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Europe feature articles

Monsanto supported GMO labeling in Europe, but not in US
Published September 16 2012
Concepts: Monsanto, GMO, labeling, GMO labeling, Europe

How many of these vaccine facts do you know?
Published September 14 2012
Concepts: vaccine, child, vaccination, children, cases

Are the 'banksters' wrecking the global economy really the Trilateral Commission?
Published September 7 2012
Concepts: Trilateral Commission, global economy, men, world, form

EU breakup imminent: Talk of limiting ATM withdrawals, halting flow of money across borders
Published June 14 2012
Concepts: Euro, Europe, money, ATM, flow

Greece, Spain near chaos and economic collapse
Published June 11 2012
Concepts: Spain, Euro, Europe, debt, crisis

Baked goods sold in USA contain potassium bromate, a carcinogen banned in Europe but allowed in the US due to chemical loophole
Published April 12 2012
Concepts: baked goods, bromate, potassium, potassium bromate, food

BASF gives up on pushing GMOs in Europe, moves operations to US where 'Frankenfoods' are not labeled
Published April 3 2012
Concepts: Europe, GMOs, BASF, GMO, operations

The end of liquid restrictions for European fliers could be in sight
Published February 11 2012
Concepts: restrictions, liquids, scanner, airport, Europe

British women the most obese in Europe
Published February 7 2012
Concepts: obesity, obese, women, British women, 5

Raw milk vending machines growing in popularity across Europe
Published January 26 2012
Concepts: milk, raw, raw milk, vending machines, Europe

S&P downgrades nine Eurozone nations and their bailout fund as crony capitalism crumbles
Published January 17 2012
Concepts: downgrade, Eurozone, capitalism, S&P, Europe

Closing the Strait of Hormuz: What the Iranian threat really means
Published December 15 2011
Concepts: Iran, oil, threat, military, Europe

Eurozone debt crisis worsens as financial world holds breath over impending financial apocalypse
Published November 30 2011
Concepts: financial, debt crisis, world, banks, debt

Financial red alert: Europe stands on verge of 'apocalyptic' debt crisis with only days remaining
Published November 29 2011
Concepts: financial, America, people, government, WHO

BASF tries (again) to push 'Frankenpotatoes' on Europe
Published November 26 2011
Concepts: BASF, GMOs, GMO, Europe, gain

In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration
Published November 20 2011
Concepts: water, dehydration, EU directive, health, brain

Occupy GMOs: Protesters block access to manufacturing plant filled with animal 'Frankenfeed'
Published November 19 2011
Concepts: soy, protesters, GM soy, Europe, protests

Greenpeace petition seeks to stop EU subsidization of illegal fishing operations
Published November 12 2011
Concepts: fish, fishing, Greenpeace, illegal, petition

Raw Milk Symposium Article
Published September 26 2011
Concepts: milk, raw, raw milk, symposium, food

Europe to lead the financial collapse of the West?
Published August 6 2011
Concepts: Europe, collapse, financial, financial collapse, lead

The Unthinkable Financial Ruin of America
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: men, debt, financial, man, government

Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: food, Monsanto, foods, consumers, labeling

Financial Collapse
Published July 15 2011
Concepts: debt, financial, world, collapse, Euro

EU agriculture chief slams GMOs, expresses strong support for natural agriculture
Published May 17 2011
Concepts: agriculture, GMOs, natural, support, Europe

Hundreds of herbal remedies now outlawed across Europe
Published May 13 2011
Concepts: herbal, herb, herbal remedies, Europe, outlawed

Do not panic - Just know your nutrition
Published May 2 2011
Concepts: heal, natural, health, food, raw

European politicians betray public by sabotaging efforts to regulate cloned food
Published April 7 2011
Concepts: politicians, food, Europe, ban, animals

New EU policy welcomes untested GMOs into food chain despite widespread rejection by farmers
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: food, food chain, GMOs, policy, Europe

How fever can cure cancer
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: cancer, fever, health, cure, therapy

EU Commission tries to destroy zero tolerance policy for GMO food contamination
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: GMO, food, policy, Europe, zero tolerance policy

Europe, Japan to cancel grain contracts with Australia due to GMO contamination
Published January 3 2011
Concepts: Australia, GMO, Japan, Europe, farm

Hundreds of herbal products to be outlawed across EU in early 2011
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: herb, herbal, products, health, herbs

Hershey's brings non-GMO confections to Europe, but not to US
Published December 24 2010
Concepts: Europe, Hershey's, non-GMO, Hershey, GMOs

Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs
Published December 24 2010
Concepts: GMO, GMOs, government, Wikileaks, conspiracy

