#5) If you kill the urge to smoke then you KILL the habit - what most smokers never hear is that NUTRITION rules
by S.D. Wells
Many people get depressed and put on weight when they quit smoking. They become even more stressed and depressed. Why? - Lack of nutrition, good advice and motivation.

The absence of nicotine in the body is a great thing, but you can't eat dead food, take dead vitamins, and listen to "dead" advice from MDs, oncologists and "cancer drives" that raise money for evil corporations and pay for CEO's luxurious homes and vacations!

If you have a lack of stimulation and suffer anxiety and/or panic attacks, maybe it's because your body is panicking while searching madly for nutrients, the very ones that have been voided out by smoking cancer sticks daily for years.

Learn the detoxification and exercise program that really works.

A smoker CAN detoxify and can get that nasty tar and toxins out of their lungs over time. It requires some knowledge and application of strategies and nutrition, but it can be accomplished. There's a natural way to quit smoking, made available by Natural News.

Give it a try or share the link with someone you know who smokes that wants to quit for life. Remember, kill the urge and you kill the habit!


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