Biological MALE models women’s bathing suit for Adidas Pride 2023 collection

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Image: Biological MALE models women’s bathing suit for Adidas Pride 2023 collection

(Natural News) In celebration of Pride Month in June 2023, sportswear giant Adidas has chosen a biological male to model bathing suits for women.

Breitbart reported that the sportswear company’s one-piece Pride Swimsuit ad featured a biological male. A clip from Adidas’ website showed the man sashaying while wearing the swimsuit. It is unclear if the model identifies as a heterosexual male, transgender or non-binary.

In a separate report, the New York Post pointed out the peculiarity of the Pride Swimsuit promotional video. It noted that the male model had an obvious bulge in his crotch area. The video also showed a patch of chest hair rising above the model’s neckline.

The outlet also noted that male models also wore women’s dresses, T-shirts, shorts and soccer jerseys with the “Love Wins” phrase. The only biological female who wore clothes appropriate for her sex was, incidentally, plus-sized.

According to the Post, South African designer Rich Mnisi is responsible for the swimwear line dubbed “Let Love Be Your Legacy.” Adidas described the line, released ahead of Pride Month in June, as “a celebration of self-expression, imagination and the unwavering belief that love unites.”

A press release from the athletic shoe company said the line “is inspired by a love letter Mnisi wrote to his younger self.” It added that the swimsuit line also serves as “a rallying cry for active allyship to empower and champion the LGBT community.” (Related: Pro-LGBT businesses increasingly push transgender propaganda in ‘pride month’ ads.)


As expected, Adidas’ latest campaign received strong rebuke.

“Women’s swimsuits aren’t accessorized with a bulge,” said former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines. “I don’t understand why companies are voluntarily doing this to themselves. They could have at least said the suit is ‘unisex,’ but they didn’t because it’s about erasing women.”

Both the South African designer and the German sportswear company did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent by the Post.

Even lingerie isn’t spared by the wokies

Adidas is not the only company that fell to the trap of LGBT wokeism. Even high-end lingerie brand Honey Birdette – a company that formerly used “by women, for women” as its slogan – has resorted to using a biological male to model its products.

In April, the lingerie company posted on its Instagram an image of a male model in the brand’s three-piece lingerie set. Jake DuPree, who sported the “Ruby” lingerie set, identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. Alongside DuPree’s modeling, Honey Birdette also changed its slogan to read “a luxury brand for all” – signaling its pivot toward wokeism.

Just like the Adidas campaign, the image of DuPree modeling women’s lingerie received significant criticism. This prompted the lingerie brand to update the caption on its post to read: “Honey Birdette fosters an inclusive and diverse environment, and we will continue to use our voice to empower and support the LGBTQ+ community, women and anyone who wants to feel fabulous in our lingerie.”

“Hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated on our channels. Comments of this negative nature will be deleted.”

At least one female influencer who previously partnered with Honey Birdette disavowed the luxury lingerie brand. Golf influencer Bri Teresi was among those who commented on the picture of DuPree, saying: “Sad to see you guys jumping on the woke bandwagon. Once again, another thing taken over by men. Know your audience.” Teresi’s comment was later deleted.

Teresi later confirmed to OutKick that she had cut ties with Honey Birdette.

“Yes, it’s true. I will no longer be working with the brand,” she said. “The only way to stop this nonsense and propaganda is to not support businesses that do not support our values. It’s that simple.”

“As a model, I can tell you that an actual woman has been robbed of a place because of a deluded diversity handout. That’s pure misogyny. Now more than ever, we must support businesses that support our values. Go woke, go broke.

Watch this clip featuring Adidas’ Pride Swimsuit video and Ford’s new woke LGBT ad.

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