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The 2010 New Year's Health Product Discounts Guide

A NaturalNews Special Report by Mike Adams

Table of Contents:
1. Welcome!
2. Nutritional Supplements
3. Natural Personal Care
4. Natural Protein
5. Super Foods
6. Healthy Home
7. Natural Healing Remedies
8. Oral Health
9. Healing Oils
10. Detoxification
11. CDs, DVDs and on-line courses
12. Water Filters
13. Saunas
14. Nutritious Foods

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Nutritional Supplements

MesoSilver ® True Colloidal Silver 500 mL/16.9 oz.

By Purest Colloids, Inc.
| http://www.purestcolloids.com

MesoSilver is one of the only True Colloidal Silver products being produced in the world today. MesoSilver has the smallest silver particles (not ions) ever produced (.65 nm). The Particle Surface Area (which determines effectiveness) is many times higher than any other product on the market.
Contrary to older and incorrect scientific assertions, a true silver colloid is NOT clear. Compared to true colloidal silver, all home generators, as well as most silver products being sold are ionic silver, which IS clear and colorless. The problem with ionic silver is that, by definition, it has a (positive) charge, which immediately reacts with the chloride ions (negative charge) in the stomach acid or bloodstream to form silver chloride. Silver chloride has not been shown to have the same antimicrobial effects as nanoparticle (true colloidal) silver. Therefore, while ionic silver is a fine antimicrobial agent externally, when ingested, ionic silver is of little use. A true colloid (especially with sub-nanometer particles) is much more effective. You can download our brochure on the main page of our website at www.purestcolloids.com which discusses this in much greater detail.

Use coupon code: natnews on checkout to receive your discount for 500 mL MesoSilver. Please also note that you can garner huge savings of almost 70% (on a per ounce basis) by buying our 5 gallon container (no additional discounts apply). However, that should be reserved for people who are comfortable with the product, as our normal 30 day return policy does NOT apply to gallon, 5 gallon sizes or multiple bottle orders.

Ingredients: 99.99% pure silver and ultra pure USP grade de-ionized water

Price: $49.87

Discount Price: $42.87 (using coupon code: natnews)

Guarantee: 30 day unconditional, no questions asked, money back (less shipping)
Offer Expiration: 1/31/2010

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By BioAg
| http://www.bioag.com/

GRADE A FULVIC, MADE BY EXPERTS. Increase health, nutrient absorption and protect yourself from a toxic environment using one of nature's most potent antioxidants and immune boosters! Supports immune functions and enhances energy, Assists in complex biochemical processes, Enhances detox of heavy metals and toxins, Enhances nutrient update, Used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory

Wu Jin San is based on the science of fulvic acid. It is pure and unadulterated by chemicals or mass minerals. As an isolate, it stands alone in the marketplace and shouldn't be confused with mineral supplements with fulvic. Purified by our unique fermentation extraction, it has more available binding sites and is more available to work in your body. We’re pleased to offer 10% off all web sizes of WuJinSan for first time buyers. Just enter promo code: FIRST in the shopping cart.

Ingredients: fulvic acid, filtered rainwater

Price: $98 gallon, $38 quart includes shipping within continental U.S.

Discount Price: 10% all web sizes of WuJinSan for first time buyers using promo code: FIRST

Guarantee: If not satisfied for any reason, you may return via insured, prepaid US mail or UPS in original container within 30 days of purchase for a full refund as long as the product has 50% or more remaining
Offer Expiration: 12/1/2010

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Nascent Iodine

By Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI)
| http://www.integratedhealth.com

Nascent Iodine is a unique, ideal form of iodine that is rapidly absorbed and used by the body when taken as a nutritional supplement. It is associated with a wide range of benefits, not limited to supporting thyroid function and regulating metabolism, boosting energy levels (when iodine is deficient), supporting and maintaining detoxification systems and processes, supporting immune system function, fighting infections (natural antiseptic), and many other healthy benefits. Because of its antiseptic properties, it also can be used effectively to purify water for drinking. One drop provides 400 micrograms of Nascent Iodine in a base of organic grain alcohol. Nascent Iodine biochemically is consumable iodine in an atomic form rather than a molecular form. It is a highly bioavailable, pure atomic iodine supplement in an energized state. This “charged” state is held by the atom until diluted in water and consumed, whence it gradually loses energy over a 2-3 hour time span. During this time, Nascent Iodine is recognized by the body as the same iodine that is produced by the thyroid and is absorbed effortlessly by the body. As noted, this particular form of iodine is unique and well known to offer beneficial effects unlike any other form of iodine. Nascent Iodine is the most easily assimilated iodine available today.

