#2) The FDA stole his patented formula, altered it, and said it failed lab tests, but Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's cancer cure worked - healed patients testify in US courts!
by S.D. Wells
The Burzynski kids, those patients who survived TERMINAL cancer thanks to his invention, thank him now as adults, in courts of law in United States, swearing his formula saved their lives.

Their lives had been called "terminal" by the for-profit cancer industry that sent them home to die, already exhausting chemo and radiation and said nothing could save them.

Dr. Burzynski saved them. How? Despite the medical industrial complex trying to shut down Personalized Gene Targeting Cancer Therapy, it has a higher success rate than all conventional forms!

Using antineoplastons, the body's natural biochemical defense system, he targeted molecular switches that regulate cell function. Plus, by using amino acid derivatives he was able to protect the healthy cells from harm.

The only WAY the FDA could stop Burzynski from becoming a national sensation would be to shut him down. Check into it. The clinic, by the way, is still running strong.


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