#1) Harry Hoxsey was persecuted for 50 years by the US Medical Establishment for curing cancer with root tonic he acquired from Native Americans
by S.D. Wells
What's the world record, the longest lasting suppression of a cancer cure by Western Medicine? 50 years.

It was a tonic and a paste and was called the Hoxsey treatment, which spanned half of the 20th century. Oh but the cancer industry! Nothing but chemo can be advertised here!

"Cooperating" US Government agencies had a mission. Take the operation down, and by 1960 - they did. Still, today, the Hoxsey Bio-Medical Center is functioning in Tiajuana, Mexico.

What was the formula? A red paste made from bloodroot, an active anti-tumor ingredient, mixed with some zinc chloride and a little antimony sulfide. Step one: Apply paste. Step two: Wave bye, bye to skin cancer.

Apparently, European doctors traveling US met up with some Lake Superior Native Americans and bought or traded for some Burdock root, Barberry root, and some prickly ash bark. Maybe throw in some sea kelp, like they do today. Who knew? Harry Hoxsey knew, that's who knew!


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