Ingredients: 99.9% pure iodine in a base of organic grain alcohol. 2% iodine by weight.

Price: $36.95

Discount Price: $33.25 (using discount code: NATNEWS)

Guarantee: We guarantee your satisfaction with our products. You are entitled to a full refund for any unopened or defective products returned within 45 days of purchase.
Offer Expiration: No Expiration

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Omega-T® Fish Oil

By Stop Aging Now
| http://www.stopagingnow.com

A ground-breaking new fish oil supplement called Omega-T® from Stop Aging Now®, has been receiving accolades from scientists, doctors and experts in the field. This proprietary blend is enhanced with 5 of the most effective, clinically proven ingredients that have a strong effect on the heart, mind and body. Only Omega-T contains extra strength levels of the highest quality Omega-3s EPA and DHA available AND is also enhanced with CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Lipase - which all work synergistically to promote optimal health, while also guaranteeing freshness and no aftertaste. No other fish oil supplement on the market compares! PLUS, Omega-T is sent through a process called Molecular Distillation, which is the only known method to reduce 100% of all toxins and contaminants from fish oil, without disrupting the precious Omega-3 compounds. Omega-T is made from the highest quality, most potent and purest fish oil available, Norwegian salmon, and is guaranteed to be free of all mercury, toxins and other harmful contaminants. Proudly made in the USA in an FDA inspected facility, Omega-T is backed by a 180-day, no questions asked, return policy. Now is the time to start taking a fish oil supplement that is both doctor recommended and doctor approved! Remember that not all fish oil is created equal, and you deserve only the best, safest product on the market! ACT NOW and get 50% OFF Omega-T – that’s as low $11.48 per bottle! This limited time 50% OFF offer expires on January 31, 2010, so be sure to purchase your Omega-T today!

Ingredients: Vitamin D (cholecalciferol),
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol, natural Vitamin E tocopherols and natural Vitamin E tocotrienols),
Fish Oil,
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (as natural triglycerides):
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), other Omega-3 Fatty Acids,
Coenzyme Q10,
Lipase, Gelatin, Beeswax,
Glycerin, Water,
Natural Caramel Color

Price: 1 bottle $25.95,
3 bottles $24.95 each ($74.85 total),
6 bottles $22.95 each ($137.70 total)

Discount Price: 1 bottle - $12.97,
3 bottles - $12.47 each ($37.41 total),
6 bottles - $11.48 each ($68.88 total)

Guarantee: 180-day, no questions asked, return policy.
Offer Expiration: 1/31/2010

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Zywobin Forte (200 Tabs.)

By VitaCroft, LLP
| http://www.vitacroft.com/index.html

For decades this formula has been used for systemic enzyme supplementation and has been proven safe and useful for immune support, as well as joint, muscle and tendon health.
Zywobin Forte (200 tablets) is a systemic enzyme formulation that contains a unique blend of enzymes that have been clinically studied for supporting numerous processes in the body.
These enzymes work directly in the body after being absorbed in the small intestine and are NOT intended to aid in digestion. Consequently, these enzymes can be utilized to assist the body's regulatory system (by Ecological Formulas).

Ingredients: Ingredients: Each Tablet Contains: 100 mg Pancreatin, (8X USP)
20,300 USP UNITS - Amylase,
20,500 USP UNITS - Protease,
4,900 USP UNITS - Lipase,
60 mg - Papain (200 DU/GM),
50 mg - Rutin, 45 mg - Bromelain, (1200 DU/GM)
24 mg - Trypsin,
10 mg -Pepsin,(10M X)
1 mg - Chymotrypsin, (1,000 USP/mg)
Other Ingredients:
Di Calcium Phosphate,
Microcrystalline Cellulose,
Stearic Acid,
Magnesium Stearate
Silicon Dioxide

Price: $24.95

Discount Price: $19.95

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with a product, a claim must be made within fifteen days of receiving it. Call, Email or Fax for return authorization from our customer service department (all this Info. Is on "About Us" page).
Offer Expiration: 1/31/2010

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By Best On Earth Products
| http://BestOnEarthProducts.com

