijuana cannabinoids - oral and transdermal methods
Published December 17 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medicine, cannabinoids, pain, cannabis

Gingrich wants what never was and can never be - a more aggressive drug war policy that works
Published December 11 2011
Concepts: drug, policy, Gingrich, aggressive, drug war

ASA sues Obama Administration for interfering with state, local medical marijuana laws
Published November 26 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medical marijuana, medical, Obama administration, Obama

Arby's nutrition information - here's what you need to know
Published November 16 2011
Concepts: food, Arby's, nutrition, nutrition information, fat

Government response to ongoing Fukushima radiation? Deafening silence
Published November 4 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radiation, nuclear, government, 2011

Medical marijuana legal efforts are being crushed by the DEA - who benefits?
Published October 25 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, DEA, medical, medical marijuana, drug

Son of former LA fire chief arrested for bribing TSA agent, smuggling marijuana on plane
Published October 22 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, TSA, smuggling, drug, bribery

PBS documentary highlights marijuana's amazing ability to treat disease
Published October 10 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medicine, documentary, drug, WHO

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011 - Identify industrial hemp
Published August 25 2011
Concepts: hemp, industrial hemp, farming, cannabis, 2011

Legalizing marijuana would hinder the multi-billion dollar empire of Mexican drug cartels, say some
Published August 1 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, drug, drug cartels, legalizing, legalization

Miracle-Gro to sell special nutrient formulations for growing marijuana
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, Miracle-Gro, special, sell, nutrient

Denied: DEA refuses to reclassify marijuana, claims it's as dangerous as heroin
Published July 25 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, DEA, drug, dangerous, medical

Cannabinoid Medicine
Published July 21 2011
Concepts: medicine, Marijuana, cancer, medical, magnesium

Why legalizing marijuana would be a very good thing (Opinion)
Published July 6 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, hemp, legalizing, oil, cure

US spends billions every year prosecuting marijuana violations while economy tanks
Published July 5 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, billions, economy, drug, violations

GM marijuana booms in South America, growers reap ten times market value
Published June 30 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, South America, hemp, farmer, farmers

Four decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end with Ron Paul's new effort to legalize marijuana
Published June 23 2011
Concepts: drug, Marijuana, war, people, drugs

World leaders denounce failed war on drugs; call for global decriminalization
Published June 16 2011
Concepts: drug, drugs, war, world, war on drugs

Connecticut lessens penalties for marijuana possession
Published June 12 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, Connecticut, penalties, drugs, reform

Marijuana and Radiation Protection
Published June 10 2011
Concepts: oil, hemp, radiation, cancer, hemp oil

It's Past Time to Reschedule Cannabis, Advocates Sue over Delay
Published June 9 2011
Concepts: cannabis, petition, rescheduling, AMA, Marijuana

Big Pharma attempting to corner the market on medical marijuana
Published May 28 2011
Concepts: Big Pharma, Marijuana, drug, WHO, cannabis

Groups push Obama administration to reschedule marijuana after nine years of needless delay
Published May 28 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, Obama, Obama administration, federal, medical

Medical marijuana legalization underway in Arkansas
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medical, Arkansas, medical marijuana, marijuana legalization

Cannabis cure stories keep coming out
Published May 13 2011
Concepts: cannabis, cure, hemp, oil, cancer

Connecticut moves full-steam ahead with medical marijuana bill
Published May 7 2011
Concepts: Connecticut, Marijuana, medical, medical marijuana, federal

Group collects signatures to gain approval to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas
Published May 2 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medical, medical marijuana, Arkansas, gain

Former talk show host Montel Williams endorses medical marijuana
Published April 29 2011
Concepts: medical, Marijuana, Montel Williams, medical marijuana, news

Politics v. Science: Understanding Cannabis Therapeutics Before it is Censored
Published April 3 2011
Concepts: cannabis, NCI, medical, Marijuana, research

Almost half of Americans support marijuana legalization
Published April 2 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, support, americans, legalization, legalizing

DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone else
Published February 24 2011
Concepts: DEA, the DEA, drug, Big Pharma, THC

California dispensaries may soon carry marijuana soft drinks
Published January 25 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, California, soft drinks, products, medical

California county allows marijuana, but not raw milk
Published January 18 2011
Concepts: raw, raw milk, California, Marijuana, McAfee

Christian coalition founder Pat Robertson calls for decriminalization of marijuana
Published December 29 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, decriminalization, Pat Robertson, drug, people

