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Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group

11/26/2016 - The Washington Post has just committed journalistic suicide. The once-esteemed publication ran with a highly publicized but journalistically shoddy hit piece, sourced from a secretive and shady group of shadowy people who refuse to identify themselves, with the intention of blacklisting news sites...

Ridiculous: Reporting on the Dakota Pipeline may get journalist 45 years in jail

10/24/2016 - On October 11, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Deia Schlosberg, was arrested while filming, in her professional capacity, a protest in solidarity with the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Rather than recognizing the right of journalists to document First Amendment activity, the...

Huffington posts BANS journalist for writing about Hillary's health, deletes article

9/16/2016 - The Huffington Post has sensationally censored an article pertaining to questions about Hillary Clinton's health and banned the journalist who wrote it from posting on their website altogether. (Article by Paul Joseph Watson, republished from David Seaman penned a commentary...

California about to pass the 'Medical Pedophiles Protection Act' to criminalize journalists for posting videos that document medical abuse of children, seniors and surgical patients

8/16/2016 - As yet more proof that you're living in a totalitarian police state regime run by mentally insane criminals named Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi, California is about to pass a law that would explicitly criminalize undercover investigative videos of all "health care providers." This means any journalist...

Natural health indie journalist threatened by Alabama judge for reporting on CPS kidnappings

7/5/2016 - An independent journalist for Health Impact News was recently called before a judge, who implied that her news reporting might land her on the wrong side of the law. The warning came as part of a larger pattern by the Alabama justice system of intimidating those who have questioned the activities...

Streamlined deception: Journalist exposes EVERYTHING you read in the mainstream media has been planted or approved by the government

4/18/2016 - If you've ever really wondered why the mainstream media (in virtually all Western countries, not just the United States) is so tone deaf when it comes to how they slant their news coverage, wonder no more. Simply put, the game is rigged, so to speak, and there isn't anything fair or balanced about...

New report probes pro-GMO journalists

2/10/2016 - On September 23rd of last year, Washington Post food columnist Tamar Haspel admitted to receiving "plenty" of money from pro-agrichemical industry sources. (Story by Gary Ruskin, republished from Following her admission, I thought it might be useful to report on journalists – including... radio host and citizen journalist Pete Santilli arrested in Oregon standoff, charged with conspiracy against the U.S. government

1/29/2016 - To all Natural News readers: I normally wouldn't be posting this article on Natural News, as we've switched all politics and liberty coverage over to But with all the rumors and speculation now circulating about Pete Santilli, I thought it important to chime in and issue our

110 journalists killed in 2015, mostly in 'peaceful' countries

1/4/2016 - 2015 was a dark year for journalists around the world. Heeding the call of confrontation, journalists are standing directly in harm's way, doing very important work in a time of extremes. What's most shocking is that journalists are becoming targets not only in war zones, but also in countries that...

Natural News announces recipients of the 2015 Corrupt Journalist Awards

12/31/2015 - In recent days, Natural News published the names of the 2015 Journalist Courage Awards to recognize some of the country's most innovative and fearless investigative journalists dedicated to honest reporting. Conversely, today we announce the names of journalistic hacks, phonies, charlatans and frauds...

Natural News announces recipients of the 2015 Journalist Courage Awards

12/18/2015 7:44:31 PM - This past year saw a great number of journalists – new media and old – who took a stand for liberty, personal responsibility, freedom and truth, and Natural News wanted to take the opportunity to recognize and salute them. Ben Swann: Without a doubt Mr. Swann is one of the best and brightest...

THE SHAME OF MIZZOU: University media professor caught on video accosting photo journalist, calling for 'muscle' to remove him from campus sidewalk by force

11/10/2015 - As the radical leftist campus agenda of political correctness collapses into despotic lunacy, the University of Missouri takes center stage with its own brand of home-grown loons in the form of media communications assistant professor Melissa A. Click. This professor, who researches academic gems...

Meet the sleazy Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists for Discover, Slate, The Washington Post and the New York Times

10/1/2015 - One of the truly fascinating revelations in the recent Freedom of Information Act emails acquired from university professors who whore themselves out to Monsanto is the fact that mainstream media journalists are also Monsanto prostitutes. These Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists write...

China finds scapegoat for market crash as journalist "confesses" to causing the whole thing

9/15/2015 - The Communist Party leadership in China has found a scapegoat for their bad economic stewardship that has led to the country's stock market plunge and a devaluation of the currency: a journalist. Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that China's main state-owned television broadcaster recently paraded...

Glenn Greenwald: The mainstream media has no credibility and is completely full of bunk

8/24/2015 - When I first began writing for a living, I asked my boss/mentor at the time what was the most important thing he had learned in his years as a writer and editor. His answer: "Never believe anything you read." I knew he was being somewhat ironic, but after a while, I began to see how truly accurate...

Pentagon declares journalists are 'unprivileged belligerents' who can be shot or killed on sight

7/11/2015 - Can journalists be considered enemies of U.S. and allied military forces? Absolutely, the Pentagon has declared in a thick, new instruction manual for waging war the "legal" way, and they can thus be targeted. According to The Washington Times, journalists can also be terrorists, the 1,176-page Department...

Independent 23-year-old journalist uncovers truth about FBI spy planes running covert surveillance over U.S. cities

6/20/2015 - In recent days, the mainstream media has focused on some rather inane things – events or occurrences that, given rising dangers in the world and the important issues facing our country, have virtually no impact or meaning whatsoever. Take the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner "story." For weeks, Americans...

CDC is covering up 1,400 potential Ebola cases in US, acclaimed journalist reveals

12/23/2014 - A noted investigative journalist says the American people are still not being kept up to speed about the dangers of possible spread of Ebola in the country, and that the government's chief agency for handling such emergencies is the primary culprit. In a recent interview with Fox News' Media Buzz...

NSA spies actively work to destroy journalists through the Internet, leaked documents reveal

10/28/2014 - Documents made available earlier this year by former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that Britain's top spy agency, in conjunction with the National Security Agency, conspired to feed journalists and others misinformation, in a bid to discredit them and to implement a series of...

Police conduct armed raid on home of U.S. journalist and seize documents revealing her sources

11/1/2013 - It's getting so that it is downright hazardous to be a journalist in America these days. Or is it "Amerika"? In a country where there is a specific provision of our founding document that acknowledges and guarantees freedom of the press, our federal law enforcement agencies are beginning to act more...

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