#5) The Chinese and Japanese know that mushrooms boost immunity to cancer - wouldn't you love to know which ones?!
by S.D. Wells
Have you ever seen Reishi or Chaga mushrooms at your grocery store? Has a restaurant ever served you a plate of food with either of these on top or in your salad? What country are YOU living in? Must be America.

Did you know that Chaga mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that grows out of the bark of trees in Siberia? Chaga relieves (and can end) chronic inflammation, diabetes, cancers, stomach illnesses, and yes, it strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Quick, someone sue the mushroom industry for curing cancer! Where's the FDA when you need them?

Reishi mushrooms are PRESCRIBED by doctors of Chinese herbal medicine to help with longevity -- the word which means that you live a longer, healthier, cancer-free life. Learn more for yourself:


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