The Main 6 Systemic Disturbances that Drive the Human Headache, including Migraines Behind the Eyes!
by S.D. Wells
Everybody has experienced at least a few really bad headaches, like those intense, pulsing headaches on one side. Migraines are almost unbearable.

Some people lock themselves in dark, quiet rooms and simply pray to recover quickly, so they can be functional again. What's the cause and what's the solution? There are many.

But what are the MAIN CAUSES of systemic disturbances we all go through? What will prevent them from happening again? Do you know?

You can "interrupt" the chain of events that lead to headaches and take care of them naturally. Are your shoulders, neck and jaw tight? It could be stress. Do you eat a preservative called MSG? You could be highly allergic!

We are all sensitive to chemical pesticides in food, water and air. It could be that your root canals and dental fillings cause you massive headaches and jaw-aches at random times, like when you stand next to your microwave oven.

It's time to check into digestive disturbances and even structural imbalances of your musculoskeletal health.

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