Do You Feel Like You are Losing the Battle Against the Aging Process? There is a way to fight back! EllagiCaps is a proprietary synergy of scientifically-researched, active nourishing compounds derived from the most powerful anti-aging whole foods on the planet. It's not a secret that free radical damage speeds up the aging process. Free radicals have been linked to many devastating diseases. They damage your cells in the same way that oxygen rusts metal. This in turn decreases your cells performance and makes you feel and look much older than you actually are! Everyday we absorb toxic chemicals through air, water, and food which cause free radical damage. An article from Harvard Magazine points out, what if "the accumulation of free radical damage is the key regulator of life span?" It makes sense then, that decreasing free radical damage by simply consuming potent whole food antioxidants may be the easiest way to feel better and look younger while extending the life of your cells!
Not a bunch of synthetic vitamins made in a chemical lab!
This unique whole food supplement combines therapeutic levels of polyphenols from plants: ellagitannins (Ellagic Acid) from raspberries, pomegranates and terminalia chebula; oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) and resveratrol from whole grapes; catechins from green tea and a number of vitamins and minerals from spanish black radish of the brassicaceae family, to create a potent and unmatched antioxidant formula.

Ingredients: Pomegranate Extract, Red Raspberry Powder, Terminalia Chebula Extract, Spanish Black Radish, Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated), Whole Grape Extract, Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, Invertase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour, Vegetarian Capsules

Price: $60.00

Discount Price: $48.00

Guarantee: We offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, contact us within 30 days of your purchase to obtain an RMA.
Offer Expiration: 1/31/2010

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Extract of Leaf of Rhododendron Caucasicum

By Kura Natural, Inc.
| http://www.kura-natural.com

The longevity of the people of the Caucasus can be attributed, in part, to both the consumption of the healthy foods that are available in the region and an ancient tradition of knowing how to utilize unique local herbs and plant-derived medicinal compounds to help improve and maintain their general health.

Kura Natural has partnered with the leading Georgian scientific institutes, practitioners of natural medicine and raw materials manufacturers to reproduce a series of traditional dietary supplements and nutraceutical preparations that have been used in the Caucasus for many generations. All of the ingredients in our products are produced exclusively in Georgia.

Kura Natural's Rhododendron extract is produced from young spring leaves of Rhododendron caucasicum plants that are sustainably harvested in high elevations of the Caucasus Mountains.

This all natural extract contains up to 70% phenolics: catechins, astilbin, taxifolin, and caffeoylquinic acid - powerful antioxidants.

These phenolic compounds help improve physical abilities, increase activity of the cardiovascular system, increase blood supply to the muscles and especially to the brain, and reduce stress. Helps maintain healthy body weight.

Kura Natural sources the ingredients in its products from GMO-free Georgian agricultural areas or from sustainably managed forests and wilderness areas. Georgia is the most ecologically clean country in the Caucasus and also one of the world's most diverse regions with regard to plant species. Here the water is pure and unpolluted, soils are rich and pesticide free, and the agricultural traditions of the past centuries are still applied.

Ingredients: dry extract of leaf of Rhododendron caucasicum,
rice flour, ,magnesium stearate (vegetable source), vegetable gelatin (vegetable capsules)

Price: $8.47

Discount Price: $7.62 (10% discount on all products)

Guarantee: 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Offer Expiration: 1/31/2010

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Riceplex SRB (Soluble Rice Bran)

By Riceplex Global, Inc
| http://www.Riceplex.com

Riceplex Global proudly offers Natural News readers a 20%
discount on our flagship product, Riceplex SRB. SRB is a water-soluble, nutrient-dense, natural whole food concentrate. It is derived from non-genetically modified rice (non-GMO), domestically grown in the United States. Provides a broad spectrum of natural vitamins, phyto-nutrients, and phyto-sterols. Offers hypoallergenic protein, essential fatty acids (the good fats), an impressive array of macro and trace minerals and over one hundred naturally occurring antioxidants.

Ingredients: Stabilized Rice Bran, Rice Bran Extract, Rice Germ

Price: $12.50

Discount Price: $10.00

Guarantee: 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
Offer Expiration: 3/31/2010

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DISCLAIMER: The products and services listed in this special report are included here solely as a way to bring some product discounts to NaturalNews readers. Being listed here is NOT an endorsement by NaturalNews or the Health Ranger. This list was compiled by NaturalNews staff, not by the Health Ranger. Companies listed here may not claim any endorsement by NaturalNews or the Health Ranger simply as a result of being included in this guide.

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