More than a million Europeans sign petition to stop GMO approvals
Published December 18 2010
Concepts: Europe, GMO, petition, GMOs, people

Europe to ban BPA in baby bottles in 2011
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: BPA, baby bottles, baby, ban, Europe

European support for GMOs continues to plummet
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: GMOs, Europe, GMO, support, biotech

Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: Monsanto, 5, food, farm, farmer

The Butterfly Effect: Global Warming Changes Butterfly Habitat and Behavior
Published June 12 2010
Concepts: butterflies, habitat, changes, global warming, researchers

The Real Health versus Wealth
Published March 30 2010
Concepts: health, 5, medical, disease, wealth

Legislation Puts Your Health at Risk, Part II (Opinion)
Published March 21 2010
Concepts: health, legislation, risk, Europe, products

Proposed vitamin supplement limits scientifically flawed
Published March 21 2010
Concepts: supplement, supplements, Europe, health, method

Psychiatric Patients Tied to Their Beds in Greek Hospitals
Published November 28 2009
Concepts: patients, psychiatric patients, mental, Europe, hospital

Fruit in Europe Contains Illegal Pesticide Levels
Published September 28 2009
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, food, fruit, chemical

Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: vaccine, flu, swine flu, flu vaccine, swine flu vaccine

Permanent Posture Change is the Key to Freedom from Chronic Pain
Published June 26 2009
Concepts: pain, chronic pain, posture, freedom, treatment

Timeline: World History of Viral Pandemics: 412BC to 2009
Published May 1 2009
Concepts: flu, 5, man, influenza, bird flu

Americans Drug Their Children with 300 Percent More Psychotropic Meds
Published January 21 2009
Concepts: children, child, drug, states, United States

Nuremberg Trials: Big Pharma's Crimes Against Humanity
Published October 18 2008
Concepts: man, war, harm, IG Farben, crimes

Irish Voters Reject Lisbon Treaty in a Victory for Democracy in Europe
Published August 2 2008
Concepts: treaty, Euro, Europe, people, voters

Natural Sweetener Stevia Loaded With Antioxidants; Protects Against DNA Damage
Published July 30 2008
Concepts: stevia, sweetener, natural, DNA, FDA

Why Americans Are No Longer the Tallest People in the World
Published June 14 2008
Concepts: America, people, americans, health, food

The Ongoing Food Coloring Controversy in the UK
Published May 12 2008
Concepts: food, color, man, form, food coloring

The Dangers in Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: hair, safe, color, man, chemical

Research Biased on Harmful Chemical BPA, New Report States
Published January 25 2008
Concepts: Bisphenol-A, chemical, men, BPA, research

Agricultural Antibiotics May Be the Cause of Super-Bugs
Published November 22 2007
Concepts: antibiotic, antibiotics, bacteria, hospital, hospitals

Stevia: The FDA's Attack on a Beneficial Supplement
Published November 14 2007
Concepts: stevia, health, studies, aspartame, FDA

Survey finds Europeans more concerned about climate change than Americans
Published January 17 2007
Concepts: climate change, survey, war, Europe, global warming

Diets rich in olive oil can help prevent cell damage that leads to cancer, study suggests
Published December 29 2006
Concepts: oil, olive oil, damage, study, cancer

European towns do away with traffic signs, restoring freedom and social responsibility to drivers
Published November 23 2006
Concepts: traffic, signs, towns, responsibility, freedom

McDonald's to reduce trans fat content of food in European chains by 2008
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: McDonald's, food, trans fat, oil, trans fats

Construction begins on largest wind farm in Europe; aims to power 200,000 homes
Published October 10 2006
Concepts: wind farm, power, Europe, green energy, project

Number of Indoor Swimming Pools Per Capita Linked to Rise in Childhood Asthma Across Europe (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: indoor, asthma, pools, Europe, swimming

Commission Plows Ahead to Unban a Very Hazardous Flame Retardant and Lays Itself Open to a Legal Challenge (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: Flame, legal, flame retardant, challenge, Europe

Heat wave destroys vegetable crop; warning of things to come from climate change
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: vegetable, heat wave, crop, warning, produce

Swimming pool chemicals promote asthma in children
Published July 18 2006
Concepts: asthma, swimming, chemicals, pool chemicals, chlorine

Bird flu timeline: A history of influenza from 412 BC AD 2006
Published February 6 2006
Concepts: flu, 5, bird flu, H5N1, Chi

A call to action: how we can beat the European Food Supplements Directive
Published July 13 2005
Concepts: vitamins, food, supplements, food supplements, Food Supplements Directive

Why organized medicine wants to outlaw nutrition and turn healers into criminals
Published June 6 2005
Concepts: heal, people, health, medicine, drug

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