#4) Heavy metal toxins in cigarettes are exponentially more dangerous than in foods because they're entering the lungs as a vapor - The Forensic Food Lab investigation reveals!
by S.D. Wells
Did you know that certain chocolate (cacao) powders sold today contain alarmingly high amounts of lead (.5ppm), cadmium (2.4ppm), copper (45ppm) and aluminum (115ppm)? What does this overload, over time, do to the brain and CNS, the central nervous system?

Now imagine smoking these heavy metals in cigarettes every 45 minutes all day long, every day, every week, every month, for years. Those heavy metals float into the body as vapors, bypassing digestion and destroying organs, health, immunity, energy, and happiness.

Chemical additives in pesticides and herbicides are used to kill hornworms that eat tobacco plants and weeds that choke them out and cut into profits for Big Tobacco.

Top cigarette brands have been tested in a laboratory and aluminum comes in at a whopping 125 parts per billion! Could that be a leading cause of Alzheimer's Disease? What about .3 ppb lead?

The Health Ranger has found a natural solution to body pollution and recommends a natural method to quitting smoking called 14AndOut.


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