Willie Nelson pot possession charge shows ludicrousness of marijuana prohibition
Published November 28 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, Willie Nelson, drug, people, immigration

Feds cracking down on artificial marijuana
Published November 25 2010
Concepts: DEA, feds, Marijuana, chemicals, drug

Arizona voters approve medical marijuana
Published November 17 2010
Concepts: Arizona, medical, voters, Marijuana, legal

California marijuana crop larger than grapes
Published October 25 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, California, crop, report, legalization

Spice from Big Pharma: Find out the Truth about Legal Marijuana
Published October 24 2010
Concepts: spice, Marijuana, legal, THC, natural

Legalize marijuana, says former US surgeon general
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, federal, people, legalize marijuana, drug

Marijuana Benefits Cancer: Two Studies You Probably Never Read About
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: cancer, Marijuana, benefits, studies, study

Medical Marijuana Debate: Science is Ignored
Published September 9 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, medical, science, medical marijuana, research

Marijuana better than pharmaceuticals at treating chronic pain, improving mood
Published September 4 2010
Concepts: pain, Marijuana, chronic pain, pharmaceuticals, patients

Colorado passes new regulations on medical marijuana
Published August 4 2010
Concepts: medical, colorado, medical marijuana, regulations, restrictions

Rutgers declines request from state to grow marijuana
Published July 26 2010
Concepts: new jersey, federal, Marijuana, states, university

Oakland City Council approves industrial marijuana facilities
Published July 25 2010
Concepts: Marijuana, oakland, city council, marijuana facilities, permit

Baby boomers still love to get high, now using prescription meds
Published June 7 2010
Concepts: prescription, drug, Baby Boomers, baby, report

Small Community Cancer Cure Crushed by Big Pharma, Part III
Published December 31 2009
Concepts: cancer, medical, THC, man, Marijuana

American Medical Association Urges Federal Government to Support Medicinal Marijuana
Published November 16 2009
Concepts: Marijuana, medicinal, medical, federal, support

Calls for Further Research into Medicinal Marijuana Gain Momentum
Published August 15 2009
Concepts: Marijuana, medicinal, research, gain, medicinal marijuana

Marijuana Has Anti-Cancer Properties
Published July 25 2009
Concepts: Marijuana, research, anti-cancer, researchers, brain

Associated Press Kills Michael Phelps Bong Story, Questions Whether Marijuana Was Being Smoked at All
Published February 6 2009
Concepts: Marijuana, Associated Press, smoking, Michael Phelps, questions

Raw Foodists Arrested for Trafficking Chocolate; Interrogated for "Cacao Crimes"
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: drug, chocolate, men, natural, food

Marijuana Chemical Cannabidiol Halts Spread of Breast Cancer Tumors
Published June 2 2008
Concepts: cancer, Marijuana, chemical, breast cancer, researchers

Second Largest US Physicians Group Endorses Medical Marijuana
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: medical, physicians, Marijuana, paper, drug

American College of Physicians Endorses Medical Marijuana
Published April 20 2008
Concepts: medical, physicians, college, Marijuana, paper

War on Drugs targets natural medicine sources while meth epidemic worsens in the U.S.
Published February 27 2007
Concepts: meth, drug, Marijuana, war on drugs, 5

Medicinal marijuana significantly reduces pain from peripheral neuropathy, say scientists
Published February 25 2007
Concepts: Marijuana, pain, medicinal, drug, peripheral neuropathy

DEA raids medical marijuana clinics, violating California law
Published January 25 2007
Concepts: Marijuana, DEA, raids, medical, medical marijuana

Marijuana top cash crop; public policy analyst calls for legalization to aid U.S. economy
Published December 28 2006
Concepts: Marijuana, cash crop, policy, legalization, cash

Marijuana nutrients found to help prevent Alzheimer's disease
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: Marijuana, Alzheimer's, nutrients, THC, drug

Schwarzenegger vetoes Hemp Farming Act, denies California farmers economic opportunity to grow high-demand industrial crop
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: hemp, California, farmers, Schwarzenegger, farming

Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy (press release)
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: diabetic, diabetic retinopathy, Marijuana, cannabinoids, studies

Marijuana under attack for causing memory problems, say forgetful drug researchers (satire)
Published April 7 2006
Concepts: drug, Marijuana, memory, researchers, drugs

The raw (and ugly) truth about the war on drugs
Published August 15 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, legal, war, people

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